Last batch of Toronto Zombie Walk 2007 from sunday when hundreds, or maybe over a thousand zombies walked the streets of Toronto which ended at a screening at Bloor Cinema for Toronto After Dark Film Festival.
I’m not sure if the one day I’ve dreamed of my entire life would be ultimately satisfied with a Stormtrooper-Zombie wedding, but this gal certainly thought so! Note: Please be aware that all our wedding cake toppers are customized, you can custom any outfit, pose or anything you love. This zombie cake topper is unique because the topper is not the only figure we see on the cake.
This zombie cake topper is completely detailed, thanks to our team of professional sculptors.
This zombie wedding cake topper is so well crafted that it is a great memento for your wedding. If you want to add vehicles, please upload photos of vehicles at Additional Picture section. Please upload Additional Pictures, Background, and your Designs (Clothes, Pose, Color…Anything you love). We stumbled upon a zombie wedding cake just an hour ago and we were about to post it, but then… we found out that it’s trending!

I get more Interested in wedding cakes, I just want to make my own design on it, my own style to make it more perfect in our wedding :) sounds interesting right? Buy a stake in Moe Green’s Casino or take over the Corleone Lake Tahoe Estate as you work your way { more } The End.
Don’t limit by above style, just tell us your idea, we will first design some 2D sketches to get your approval, then turn them into 3D figurine. We make it a point to include as many details as possible so the bride and groom can appreciate the execution of their very unique concept.
The bride and groom can bring home this quirky and fun cake topper, and display it in their study.
These mindless corpses will adorn your three-tiered, beautifully decorated cake in their characteristic postures.
They are clawing their way up to the couple and the bride and groom are killing them off one by one.
It might look too gruesome in a living room mantel, so it might be best displayed in a shelf inside the study. The bride and groom chose to replace the unity candle lighting for the chopping of a latex zombie head with a machete.

For her day job, she works in Sales for Engineered Control Valves & Flow Control Devices. They even asked us to put blood splatters in the cake topper to make it more similar to a zombie attack. Either way, it is a great reminder of the fun they had during their wedding, and of course, the fun they enjoy as a couple.
Needless to say, the cake didn’t look so appetizing anymore, but it was definitely something memorable. They obviously bond over zombies, and are fun enough to include this as a big part of their wedding. This zombie wedding cake topper is really creatively executed, because of the help of the zombie figures climbing up the layers of the cake.
She is holding a bloody chain saw, and like her groom, seems to be fighting against someone from below.

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