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Video of the solar system for browsers that do not support the required version of Adobe Flash Player. Here is a list of each planet (including Pluto and Chiron) showing which sign they are currently in, whether they are in a retrograde motion, and what will happen to them next. Astrology is a very wide subject with many many layers of interpretation required to understand all the meanings provided by a persons natal chart (where all the planets were at their precise time of birth) in conjunction with the positions of the planets today, or at a time of importance for that person. There are also various schools which use slightly different methods and ways of measuring the planets in order to make predictions and give advice. The following is a very brief overview of western astrology to give you an idea of how it works without touching too much on areas of contention with the astrology world.
Once it has been worked out, the horoscope provides the basis for divining many aspects of that event or related events or time periods. Each of the planets (which for astrology includes the sun and the moon) control a different aspect.
The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are the personal planets which affect our personalities and immediate relationships. This information is useful since if you know what influence a planet has, then you will know what influence that signs ruled by that planet have. Generally speaking, the more planets someone has in a particular sign at the time of their birth, the stronger that signs personality traits will be in them. Again, the more planets you have in a particular Mode, the more your personality has those traits. Just when you thought you might have got some sort of a grip on astrology, in come the houses. If one were to the set the application above to the time of ones birth and then set the lat and long to the place of ones birth, then the lowest slider will then bring up a display of the horizon at that time and location.
The first house is located just under the western horizon, and the others follow consecutively in an anti-clockwise direction - e.g.
The houses can also be classified as Angular, Succedent and Cadent and are ruled by signs according to the astrological modality.

All in all, with astrology today, one must pick and choose the astrologer and the style of astrology that suits one best. Taurean Venus (in her Quincunx to the Dragon’s Head) exactly Sextiles Cancer Jupiter (in his Square to the Dragon’s Head) at 5:15 AM. Check online Sitaron ka Haal 05 May 2015 today horoscope as per islamic Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces in urdu for further updates stay here.. If you do not know which sign naturally corresponds to each house, review this material and do the exercises until you can ace the quizzes.
Just for your information, Accurate Astrology Today located in Astrology Today category and this post was created on August 19, 2014. The top slider allows you to control how time moves so you can speed forwards and backwards in time.
You may find that planets were on the cusp of retrograde at the time of your birth, in which case you may need to consult accurate charts to see exactly when retrograde phase started. It actually means an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth.
However, a simple rule of thumb is to count at the time of birth how many planets fall in each sign and then work out how many are in each element and mode (perhaps counting the sun and moon as 2 due to their extra influence). Whereas signs indicate what personality traits one has, houses indicate where they will exhibited themselves.
However the alignment of the houses is defined by the position of the horizon on the time of your birth.
Places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments.
The above is just skimming the surface of a subject that could (and does) take up volumes and volumes of books.
You can rewind time to see the heavens at the time of your birth and discover for yourself which sign each planet was in and which were in retrograde.
Pressing the yellow button by the slider puts it into real time so the planets move as quickly on the screen as they are in space.

This view shows you in which direction everything is with respect to Earth, but no distance information is shown. The greater the score for each indicates how much of an influence each element and mode are on that person. This means in order to calculate the houses, one must know not only what date one was born but also what time (to within a few minutes) and at what location on earth. There are many systems of astrology and many variations between individual astrologers that use the same basic principles. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Don't forget to share this picture with others via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media!
However, please be aware that although the positions of the planets shown are accurate, they are not to the second by second precision of the charts that astrologers normally use. So it's not to difficult to rewind time to the time of your birth to see the planets as they were.
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If you need to get the display back to show the planets as they are today and now, then press the yellow button next to the date time display at the top. Each of the 12 signs is also associated with an element (earth, air, fire and water) and also a mode (cardinal, fixed and mutable).

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