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Over 2300 years ago, the Babylonians came up with the idea that the gods lived among the stars and other celestial objects, and were able to impose their will on humanity by controlling the destinies of individuals and nations alike. The concept of subjective validation was put to the test in 1948 by psychologist Bertram R. As can be seen from the profile analysis, there are a number of statements that are vague and could apply equally to anyone.
There is no force, known or unknown, that could possibly affect us here on Earth the way astrologers claim. Like psychics, astrologers tend to rely on human’s ability to remember “hits” and forget ”misses” – a form of selective bias. Without going into further detail, I highly recommend reading the full article on his website.
1) Since the Earth spin drifts slightly, the constellations shift by at 1 degree every 72 years.  Over time, roughly 2000 years, the signs of the zodiac actually get shifted over by one.  So what’s your sign?  It should actually be shifted one over from what you think it is…  that is, you should be reading the horoscope from the star sign before yours!
2)   2) Horoscopes are cast from the time of birth, not from the time of conception.  What is considered the time of birth?  When the water breaks?  When the head appears?  When the feet are out?  What about a c-section?  You would think that the planets would begin their influence on the unborn fetus for the duration of its development.
4)   4) Why are people born on the same day each year so different?  Surely, if the gods or planets or whatever had some sort of true influence, then anyone born on the same day each year should be very, very similar. 6)   6) Many astrological terms are holdovers from a time when the Earth was believed to be the center of the universe.  We are clearly not at the centre of the universe. 7)   7) What about Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which were only discovered within the past 250 years?  In ancient times, these outer planets were unobservable with the naked eye. Most importantly, none of the detailed statistical studies that have looked at astrology have found any merit in it. A large-scale test of persons born less than five minutes apart found no hint of the similarities predicted by astrology.
Meta-analysis of more than forty controlled studies suggests that astrologers are unable to perform significantly better than chance even on the more basic tasks such as predicting extraversion. More specifically, astrologers who claim to use psychic ability perform no better than those who do not. In this very small sample set, it’s clear that they have nothing in common – except that the two Canadian newspapers (the Globe and Mail and the National Post) both reference “money”… but given that the holidays were right around the corner, “money” was on everyone’s mind already, so I will discount that statement as an appeal to the masses. I deliberately paid close attention to each of my 5 horoscopes for December 20th, and nothing came true.
Conclusion: There is no legitimate scientific evidence to support astrology and horoscopes. Why do 25% of Americans, despite the lack of evidence, continue to believe in Astrology and horoscopes?
1) Zodiac signs aren't celestial objects, so they do not spin and theres no reason of getting shifted over by one, they are s y m b o l i c and so they remain the same. 2) Time of birth is considered when the baby is no longer physically connected with the mother, the moment just before they cut the umbilical cord. 4) People born is the same day but different year, yes, are so different just because the year they were born the passages of the planets were different.
5) When you're referring to the roman Gods, i believe you mean the 12 Gods of ancient Greece.
7) Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have a total different effect on us, that those old times, those effects, were not included in a daily prediction or an astrological chart. 8) You actually aren't naming the traditions which are apparently plenty and all connected, including astrology, with mathematics. About the opinions and the tests you published above, they are just some personal opinions from a few scientists that, who knows what are they going to discover in 10 years from now and how many of the things they said are going to recall. I have met someone who was born on the same day as I was, yet he had a totally different personality. Astrology birth charts are so immensely complicated that no two person's chart is exactly the same, even if they were born right next to each other within minutes of each other.
The possibilities and combinations are endless in astrology, so to arrow it down and judge it is foolish and simplistic and it does not proof or debunk anything. Astrological signs merely represent energies, just as there are different energies present throughout the year (i.e.
Secondly, it's clear that the authors of the comments defending astrology are largely scientifically illiterate, which is very sad, and leaves no mystery as to why they believe what they do.
If the implication is that the moon affects people's character, then the whole chain of reasoning leading up to it is a dreadful series of non-sequiturs.
