Tactical turn-based zombie survival game, featuring full story, survival mode, and four alternative endings! Water's one thing, but A MASSIVE TANK is generally better for blowing zombies up, blowing the inevitable crazy humans up, driving through walls, sleeping in etc.
I'm going to go ahead and assume my bag isn't TARDIS-like (in which case my answer would be a diving bell). Just like surviving a Canadian winter, my survival of the apocalypse will depend on physical endurance, knowledge, good planning and essential gear needed to build a shelter, scavenge for food, and defend myself against hungry predators. Myself and other members of the pulseless-but-still-mobile members of society don't want to be in constant battles with our still-warm brothers and sisters. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! Take your pumpkin carving to the next level with the Pro Pumpkin carving set from Warren Cutlery.
These Dexter blood slide coasters come in a wooden box featuring the Dexter logo, and each coaster features a different blood spatter just like Dexter’s trophy case. This projector displays animated, three-dimensional paranormal Halloween scenes out a window or on a wall. The Pumpkin Tap Kit is very easy to install, it attaches to an ordinary pumpkin(hollowed-out) and will have you pouring pumpkin cocktails in no time.
The Doomed shot glass makes the ultimate gift idea for any special occasion, including the Halloween party when they are served up with some freaky coloured cool sours. The Zombie Survival Guide is your key to survival against the hordes of undead who may be stalking you right now. Disc-O-Bed is a brand that specializes in extreme sleeping solutions, their clever and versatile Cam-O-Bunk is a portable bunk bed system that fits 2 people and maximizes precious floor space in your tent. Beer Cap Maps is an interesting and fun item developed for guys that love to collect their beer caps, but also want to display them by adding them onto the corresponding state’s finest breweries, from which they were crafted, making it all the more interesting and thus combining an existing habit that may improve your geography knowledge. Sometime ago last year, we did a feature on Yum Yum?s wonderful toy collection, at the time they were still in concept stage but are now available for purchase! The closest gun shop to your house is also the closest gun shop to a thousand other people's houses, and at least a few dozen of them are going to get there before you. Now you and a thousand other people are on the outside of a suburban fortress, hurling "pretty pleases" at a half-insane, heavily-armed, trained marksmen inside. Blindly following your knee-jerk flee response has dropped you straight in the middle of Super-Rush-Hour, a hellish place where you sit futilely trapped in a confined space, surrounded by people who may or may not already be infected, but are certainly standing around looking delicious to the zombie hordes.
Shelter, along with food and water, is one of the three main essentials absolutely necessary to human life. Putting yourself in a siege situation only works if there's the possibility that the invading force will stop. Zombies don't get bored or impatient, they need nothing to keep them alive (because they're, you know, not) and they're not really known for their logistic prowess: No cons will be weighed here.
The zombie apocalypse is a rough and tumble place, and most of us manage to rack up ER-worthy papercuts even at our current passive office jobs.
But if you didn't manage to get a taste of that woodland critter, well, that illustrates the point nicely: Grabbing an unwilling victim with your bare hands and taking a bite isn't easy. Everybody knows that the only surefire way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain, and we've already established that you want to be as far away as possible when you do that, so at some point in time you're going to be shooting zombies in the head. Plus, you've got to think: If there's even the slightest tinge of humanity left in these shambling monsters, a nutshot is still going to at least wind the male ones. And check out Swaim's break down of who you'll meet during the zombie apocalypse, in Familiar Faces: A Who's Who of the Zombie Apocalypse.
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As the zombie culture keeps growing by the second like a full-blown zombie outbreak, what better than getting your very own Zombie Survival Guide ($15 USD), just in case. Vampires are well-dressed and have sexual charisma, werewolves have that whole primal beast magnetism thing going on and ghosts can pretty much be whatever they want to be (even corporeal if the budget’s limited). I'm not much into zombies, and one single item is just too difficult to consider, so I haven't bothered.
If you can get hold of one, A MASSIVE TANK is the answer to many problems in a post-apocalyptic society.

