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January, be careful of loving the chase more than the object of your affections, but before changing the status quo, consider the consequences. January, having the final word is not the smartest way to impress a lover, instead, be adored by shifting the focus to them.
Early in the year presents an opportunity to understand what real love is by caring for someone when they need you most. In January, insisting on having the last word may rob you of attaining the truth of how someone feels.
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This is our basic love match chart for a quick & easy way to check the compatibility of two zodiac signs.
To use the chart, all you need to do is match the female sign on the left with the male sign on the top.
Each element type has different personality traits, so by matching different elements together you can see get a better understanding of which signs blend well with each other and which do not mix well at all. Don't forget to sign up free today and receive your daily horoscope straight to your inbox!
Are you looking for a satisfying and fruitful Telephonic consultation about your life's pertinent issues with a competent Astrologer? This Free Indian astrology website provide you Astrology and Horoscopes predictions based Indian Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Hindu Astrology along with Numerology Report, Name Correction, Business name Correction . VirgoYou can renovate, redecorate or even make a move from one location to another with great success. VirgoNext time you're about to interrupt somebody's statement with a 'that's beside the point' correction (or to quietly shut off your listening without letting them know), you'd better be sure you know what the point is. With an acute attention to detail, the Virgo is the sign in the zodiac most dedicated to serving. But for a personalised love horoscope based on your exact date of birth, why not select the Love & Romance Forecast Horoscope Report. February gives you the confidence to make decisions and follow them through, throwing procrastination out the window. When meeting someone special, be prepared for deja-vu feelings to tug on the hearts strings.
Early February, get ready for love to shine, however, there could be something unconventional about a relationship.
With Venus entering the love zone on April 12th be ready to recognize a perfect love mate, rather than attracting people who don’t come close to fitting the wish-list.
Don't worry if your combination doesn't match highly on the chart, sometimes opposites attract!
Don't rely on someone you work with to give you a fair deal or to back you in a time of crisis. Are they the ones who've veered into inconsequential territory, or are you glancing at the wrong section of map?
Their deep sense of the humane leads them to caregiving like no other, while their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is missed.
February 21, love planet, Venus, moves into Aries - get ready to reeve up the love-life by being romantic and amorous. With love being high priority mid March, attached Taureans can look forward to hotting up their love-life, while single bulls will be inviting love into their hearts. However, to avoid being taken advantage of, see someone’s real agenda before handing over the key to your heart.
Beware of wanting so much freedom that it makes it impossible for someone to get to know you. However, in an attempt to please someone, don’t be infatuated by their positive points - look closer, they have shortcomings too.