The moon affects the oceans because of its gravitational pull, which it exerts on all objects, not just those made of water. I would really urge scientists and other scientically literate people to adopt an attitude of conversational intolerance to this kind of abuse of scientific terminology.
The Mayan Astrology Signs are divided into 19 zodiac signs in an astrological system that was developed by ancient Mayans. What is known is that the Haab Calendar used 19 Mayan astrology signs to represent the movement of the days throughout the year.
Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the Ch'en sign are people of the night. Mayan Astrology Interpretation: Those born in the Yax sign have an affinity for those born in the Yaxk'in sign. Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the Sac sign have an affinity for the day hours. Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the Keh sign have an affinity for nature and natural balance.
Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the Mak sign are under one of the largest mysteries of the Mayan astrology signs. Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the K'ank'in sign are people of the earth and the sun. Mayan Astrology Interpretation: Those born in the Muwan sign have an affinity for fire and water. Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the Pax sign have the animal totem Jaguar. Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the Kayab sign have a natural affinity for the moon and spiritual endeavors. Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the Kumk'u sign have a dualistic nature. Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the Wayeb sign are the anomoly in the Mayan astrology signs. 5 days out of the year, in contrast to the 20 day span that all of the other Mayan zodiac symbols have.
You can bring clear vision and direction to those around you while remaining sensitive to their needs. Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Wo share similarities with those born in Che'n and Sac signs. Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Sip have a strong affinity for the element of fire and air. Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Sotz have two animal totems the bat and the fish. You most likely have a fascination with the sky and are interested in all things from above. Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Xul are closely associated with the animal totem dog.
Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Yaxk'in have a connection with the Mayan Sun God Ah Kin. Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Mol are associated with the cardinal element of water. News and information about what is going on in the astrological community, and in the world in general from an astrological perspective. The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and yes, Pluto, are often overplayed in modern astrological delineations.
On the opposite end of the spectrum there are a growing number of Medieval and Indian astrologers who do not consider the outer planets to be relevant in a chart delineation at all, and do not even include them when they draw up and interpret charts in their personal and professional practice.
So, where is the middle ground?  For me personally the middle ground is simply to use the seven visible planets as sign rulers and to focus on the deeper implications of each of those placements in each chart, but at the same time to incorporate the outer planets by paying attention to their sign placements, house placements, and aspects with the inner planets.   I find that using the traditional rulerships along with the outer planets also has a way of naturally balancing out the tendency to spend too much time focusing solely on the outers when delineating chart, since the traditional rulerships have a way of forcing you to pay more attention and give greater authority to the inner planets.

Certainly the outer planets are important in astrological delineations, and they can be incorporated into transits, synastry, natal analysis, electional astrology, and even horary in order to achieve a greater understanding of whatever it is that you are studying.  But not at the expense of the visible planets and the rest of the chart, which can also provide a tremendous amount of information, even if it is sometimes more subtle. So, that is my approach to the matter.   What do you think about the subject?  Should the outer planets be used, or should they be ignored?  Should they be assigned rulership of signs based on the affinity that they are thought to have with certain signs, or should astrologers stick with the more geometrically elegant construct derived from the Thema Mundi?   Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
Logically, if such harmony exists (and astrology probably only scraches the surface of all that), the inner planets are related to the outer ones and vice-versa. When I visited Delphi in Greece, I had a strong sense that the oracle there must have been functioning along those lines. It naturally narrows the number of items in our toolkit for seven wandering and some thousands of fixed stars which is still too high to be dealt with.
A source of confusion can be that the same term may mean different thing in astronomy and astrology. However, I must acknowledge that there are some phenomena which should be labeled as temporal star, either as wandering or as fixed, for example Uranus, Vesta and comets on one hand, and novae and supernovae on the other. Then, this interpretation may be called idiosyncratic and it isn’t necessarily correct but a sort of logical. One of the arguments that is sometimes made against using non-visible planets is that under certain conditions Uranus can be seen without visual aid. I do think that people should be able to delineate a chart without including the outer planets, and this was part of the point of my article, although I may not have articulated that clearly. I consider myself a modern psychological astrologer, but I have been using traditional rulerships of signs on house cusps (and looking at dispositors) for a few years now. I’m not sure where this idea comes from of modern astrologers look at the Outer planets first. For me leaving them out only tells me so much about a person and the chart becomes both uninteresting and lacks value. If you encounter an astrologer who talks about the outers initially you are probably wasting your money and should go elsewhere. To say that a chart is uninteresting and lacking in value without the outer planets in it is quite a statement in it of itself though, if you think about it.
