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Click here to read about my “low-noise” 6 to 90 V converter project which replaces the anode battery in battery tube receivers. To understand how the controller works it is best to first understand how the 555 functions. An alternative simple and quick way to measure the inductance of an unknown inductor can be found here.
This continues until all energy stored in the transformer is dumped in the buffer capacitor.
But need to use an isolated dual power supply of +12 volts and -12 volts at current about under 300 milliampere (0.3 A).

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This IC contains a 100 kHz fixed-frequency internal oscillator that permits the use of small magnetics. The flyback regulator can produce dual output voltage in Figure 1 The generates an output voltage that is inside the range of the input voltage. This feature is unique to flyback .The primary winding of the transformer, T1, storing energy in the magnetic field of the transformer.

Note that the primary and secondary windings are out of phase, so no current flows through the secondary when current flows through the primary. When the switch turns off, the magnetic field collapses, reversing the voltage polarity of the primary and secondary windings.Now rectifier D1-D2 is forward biased and current flows through it, releasing the energy stored in the transformer. This produces voltage at the output.The output voltage is controlled by modulating the peak switch current.

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