Zombie Trip Survival - Face up to the challenge and defeat zombies in annihilation and the revulsion they cause in the city. Velociraptor creates a floating speedometer when you use apps like Google Maps (and other navigational tools), pulling data from HERE Maps to provide you with speed limits on the road, and geo-location for tracking your speed. Welcome to the Appszoom News Round-Up, our weekly digest of the very best stories from the world of mobile, tech, and apps. Click the button, then use a QR code scanner to download the app directly to your Android device.

This week's seen some important updates to our favorite apps, and some long-awaited big releases too!
Using your autoloader gun make this charge possible with your shooting skills as you have to save the world from zombie disaster. Zombie Trip Survival sees you not only driving your way through hordes of the walking dead, but allows you to shoot down the zombies using machine guns and equipped weapons.
Now choose up the artillery to prevent attack and to confirm whether you are the only survivor to salvage human beings.

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