That does essentially reinforce my initial point about how much of a modern chart delineation completely relies on these factors, and while I realize that the argument could be made a number of different ways, it is possible that there is something problematic with that.
I can see the argument going both ways though, so I appreciate that you shared your thoughts on the subject here. For myself, I conceive astrology as a celestial language which can grasped most easily and effectively by using key metaphors of the type that can be seen in e. Now, Mr Uranus and his chaste mistress are so much less bright than any other components, I mean, actors and props on the stage that if we really put away books and close computers and have a look at the sky itself, we will have to admit their role (in the stage sense) in not more than of a fly which mistakenly found its way to the stage. While this is on stage and we are watching the performance, in the background the propworkers are playing cards, the light assistants are turning the lamps on and off, and the wardrobe guardians are talking about the weather and the value of their pension. I discovered that -Bad aspects from big malefics to 7th ruler are causing delaying or forbidding marriage. To my mind the outer planets can be as important as the inner planets depending upon the person. Two people, born at the same time with the same horoscope, may express that horoscope in two entirely different ways.
I dont know if I’d trust an astrologer who did not believe the outer planets were important. As a result of this perspective, hearing of an astrologer not using them, it engenders the image of buying a big 120-Box of Crayola crayons and promptly disposing of most of them, in favor of using a few to try and make every possible color. If our ancestors looked to the stars and imagined all they did from 7 planets, in our modern times with countless *galaxies* in view, it could be argued that (a) tradition has never been more important, and (b) new vistas of imagination have been awakened that seek expression in our world and give our world new meaning.
The outer planets, starting with Uranus, open up the door for these new potentials for life that were unavailable and unimaginable in traditional times. The outer planets do complicate an already-complex system, but I find it essential to work with them in charts.
The outer planets like Pluto and Eris move so slowly they challenge us to look at life differently.
Now it’s clear that the unknown geniuses who first set up the astrological framework knew a thing or two. This said, there can be no doubt that valuable insights may be gained from the placement of the outer planets, particularly with regard to generational movements and mundane figures, but also in personal charts when suitably activated, notably via transits and progressions, but also by aspect. One may already read lengthy astrological delineations of the newly discovered Dwarf Planets based primarily on the mythological names assigned to them by astronomers, although astronomers generally are not counted amongst the warmest supporters of astrology. Perhaps a case could be made for attempting to include delineations of trans-Saturnians in cases where they are close connexions between them and the most significant points in the chart, e. I recently participated in a debate on the topic of modern versus traditional astrology, with astrologer Eric Meyers representing the modern approach, while I represented the traditional approach. Yesterday the History Channel aired an hour-long episode of its series The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved that focused entirely on astrology.
Biographical Dictionary of Western Astrologers by James Herschel Holden, American Federation of Astrologers, Tempe, AZ, 2013. A video was posted online a few days ago by a filmmaker who did a documentary on the 1986 United Astrology Conference (UAC) in San Diego, California. The zodiac is a belt in space that extends approximately 9° above and below the ecliptic. Unique spring up terminals allow easy installation of ring lugs, and built in DIN rail clips require no additional brackets. Thus, people find a connection between the perception of their personality and the contents of their horoscope.
Petiot, who had admitted during his trial that he had killed 63 people.  This is clearly another case of subjective validation where subjects focus on the hits of some general analysis that’s supposed to be unique to them. They are indistinguishable from chance, which means astrologers cannot claim to have some ability to predict anyone’s life’s path or destiny. Doesn’t it seem strange that so many people from across the entire planet should share the same fate on any given day?
