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Astrology took its place in the body of Western knowledge with the spread of astrological lore from Babylon to Greece several centuries before Christ. The continuous movement of the planets in their courses, and their mutual interactions, were seen to correlate with the constant changes in the physical world: the cycle of the seasons, its mirroring in the four ages of Man, and the alternations between health and disease in an individual or community. When astrological medicine was transmitted to Western Europe in the later Middle Ages; it required harmonizing with Christian theology. Nicholas Culpeper, the famous seventeenth-century herbalist and astrologer, was one of the last to practise with integrity the combination of Galenic medicine and astrology, before the celestial art was relegated among the educated to a superstition, along with alchemy, which depended on astrology for its correct operations.
The Sun Sign:The Sun sign is just the tip of the iceberg in Astrology, the study of which can take you deep into the mysteries of the universe. Hindu Mythology says that Moon Sign as per your Birth Chart can Predict more acurately and truely. As mentioned in my previous article about the importance of Ascendant and why it is more important than Sun sign, you must by now have the idea about the differences they share. Ascendant Vs Sun Sign is a very old debate among modern astrologers who come as a new breed of thinkers possessing both western and Indian vedic understanding. Here, in this article today I will try to describe some common differences between them, which can be very well understood and followed by all astrologers. The Ascendant or Rising Sign is basically the natural mask which a person wears while interacting with others.
The Sun Sign on the other hand is more about hidden characteristic or nature which only a handful of people will know about.
Finally, whatever your ascendant is, the co-relational aspect with the associated houses and the relational harmony it shares with the designated planets is what matters the most in your life. After school I became more and more fantasized by this art and started reading books from all sections of human civilization; Anyone I could find had written something about stars, planets and constellations and their effects on our life - I read them.
Dad always insist that Astrology is a knowledge which should not come with a price tag, hence I never took money for any consulting.
This transmission began with Berosus, a priest of the temple of Bel, who settled on the island of Cos, the home of Hippocratic medicine, where he established a school of astrology at the end of the fifth century bc. The birth horoscope was used to identify the individual temperament, whether sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic, or a combination of these, from which followed advice on the correct diet and lifestyle to maintain health and avoid the diseases to which that particular temperament was liable. The position came to be accepted that the stars incline but do not compel, keeping intact Man's essential free will.
Culpeper popularized astrological medicine by issuing inexpensive books in straightforward English on these learned subjects, with the effect of extending people's knowledge beyond the simple rules for seasonal blood-letting, purging, and bathing, and the times for doing so according to the zodiac sign occupied by the Moon, which were common to many popular almanacs of the time.

Whereas the Ascendant of a person for a particular place keeps on changing in the 24 hours window.
The more accurate calculation will further ensure which Nakshatra your ascendant belongs to. If the Sun sign is in harmony with your rising sign, there are higher chances of you being more inclined towards your sun sign than the ascendant. Addition to these there are many minute differences which also plays an important role in a person’s life. The horoscope cast for the time of a person falling ill, called a decumbiture, was employed to help identify the nature, origin, and location of the disease, the likely prognosis, the kind of treatment to be given, and the most propitious times for its administration.
For, although the human body might be subject to alteration and change occasioned by the movements of the planets in the zodiac, Man's immortal soul remained free from such influences so that he could indeed command the stars, insofar as he commanded his passions.
Around the 1930’s, some journalist-astrologers started writing about them to draw in the casual reader.
It also signifies how we deal with our day to day issues and how we tend to face, avoid or neglect them.
Your Sun Sign is more like a suppressed (not always) nature which unlike your rising sign is not easily recognizable. But if the planet Sun is not in harmony with your rising sign and is situated in a bad position in your natal chart, your Sun sign characteristics will never be dominant and you might tend to feel confused about taking decisions most of the time in your life. During my grad life I dealt across many complicated astrological charts but by the grace of Venus, I was always able to solve the problem. Your Ascendant is your nature in a nut shell, which is clearly reflected and understood by people close to you or the people you interact more often in your daily life. The Sun sign defines your emotional status and the pressure it can handle from the outside world. People who needed advise, suggestion or help would pour into our house during weekends and by the time it was night, Dad and I would have a bundle of charts waiting to be explored and rectified. People should easily understand this art and must be able to predict their own chart without having to rush to any "professional money making gimmicks". The notion of a pre-ordained length of life, calculated from the points of life (apheta or hyleg) and destruction (anareta) in the natal horoscope, was overturned by correct physical habit and spiritual development, which nurtured the health of the body and soul, so extending the lifespan. The very first stargazers noticed that those born under a particular constellation shared a striking number of the same characteristics.

It is like a natural trait or habit which you exhibit both voluntarily and involuntarily during any course of event in your life. No matter what your rising is, your Sun sign will always tend to over ride decisions when it comes to emotional undertaking. The Moon in addition represented the humours as a whole, while the Sun denoted the vital spirit of the body, radiating from the heart via the arteries. The medical establishment in Paris blamed the triple conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn for the outbreak of the Black Death in 1348.
It is very important to understand here that although the Ascendant might reflect your natural philosophy but whenever it is related with emotional undertakings, the Sun sign takes over and presides over the judgement. Venus governed the genitourinary system, while to the seventh planet, Mercury, was given rulership of the mind. And yet, the tropical system, based on the equinoxes, has great meaning for many and is still the popular astrology. It is the image you shine out to the world, but it comes from that truest, innermost part of you.
The sun, which is actually a star, is at the center of the Solar System, and likewise, your sun sign describes your unique personal center.The sun sign describes the particular way that you’re vital or powerful in life.
More than just a quirky trait, being at home makes the Cancer feels powerful and vital, and where great things can be achieved. The sun sign shows what kind of environments and situations light you up.From the pursuit of a mate to a career, the sun sign shows how your ego or will pushes out into new experiences. Each of the twelve signs does this a little bit differently, which is part of what makes the human parade endlessly fascinating.
And that’s why knowing someone’s sun sign can help you understand all the people in your life from the intimate sphere to the work place.In romance, knowing how certain signs behave at close range can save you a lot of heartache -- or help you plan your strategy.

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