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Speaking about their emotional and sexual life, we must say, that here people of Number 19 are quite dominant. Similarly to the Number 5, people of Number 19 are able to exist in a perfect harmony with their own kind.
One can hardly recommend something to people born with this Number,A mainlyA because they do not like to accept recommendations.
Most of the authorities in horary astrology stressed the importance of fulfilling certain preconditions for judging horary questions. Horoscope sign compatibility zodiac signs love match, Horoscope compatibility astrology love horoscopes zodiac horoscope matching compatibility zodiac signs report match reading chart marriage wedding moon signs. Virgo - complete information sun sign., Virgo virgin august 23 september 23 traditional virgo traits .
Find the latest news stories on extraordinary people, heroes, royals and TODAY show guests. What follows are general characteristics for people born on a date in any birth year, based on Astrology, Numerology, and Cartomancy. Extraordinary powerful will and belief in their own dignity make them veryA noticeableA to the others. It is not easy for them to accept the fact, that other people may have feelings, because for Number 19 feelings are something, that does not matter much. This Blog is dedicated to the art of Horary Astrology as it is exemplified in works of ancient masters such as: Claudius Galen, Ibn Sahl, Masha'allah, Ibn Ezra, Guido Bonatti, Richard Saunders, John Gadbury and William Lilly.
Although often and lightly cited by the many who, more or less seriously, occupy themselves with astrology and other related disciplines, the sentence is rarely subjected to a serious  interpretation of its crucial meaning. Just a question, what is the opinion of medieval philosophers on the fixed star zodiac-siderial and the tropical? They take themselves as a perfectly created mechanism and the same way they are sometimes trying to treat the others. On the other hand, those who are sincerely in love with people of Number 19 usually do not look for anyone else, being eternally loyal to their partners. They possess many unique abilities, they can become a perfect leaders, it is naturally easy for them to achieve their goals. In most cases they are sincerely happy with themselves, always do only what they believe is right, and exactly because of this they are so much loved.

Sometimes people of Number 19 go quite selfish, because they believe, that everyone has the same strength, as they have. Those born under Number 19 truly have a magnetic personalities and that's how they win hearts of their partners and friends, receiving their full loyalty.
The universe is strictly hierarchical and man holds the middle position on this vertical line, thus implying the existence of the worlds above and below his position.
Owing to the "destruction" of the cosmic ladder, which caused, as a consequence, the dislocation of the worlds of the transcendent, temporal and sub-manifested, the human cosmos becomes infested with something that cannot be found in time and space, because neither the summary of the archetypal sphere of zodiac can be reduced to a planet, nor the heaven above this cosmos can be lowered into it.
They are optimistic, brilliant, generous, they have many talents, which they successfully use in practice. Emotions do not play a big role for them, usually they are clearlyA manifestedA only in the early youth of Number 19 and in the older age. Number 19 is able to respect someone with the same powers, so two people, that are carrying this Number usually make a perfect couple.
The rest have to decide - if they are strong enough to become equal with Number 19, or they agree to obey - which is also one of the ways ofA coexistenceA with Number 19. If they only can be satisfied with what they already have achieved, they will shine not only in their time but also in history. Fixed stars are the highest manifested sphere of human visible sky and are derived from Zodiac. They do not like to turn away from their path, regardless of the circumstances and opposition, that may come from the other people. In hermetic astrology, the axis itself is symbolized by the Sun, by its central heavenly position, whereas the southern gate (the beginning of Cancer) has a connection with the Moon, the first sphere dividing man from the higher worlds. Under the influence of Number 9, it is quite difficult to express their desires, so there should be someA guidanceA from a partner, but if the partner does not respond, then Number 19 may get angry.
The pillar around which the worlds revolve is only a conceptual expression which describes the primary light - beam of divine emanation, or, stated in Biblical terms, the beam of Genesis. Luckily it does not happen too often - people of Number 19 are extremely sexy and in most cases their partners are ready to do their best to preserve peace in this relationship. It aims at a forced joining of particular principles of manifested cosmos, situated beyond the transcendental, in order to arrive at the throne on the top of the cosmic axis via shortcut. Astrology, as an integral part of traditional culture, functions according to the principle of sympathy implicating the indestructible bond between the 7 planets of traditional cosmos and the whole nature.

The main characteristic of the modern astrology is precisely the altered cosmological structure, ranging up to its absolute negation.
Respect, that comes from the other people and their own glory are their main priorities in their life.
The traditional astrology is inseparable from this notion because it was believed (until 19th century) that it represents the link between human and angelic spheres. In this manner he returns into the state of heavenly balance and gets closer to the archetypal sphere of the Zodiac.
The increase in the number of the planets in the astrological cosmos distances man from the centre, thus making the purpose of astrology in his life unclear and blurred.
They are very sensitive, sometimes effected by the sudden emotional swings, but they can control themselves.
The Platonists perceived angels as those natures of existence which take part directly both in God’s mind and in the comprehension of heavenly essences (the quality) of things. With the mind of inventor and creator they have a good chance to achieve material and social success. The angelical, according to cosmological notion,  is a concept which designates the function of intelligences, that is, their "radiating" nature toward the realm of man and toward everything which is situated "below" them in the cosmological hierarchy. Since the intermediate line is ascribed to the workings of heaven, its best symbolical representation is the firmament, that is, the sky. The final constitution, although by its nature situated above everything, even above the heavens, still governs everything which is below the heavens.
Five centuries after this renaissance philosopher, Titus Burckhardt  in "Mystical Astrology" states that the seven planets of the traditional cosmos are intermediaries between the Earth and the heaven of the fixed stars, leading us to the conclusion that they mediate between man and the angels.
The angels of the seven heavenly spheres correspond to the creation of the seven traditional planets whose spheres reflect the fine reality of the first (lower) transcendence, between the higher transcendence and the ephemeral cosmos of time and space.

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