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Aquarius Horoscope 2014 predicts the year to be overall positive with few important events lined up.
It would also be a time to explore new destinations and discover the unprecedented adventurous life that awaits you. Great financial changes may not take place during the year, foretells Annual Aquarius Horoscope 2014.
Aquarius, for the time being, you are still preoccupied with some kind of a learning process, with a change of mind, a change of beliefs and a getting used to a new understanding of the world.
Once your ruler, Saturn, changes signs in November 2014, you’ll be keen either consciously or subconsciously, to change profession, undergo major restructuring of your chosen career path with the end result ultimately being more responsibility but also more authority. Now, life won’t be boring this year with the ongoing squares between Uranus, Pluto, Mars and Jupiter until the summer that challenges your financial situation primarily.
This is not to say relationships won’t feature in your life but you will have to work harder for them and at them. Annual forecasts are very broad, so get in touch if you are interested in an individual chart reading. You might be interested to dig deeper into your family background and trace the roots to your ancestors around this year.
Keeping a positive outlook throughout the year will also make you strong enough to cope up with pressures. Regardless of your marital status, there may be some significant changes in your life and they may lead to a fruitful life much later on. Some of your efforts may not rake in the moolah but it is best to keep a mood of contentment with the positives streaming in. You may have had some interesting experiences abroad over these past two years or more and have met people that have shown you new ways of living and thinking. Throughout this time, it is not unusual to encounter deep transformation in your career and general life direction.

Your view on relationships and partnerships may become more strict and conformist which initially can bring out some of the underlying issues in your relationships – this also includes the types of relationships with those in authority.
The key dates to watch out for are 25th August 2014 which refreshes relationships and sends new opportunities for commitment your way as well as early March 2015 which brings you the fruits of the seeds sown in August but not without some effort and dedication…really, these are the key words for the year for you both in terms of career and relationships.
In readings, I use the Indian Dasha system in individual forecasts which is known for its accuracy. You may be shrouded in discontentment especially during the middle of the year but there is no reason to feel that luck has stopped shining upon you. Perhaps this has given you more confidence in your abilities and skills even though at times, this still feels like hard work. This does not happen in the public eye so, at times, you may not feel so appreciated in your work and often, you may find yourself working quite hard for your money. It feels a bit like a little earth quake when something suddenly shifts or like flying through a bit of turbulence. Watch out on some of the bad habits coming back and ensure that mistakes done in the past are not repeated again.
Latest modes of communication may be put to best use by singles this year to be in touch with their loved ones.
Nevertheless until November, it is still a good time to take a higher education course or book the trip of a lifetime to a place that’s different from your everyday environment. Nevertheless, this two and half year time period is marked by a socially visible and respected position near the top of some hierarchy – usually at work.
The first quarter of the year may present you with chances of relocating to some other city or a new branch.
Some of you are perhaps even thinking about launching a travel blog or another writing project. After some restructuring that either comes from yourself or from other people being the initiators, this time period is often marked as the time when we are recognised for our lifetime achievements.

With the eclipse cycle hitting this area in your chart over the 18 months of this transit, you may find that a restructuring of your finances is in order.
Make best use of the opportunities that are thrown up during this year to pave a way towards greater success.
Married couples are likely to share a great bond and deeper understanding of each other during the year.
As you go through the year, this may become a more serious pastime for you and one that can form the basis of you restructuring your life, direction and career from November onwards. This may sound grand but it is a peak time for you in your life and career when you get to a certain turning point or a point of no return depending on your situation and choice.
There might be times when you would get bothered and annoyed on experiencing lack of recognition and rewards from seniors at the work front.
However, they would have to realize with time to give space to each other to make their life more blissful.
The dates to watch out for are 24th September 2014 for the solar eclipse which is a new beginning and 8th October 2014 for the lunar eclipse which brings things to a close. Yearly astrological predictions advise you not to lose heart and continue marching forward relentlessly since success is guaranteed to come to you at the right time. You may have to deal with issues around your partner’s money or generally money from sources other than your own, joint finances as well as your own income. All of this may be more important to you than dealing with potential conflicts in your personal and home life that too much a focus on career and profession can bring with it.

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