Neptune's vague-ifying impact on the week's full moon makes it unusually difficult to determine 'pragmatic' from 'petty'a€¦ especially if you try to differentiate based on the sound of conviction or the volume of speech.
The Virgo is often gentle and delicate, preferring to step back and analyze before moving ahead. Love is still in the air February with the full moon radiating love for single Leo’s and a new lease of love for those attached. February 14, avoid being over-sensitive when Mercury, communication planet, goes out of phase . With positive moon energy February 17th, you’ll be twirling on the merry-go-round of love. You may have a better glimpse of the whole situation than certain other (loud-speaking) parties, or you could be suffering from a case of misguided self-importance. Be careful not to expect too much, if he or she can’t live up to expectations, disappointment will follow.
Pluto and Jupiter bring extra attention to the issue of integrity in relationships at the end of August.
March, a momentary lack of self-confidence leading to self-doubt can cause drama on the home front.
Be a savvy communicator, whilst being mischievousness to get the attention of someone special in June. With planet Saturn in the love-zone going direct April 20th, any restrictions or boundaries, self-imposed or otherwise, will loosen up with relationships being more easy-going. Mercury, communication planet goes retrograde (out of phase) February 14th, making misunderstandings possible. Dreams can come true with new moon energy on May 16, although, the full moon on May 2nd can cause confusion with this being a break-it or make-it period. Early April, expect to be re-assessing an intimate union regarding the issue of loyalty, you’ll be seeking the truth. During June, intense magnetic energy will draw single Sagittarians to someone intriguing with the pull of energy being too strong to resist.
Those already in a relationship can expect to be spoilt as the love-gods shine on Arian partnerships. Warning - Mercury goes retrograde (out of phase) October 12th for 2 weeks in your love zone - postpone heart-to-heart discussions. Full moon on June 1st could shake things up, but not in a bad way, long over-due changes can be made. Lady of love, Venus, brings love vibes May 8th, to either renew a love or connect with a new love-mate. Don’t try to change someone, if accepting them as they are is impossible, cut losses and walk away.
Mercury, communication planet, goes retrograde (out of phase), mid June for a month making communications difficult.
But to make it easier on yourself, be clear about what you think is most important, as briefly and directly as possible, without arguing or urging. A new moon in the love zone October 11th brings with it an opportunity to gain clarity on the type of person you want to attract. Early November, love is in the air with Venus sprinkling love dust to increase your magnetic attraction power. Late November highlights a positive time to attract or keep a sweetheart happy and interested, by being creative.
With no shortage of invites crossing the in-box, say yes to the more desirable events and wear your best smile.
Making a rash statement in May wont easily be backtracked – be prepared to apologize.
During May, be careful of confusing a need for lust as love – be sure to read the signs correctly to avoid an embarrassing moment. However, be clear about intentions, being open, honest, sincere and truthful at all times to avoid an emotional show-down.
Be accepting of other’s quirky character traits to recognize true love when it appears.

They'll affirm you or set you straight appropriatelya€¦ and you'll discover how willing (or not) you are to trust others' opinions on your opinions. New moon November 9th is a positive time to either attract a lover, improve a relationship, or make a commitment. New moon, December 9th brings with it an opportunity to make a wish for your soul-mate to appear.
While Venus mingles with serious minded Saturn, romantic partners need substance and sincerity. June stars indicate that unless a love association is a mind, body, soul affair you could walk away. Physical planet, Mars, Venus’s soul-mate, moves into the love zone at the end of September for the remainder of the year.
Let go anything that isn’t working, or make changes for existing relationships to survive.
Gemini’s already in a relationship, can take romance to the next level or honey-moon love can be re-introduced.
Mercury, the thinking planet, is retrograde (out of phase), June 16, and urges you to be diplomatic till after July 10th. However, Venus goes retrograde again late July, uncovering problems that need to be dealt with. Full moon in September shakes things up, but not necessarily in a bad way, however, be prepared to adopt change. This is a major love wish period, when the energy is right to either meet someone new, or make an existing relationship more permanent.
Without them, love wont have much meaning, and once comfortable that a one and only exhibits these qualities, your heart will be theirs.. Positive love energy is present for the remainder of the year, apart for normal emotional ups and downs. October is a positive time for love whether you are single or attached - have fun and enjoy! After the electricity bolt between you has calmed down, a soul connection can form during this period. However, with Venus out of phase for a month, from late July, you better translate in plain English. Single Leo’s can look forward to being attached, and those in a permanent relationship will have a smile on their face.
Venus re-enters Virgo October 8th for one month, bringing another chance to connect with a soul-mate.
October you’ll making firm decisions about what you will and wont accept within a romantic relationship. Single Aquarians; make intentions understood when meeting potential suitors to avoid an unforgettable hizzy-fit. If you haven’t found a sweetheart by December 2007, cupid hearts once again make you irresistible with the possibility of love moving to the next phase. June presents a realization that there’s more to love, a sense of responsibility comes with the level of deep love you crave. If compatibility is there, lust will turn to love with an unbreakable soul connection being possible.
Even though the later half of the year is frantic with business, love is hard to avoid, especially in December. Compromise and compatibility become more desirable with this being the year you consider settling down – yes the big C word – commitment could be on the horizon for Pisceans!

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