Of course, in the event of zombies destroying everything and everyone you love, hope is important for survival when all seems lost, so a picture of loved ones would be included in my waterproof backpack.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. It includes a thick walnut handle with a brass lock, 3 narrow detailing saws, 3 standard saws, and 1 lock jaw wrench. The cookie cutter we use, you see, cuts a wee little man shape out of your rolled gingerbread dough, while the other side presses a cutesy little skeleton into the surface. The coasters include rubberized feet, so your guests can have a good time without making a mess of your favorite and you can keep your own Dark Passenger at bay for a little while longer. The included projector displays lifelike zombies, skeletons, and apparitions up to 6”-tall on the inside of a window, making trick-or-treaters think your home is being overrun by the paranormal.
The kit features a faucet made of brass with chrome finish, a tap faucet, and step-by-step instructions. The glass has a inner glass skin which holds the fluid, and when your favourite pleasure is poured into the glass it takes centre stage as the image of the skull is illuminates into a scary skulls head. Fully illustrated and exhaustively comprehensive, this book covers everything you need to know, including how to understand zombie physiology and behavior, the most effective defense tactics and weaponry, ways to outfit your home for a long siege, and how to survive and adapt in any territory or terrain.
Each map is made from veneered plywood; with precision cut small holes where you can fit the crowns of your latest six-pack. Their first collection is named "Toy Series One", and features characters such as "Granny" "Popcorn" or "Zombie". A unique and ingenious stratagem they've spent hours contemplating that ensures they and their loved ones will stay alive in the event of a zombie apocalypse. The time for "common sense gun control" went out the window the second grandpa came back from the afterlife to make a sandwich out of your face.
Assuming that the place isn't clean out--probably because the shop is either locked down like a fortress, or because the owners are barricaded inside and would rather like to keep their livelihood and defensive measures, thanks--you still need to get your arsenal. Not only are you probably not coming away from the gun store with a shiny new weapon; you'd be lucky to get out of there without an impromptu sunroof installed in your skull. The population density alone spells trouble, so the farther you can get away from civilization, the better.
You just wanted to get out as quickly as possible, but now look at you: Stuck in an unmoving meat-line with a thousand other morsels and the only thing your car is doing is keeping the freshness in until the ravenous human can-openers get there. Just because there's no more room in Hell for the dead, that doesn't mean you no longer need a roof keeping your head dry. In short: You're going to have open wounds, and exploding heads tends to be a bloody affair. Things want to live, and they tend to move around a lot when you attempt to eat them, just like you will when grasped by a zombie.
That's actually one of the only good things about a zombie apocalypse; headshots are awesome! It became OK for men to cry somewhere around the time you had to blow your brother's undead face apart. Or read up on some movies that would've been better with zombies in them, in How Iconic Movie Characters Would Deal with a Zombie Attack. Fully illustrated and exhaustively comprehensive, this survival guide covers absolutely everything you need to know, including how to understand zombie physiology and behavior, the most effective defense tactics and weaponry, ways to outfit your home for a long siege, and how to survive and adapt in any territory or terrain.
I mean, a weapon is necessary, of course, but you also need food, water, basic medical supplies, etc, etc, etc. Scoff as much as you want, but there are genuinely jetpacks you can buy off the shelf already (if you happen to be a billionaire, and have access to remote military divisions or obscure fringe sci-fi websites). But really the most essential item for survival is obvious: a fixed blade (non-folding), full tang (a solid piece of continuous metal) knife with a sharp pointed tip suitable for self-defense, building shelters, first aid, food prep, signaling, and fire making. There's no need for a world wide apocalypse, no need for civilisation as we know it to end. We'd probably make brilliant astronauts or maybe even dog walkers (as long as the dogs don't steal our leg bones.) We wouldn't need paying.
The wrench loosens the brass lock so you can quickly switch between the different saw blades. The video footage also has sounds like Santa ghouls releasing a primal, blood-curdling scream. After use, don?t restrict it to Halloween, this thing is also compatible with watermelons for all year round use.
The rolling pins are thoroughly polished to provide you with ideally smooth surface of wood.

