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When astrologers analyze an astrological chart, they are looking at much more than just the position of the sun at the time of a person’s birth.
The sun changes signs approximately every thirty days, but does not enter a new sign on exactly the same calendar day of every year.
This is the largest body in our solar system and is therefore associated with largess, abundance, wealth, expansion, freedom, optimism, joviality, generosity and long distance travel.
This is the planet that many people dread because it represents karma, lessons discipline, structure, authority figures, the father and the father’s side of the family as well as delays. The farther out the planets are from the sun, the slower they move and are therefore considered the generational planets, because they remain in a sign for a much longer period of time. Giving voice to the ineffable™ Lilly is a Professional Psychic Empath, Psy.D Relationship Therapist & Traumatologist, Forensic Astrology Student and Spiritual Intuitive Sage. My interestings are: Reading literary books, Translation, Subtitling movies, Internet, Blogging, Cinema, Photography, Psychology, Human Brain Functions, Quantum Physics and Space Travel, Walking, Hang out with friends, Travels, Listening music and Good food. In fact, they look at every planet in our solar system with respect to the sign each planet inhabits as well as each house the planets occupy. In a nutshell, the components of an astrological chart can be viewed similarly to the components of a dramatic play.
It can make its entrance into a new sign anywhere from the 18th of the month to as late as the 24th of month. It is the celestial body associated with fertility, having a 28 day cycle, similar to the female menstrual system. It is responsible for the transport of objects and ideas from one point to another and is also associated with any devices that do the same, such as pipes, tubes, wires, computers, telephones or any other communication or transportation devices or processes. It is the planet many love to love due to its benevolence, however, it is known for being excessive and of course, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. This particular planet is associated with innovation, inevitable and sudden change, ingenuity, breaking the mold and rebelliousness.
Additionally, astrologers look at the angular relationship of each planet to one another, which is what are called aspects.
In a play we have the actors on the stage, the personality they take on for that play, we have the plot and the setting.
Therefore, if you were born on what is called the cusp of a sign, you are well advised to have an astrologer cast your chart so that you know the exact sign in which the sun was sitting at the moment of your birth. With respect to the signs of the zodiac, it rules the water sign of Cancer, and hence is closely associated with moods, emotions, feelings and our maternal instincts. Jupiter moves through a sign in a year’s time, moves retrograde about every thirteen months and remains so for about four months.

It is anything but conformist, preferring to look at things differently and try that which is new and different on for size and is unpredictable. Neptune is illusive, visionary, spiritual, idealistic, dreamy, unrealistic, psychic, highly sensitive, receptive, and in some ways inspirational. Like Scorpio, the sign it rules, it is intense, private, secretive, seductive, strategic, powerful and passionate. It could be argued that much of astrology is a study of the geometric relationships of planets to one another. Without the sun, we would cease to exist as humans, and eventually all life forces as we know them would cease to exist as well. The sun rules Leo and is ideally placed in Aries, does not operate well in Libra or Aquarius. It talks about our relationship with our mother and our mother’s side of the family, our ability to nurture and how we relate to the public. Its rate of motion can vary somewhat, depending on whether it is speeding up or slowing down, but essentially moves about a degree a day.
It is the planet of force and relates to cutting, surgery, the cutting knife as well as violence. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, operates very well in Cancer and is less effective in Gemini and Capricorn.
It is necessary and represents such things as our skeletal system, government, rules and regulations, traffic lights, essentially that which places limits on things.
It takes about eight years to completely move through a sign, moving retrograde about once a year for about five months.
However, the nature of the signs, what they do, and the demigods behind them, who control them, are vastly different in Vedic astrology. Each planet represents a different human component of our being, with the inner and faster moving planets, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, being classified as the personal planets, whereas the outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, representing bigger picture issues. Mercury moves backwards, or retrograde, approximately every four months for a period of about three weeks. It, too, moves retrograde, as do all the planets, but it does so about every 19 months and stays retrograde for about 41 days. It takes about two and half years to move through a sign, moves retrograde about every thirteen months for a duration of about five months. Uranus rules Aquarius, co-rules Capricorn and is most effective in Scorpio, less effective in Taurus.
Pluto operates best in Aquarius, is less effective in Taurus and Leo, remains in a sign for twenty years, moves retrograde once a year and remains retrograde for about five months.

These are considered to be the generational planets because the outer-most planets move so slowly that they remain in a given sign for longer periods of time and therefore etch their impact on clusters of generations. It is the most fleeting of all the bodies in our solar system, moving anywhere from 12 to 14 degrees a day, changing signs every two and a half days. This is a time to anticipate glitches in communication and transportation, but is also a good time for reviewing the past and reconnecting with those from you past. It can take anywhere from about 40 days to a little over seven months to traverse a sign, depending upon whether it is direct or retrograde. It takes Neptune about 14 years to completely traverse a sign, moving retrograde about once a year and remains retrograde for about five months. We feel more motivated to get out and about and soak up the vitality of the sun’s rays. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, operates best in Aquarius and is less effective in Leo, Pisces and Sagittarius.
Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, operates best in Pisces and is less effective in Aries, Virgo and Scorpio. It goes retrograde about every other year and stays retrograde for about two and a half months.
People who live in extreme geographical regions must make adjustments to their routine in order to accommodate the absence of the sun’s rays. Mars rules Aries and co-rules Scorpio, operates best in Capricorn and is less effective in Cancer and Libra. Those who live in places like Alaska and the arctics find they benefit from creating artificial sunlight in order to ward off Season Affective Disorder. A common term associated with the moon is that of “void of course.” When the moon has made the last aspect or angle that it will make before leaving a sign, it is said to be void of course because it is no longer making a connection.
People who are described as optimistic are often referred to as having a sunny disposition.
The popular interpretation of this position suggests that nothing will come of matters initiated during this time, therefore it is best to stick with the matter at hand and not plant any seeds, as they will not come to fruition. But when we have a deficit of the sun’s light, we tend to feel gloomy, despondent and sad.

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