Astrologer’s based their system and equations upon the seven planets they believed revolved around the Earth.  If the position of the planets has an influence upon human behavior and events, then how could any of the beliefs have been correct, if these celestial objects were missing from the “equation”? For example, a psychologist from Michigan State University, Bernard Silverman, looked at 2,978 married couples and 478 couples who divorced.
All you need to do is take a sample horoscope for the same sign on the same day across various networks. If you enjoy reading them and you’re a fan of subjective validation, and you want to spend your hard-earned disposable income on books, 1-900 numbers, and readings, then by all means, go ahead.
What you are reading is a possibility and a tendency according the passages of the planets of that day.
This did not break my faith in astrology because he was born in a totally different part of the world, during a totally different hour of the day. So, in essence, those tests do not really debunk astrology for those who really know astrology.
I want to address just a small pportion of the nonsense the comment authors above have contributed.
I think it's safe to assume that number is plucked from thin air and means exactly nothing.
If you like, we could work on it together, although first it would be worth checking if there's not such a thing already out there on some other site. Your fish totem combines with your bat totem to provide you with a deep intuition that is not available to most people.
Not the generalized Sun-sign stuff that you find in newspapers and magazines, but serious astrology.
He is the former President of the Association for Young Astrologers, as well as the former Research Director of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Since along this classification virtually all bodies out of or in the Solar System are to be included which makes billions of relevant significators, for me the next logical step is, in conformity with proper astrological perspective, that is, with observer-centred notion, to exclude all that are invisible for unaided, naked eyes, regardless of distance, mass and the astronomical class of the celestial body.
Therefore, if we assume brightness as key factor, apparent magnitude and peculiar behavior (in the case of wandering ones, individual motion itself) make the stars so defined of more or less importance. For instance, in this way a wandering star or planet in astrological sense can be a star (Sun), a moon (the Moon) or a planet astronomically, while a fixed star can be a single or a multiple star (binary, tertiary and so on), a star-cluster or even a whole galaxy. But even than the whole system seems to be logical for me, and highly instructive regarding how to use these significators.

Whatever the best way is, my main objection against using Uranus, Neptune AND Pluto is there’s no reason why these three should be included.
This may be a silly reason, but the outer planets move so slowly that they don’t afford much variation in terms of sign placement.
They have some correspondences with different parts of the stage which can be understood as detached chambers, they can occupy different positions in different status, all we can watch and interpret in the frame of our current investigation.
Or rather, if we consider their speed, a piece of prop, say, a glass ball or a pen which lost its balance and is just pretending movement.
I’d agree that typically the outer planets represent a ‘dumb note’, whereas the inner planets are likely to be more developed and conscious.
It’s all about the relationships in ones natal chart that influence ones personality and behaviors. But that was before I really understood astrology — being full of the modernist ideology that everything from the past had to be overthrown and replaced with *The New*.
And as in any language, it’s better to know the rules of the language before you expand them, or break them. It’s hard to dismiss transiting Pluto conjunct natal Moon, transiting Uranus conjunct natal Mars etc etc. I’ll get off the soapbox by saying that we do need the outer planets to add more depth and colour to the chart, but it is quite possible to do a full delineation using only the traditional planets and the nodes (as thousands of astrologers are doing right now). The ecliptic is an imaginary plane in space that contains the Sun and most planets of our solar system.
These constellations are used in astrology, which assigns a star sign to each person by determining which constellation the Sun is passing through at the time of their birth.
Afterward, he told his students they were each receiving a unique personality analysis that was based on the test’s results, and to rate their analysis on a scale of 0 (very poor) to 5 (excellent) on how well it applied to themselves.
If horoscopes are legit, then all five horoscopes should be in line with each other – giving the same type of advice to their followers.
Additionally, the implication is that there is some mystery as to the similarity between twins – presumably the comment author means identical twins.
With that comes a certain credibility that we should not allow pseudoscientists to hijack for their purposes.
You have an affinity for extra-sensory perception, esp, and walk between this world and the next.
