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Your astrological report is laid out in HTML format (with text, illustrations and interactive links) to be found online, just after your order. The Natal Report completed with the analysis of your karmic indexes (Lunar nodes, Dark Moon, retrograde planets and part of fortune). The astrological study of your solar return is based on a general analysis of the birth date and birth place sky chart but also on the analysis of its comparison with the birth sky chart (birth chart).
The solar return is very important in the study of transits and will help you figure out in what areas the elements signified by the planetary transits will happen. The solar return ascendant gives information about the annual atmosphere from a birthday to the one next year. The sign of the annual ascendant is very important because it shows what we have done during the whole year (experiences, psychological consequences).
With a Solar Return Ascendant in Aquarius, this year you will open up yourself to a new group of friends or new technologies (computers, internet, aerospace science, energies, etc.).
If those projects aren't too utopian, you may see the consequences of them during the year.
Otherwise you will have to get back to basics and you will still appreciate the new friendships.
This year we can free ourselves from our chains (virtual or real) and become independent, in a way we are learning to handle things on our own.
The house (or sector) where the Solar Return Ascendant is determines how it is going to be connected to your life all year long.
Consequently you should always express yourself and say what you think in order to show what you are worth. In general it's an important year where you can experience different things with your natal chart. Your individuality isn't matching your integrity, and it may put a curb on corporate ladder climbing and make you look cold and distant to other people, partner or co-workers. During a solar return, the Midheaven shows how, during a solar year, to build a social or professional growth (as much positive as negative) according to the transits. With such a position concerning the Midheaven, we may travel to a foreign country, both for work and personal pleasure.
As long as you keep doing what you were doing the previous year, you may reach them and climb the social ladder. Given that we focus on the solar return just as much as the zodiac in the natal chart to build an annual chart, the solar return Sun always keeps the same sign. Its aspects to other planets are also very important: dissonant aspects show how it may become weaker, harmonic aspects will show how much it can be improved all year long.
You may have issues with your health if Mars, Saturn, the Black Moon or Pluto send a dissonant aspect to the Sun.

Other than that this year you will work a lot and you will also have a lot of professional constraints.
You are joyful and kind and try to remain as happy and funny as possible, and your friends like it. The atmosphere is rather positive during the solar year: you have opportunities, you are invited to parties and you are often in a good mood.
You realize your expectations were too high because it's very hard for you to reach your goals; or they seem to be vain and you try to find another way to go. You are nervous but original and that's the key to newness and adventure, surprises and travels. The position of the Moon is just as important as the Sun's in the natal chart and gives information about the way you express your sensitivity, your emotions and your attitude during the solar year.
Its aspects to other planets are also very important: they tell you about potential difficulties or good news you may go through all year long.
This year you won't feel safe, as much personally as financially, that's why you need to take care of your budget and your relationships, even if you have to go through hell at first. Actually you will probably travel (if the rest of the Solar Return confirms it) in a foreign country. On the philosophical and religious plane, you may have a new point of view when it comes to life in general.
If you have to deal with a clientele or an audience on a daily basis, they will be pretty receptive to what you tell them.
You feel very close to your family circle and you know how to be receptive to their worries and problems.
This year you get to get new furnitures for your house but also presents for the people you love. However the good thing about it is that you will have a life discipline, especially as far as food. If you get some rest every once in a while and meditate as well, you will definitely find a balance in your life. Indeed since the planet doesn't go far from the Sun, they are often both either in the same sign or Mercury will be in the previous or the next sign.
Its position in houses gives us information about the way we should communicate and how to use our intellect all year long.
Its aspects to other planets help us know about opportunities or difficulties we will have all year long.
This conjunction is frequent but in general thanks to it you can express yourself, communicate and make business more easily, as long as the transits of the solar year are harmonic. This position of Mercury is the same as the natal chart, you will then act the way you usually do, both positively and negatively.

Note: You can read my new essays and articles and all of my 100+ free tutorials in Western and Vedic Astrology, by clicking here. To see videos tutorials on StarTrax Millennium, click here to download (and then install) their video player, and then download the video tutorials by clicking here. 365,25 days and 360 zodiac degrees per year: calendar dates never exactly match with Sun course. You have an astrological sign at birth by the position of the Sun in the zodiac (angular distance between the center of the sun and the gamma point, degree 0 of the zodiac).
Dates found in forecasts horoscopes are rough because Sun's position only depends on seasons and not on the civil calendar. Same thing for decans that give details about the position of the Sun in the sign every 10 degrees. In order for you to know precisely about your sign and your decan, especially if you were born at the beginning or the end of a sign (around the 21st of each month), you need to calculate your precise Sun sign position. Decan's information is also printed on any birth chart, following the degree of the Sun (): from 0 to 9°59 for the first decan, from 10° to 19°59 for the second decan and from 20° to 29°59 for the third.
You can increase your knowledge about your birth chart with a detailed and complete astrological report. To find out about your current planetary cycles, the personalized forecasts will give you all the details about your astrolgy forecast with the domains that are activated during the planetary transits and solar return. To discover the multiple aspects of your relationship, the synastry report will give you a detailed list of interactions between birth charts and bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. Remember that a consultation with an experienced astrologer will give you an astrological synthesis that no computer can do !
We also call it "anniversary chart" because this particular time of the year generally gives us a preview of what the next solar year is going to be about (from a birth date to another the next year). This superimposition of both charts will give you more details in several areas such as your love life, your family, your professional life, your finances, your hobbies, etc. Consequently you should read this document over and over again all through the year in order to see the connection it has with elements of your life. Then you will definitely know what to focus on in your life in order to face any situation happening during your solar year.

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