No matter what your political stance was before the uprising, you fucking love the Second Amendment now. See, owners of gun stores tend to like guns, and people that like guns not only generally want to keep them, but are also quite capable of using them. So you'd better get busy either finding or building yourself no less than an impenetrable fortress, and stay there until this thing blows over, right? Holding out against an army of people works because people can be reasoned with, they might have to leave to get supplies, or perhaps they'll just weigh the pros and cons of the situation and leave. But think about that for a second: Headshots are impressive in movies and video games because they're the hardest of all possible shots. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Or there are millions of them and you survive until their bodies are too rotted to pursue you any more.
It'd be the perfect getaway vehicle (with the added bonus of frying any zombies in your vertical wake), and as it's strapped onto your back, you'd still have all your hands free to wield knives, guns, etc. Two added advantages to it; most wind-up radios have a built-in windup torch and if push comes to shove the thing can be turned on and placed, attracting zombies in for some form of distraction or trap.
We ex-members-of-the-human-race just want a bit of space to call our own and the odd brain to munch on. Each blade is made from double tempered high carbon steel for a strong, durable blade edge. To achieve the macabre effect, simply download our free app to your smartphone, pop the device into the pouch in the shirt and voila, the eyeballs peer through at all and sundry. You've got the exact same essential plan as everybody else: go raid the gun store, get out of the cities as fast as possible, find a sturdy base to fortify and hole up in, use a melee weapon whenever possible to conserve ammo and--if the worst does come to pass and you find yourself facing down a crowd of the undead--take your time, aim carefully and make every shot a head shot. Consider this: For the sake of argument, let's pretend you don't spend your free time reading about zombies on the Internet and are, instead, a human being at peak physical condition.
However, showering an attacker with your head-juice when it is bashing in your skull with a cricket bat is quite a different matter. Taking your time and waiting for the right moment is all well and good if you're picking off roamers for a disturbing afternoon's entertainment on a leisurely Sunday picnic, but if shit goes down and you're faced with a crowd of zombies (they do tend to crowd, you see, quite rude like that) your last concern should be surefire kills, it should be getting the fuck out of there, finding a safe corner to sob in, and then finding a change of pants (in that order). Regardless of the level of pain you are capable of registering, a shattered femur or severed spine renders anything essentially immobile. Or the world is taken over and you, and an increasingly rotating cast of characters, many of whom have already died once, struggle to stop a seemingly immortal corporation and a homicidal AI from killing the world even more than it already has been, whilst dodging zombies.
I've got medicine covered, but taking someone who knows how to hunt, obtain clean water, and fashion tools from branches?
If you think you can survive without a suitable knife then you had better rethink your good zombie plan, my friend. Somewhere to shuffle about and moan in and the odd snack to munch on, you can even fence us in, we wouldn't mind. So quickly spraying waist-level fire into an approaching onslaught is a far better idea than lining up headshots for bonus points. Bashing in a head at close range means you're going to get blood everywhere; if you had so much as a scrape, now you're a zombie.
If there's a gun that shoots out other guns that all fire thousands of flaming bullets in mere seconds--like some sort of pyramid scheme comprised entirely of shredding death infernos--well, that would be just dandy. But you will run out of supplies eventually, and every day you stay put in your nigh-invulnerable bunker is another day zombies pile up outside. It's much better to use up a bit of your ammo supply, rather than risk taking a crimson shower in skull leavings from the infectious undead. To that end, I considered a survivalist; MacGyver, or that guy from PBS who makes all sorts of things with no power tools at all.
But even if you already have the god-king of firearms at your disposal, you're still not ready. Zombies aren't a threat because they thin out gradually over time - they're a threat because they fucking multiply. But they both lost to Hermione Granger, because if she can keep a bumbling Ron and a clueless Harry safe with a bunch of Death Eaters are on their tails, well, a bunch of zombies shouldn't be too much trouble at all. Zombies beget zombies beget zombies, and they do their best begetting while scrabbling incessantly at your door for months on end because they can hear you crying inside.

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