The advanced type where you can actually determine specific information about a person’s life through the observation of the planets and other celestial phenomena. The may be instructive for some, I admit, but it leaves the question why we should use them still open. And from doing relationship astrology, I find that the trad ruler of 7 fits better with one’s mate choice than the outer planets ruling Sco, Aqu and Pis. However if you are of the view human beings are simpler than depth psychologists suggest then they are an optional tool. Ibn Ezra’s aphorisms but ultimately they are encoded the Greek technical language of astrology.
Or that when we discover a new planet, star or galaxy that it needs to rule a sign (after all there’s only 12 of them), or indeed anything at all. But usually some massive effect of say, Chiron, I find explained as well or better by a more traditional delineation.
The PS5R is truly a power supply designed with a world market in mind, as evidenced by the UL508 listing, c-UL Listing, TUV approval, and CE marking (EN60950, EN50081-2, and EN50082-2). If you need assistance regarding the classification of your application please contact us for assistance.
There might have been some logic behind it (Mars is red, war has blood, etc.), but overall there is no real reason to think that just because Venus was named after the goddess of love, that it should hold any sway over one’s relationships. And by all means, don’t let your horoscope affect important life decisions – there’s a reason why websites and 1-900 numbers have a disclaimer stating that their “advice” is “for entertainment purposes only”. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology (American Psychological Association) 44 (1): 118–123. If you believe that reading books, and especially public school books that you will know all about world history, then you believe in an illusion. Numerology lists traits of your personality according your full birth name and the date of your birth. And about the tests they did, more specific about the analysis they gave to those students it was in my opinion unsuccessful. They can gain respectability for their own phrases when they show good evidence that their descriptions of phenomena in the world are accurate and testable. And then you have the Greek Mythology: Where from did their symbolism come and still has value today? In this way there are seven actors and some thousands of props, of them few are as weighty as actors themselves, albeit not acting, but most of them are small items like a handkerchief or a hat. I have Uranus conjunct my ascendant and I could not be convinced that because it’s an outer planet it is not as significant. Then the modern planets and techniques can flesh out important, otherwise hidden issues and produce significant insights. For example, if you go out into the night sky and observe the Moon and several planets, you will notice that you can draw a straight line through all of them. If the “effects” of the planets on people, had any real relationship to the planets themselves, then Venus should be the ruler of bad gas, not love. Government and the church are publishing whatever they think is appropriate so they can continue to control the mazes.
The analysis is very general and short without explaining how each student would react according their zodiac chart to an emergency or a serious (emotional or not) situation. That's down to environmental factors, which also heavily influence character, since identical twins tend to grow up in pretty much the same environment, have the same parents and so on.
At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. So you cant judge a situation or a fact when you've never been there and you cant say theres no energy in something just because you cant see it. You prefer a certain amount of change and variety and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. And last one, Physiognomy predicts also possible traits of your personality according the shape of your characteristics (eyes, lips etc) and your natural colors.
It's up to scientists and others interested in reliably evaluating the real world, to educate others, rather than allowing them to fall victim to fallacious reasoning and the fallacious use of words in meaningless claims. You pride yourself as an independent thinker and do not accept others’ statements without satisfactory proof.
So in this point, explain why twins are 95% alike as physical appearance and personalities when they have only a few minutes difference from their birth time? Or that Uranus rules Aquarius, not Saturn, let alone Pluto pushing Mars out of Scorp, or Neptune foggily rambling into Pisces at the expense of Jupiter.
According to physiognomy their faces will have 1 or 2 differences on their characteristics, and so the prediction about their character will be 95% the same. I have to apply the force to overcome the gravitational attraction for the distance between the object and the ground.
At times you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary, reserved. According to astrology their time of birth will have a few minutes difference while horoscope might change sign of the zodiac in any minute, and so they wont have 100% same traits.
So getting back to the main topic, astrology doesnt talk about your fate, but it only expresses tendencies without canceling humans free will.
For reference, 4.2 J is the energy you need to raise the temperature of 1 mL of water by 1 oC.
They are all colliding and pushing against each other and you give them additional energy to do this faster when you heat the water up.

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