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We’ve been looking into Jessica Simpson’s bizarre relationship with Eric Johnson ever since they started casually dating this past spring.
This past weekend, Simpson showed off her sizable (and unusual) ruby-and-diamond ring during a planned appearance at a Kansas Dillard’s, and everything seemed hunky dory. Feel free to leave a comment below, or scroll down a bit to comment using your Facebook identity. Year-End Musings from Jeff, the Publisher Sasstrology on iPhone and Android: Your Feedback Welcome Are You Following Us on Facebook and Twitter? Celebrity Astrology For interesting threads on celebrities' natal charts and lives, which provide an excellent educational opportunity for us all.
There is a blub on Fox that they are sending out cadaver dogs and her remains might have been found.
Then you have the frightening 8 planet t-square which would boomerang right to Chiron in the 8th in gemini. This description below would show also the t-square problem as pointed out by Raindrops, as well. If God created the earth and the heavens then why cant we study the heavens through astrology? Der Sloot is currently sitting in a Peruvian prison, having just confessed to the brutal murder of another young woman, Stephany Flores, who was just 21 at the time of her death. Granadillo and Van Der Sloot remained close, she says, all during the investigation into missing teen Natalee Holloway's disappearance.
Eventually, he wrote a book that alerted the young girl that something was seriously wrong, and came to realize he was a deceiver who admitted he was cheating on her the whole time. People ruled by Jupiter are judges, senators, councilors, ecclesiastics, clergymen, lawyers and woolen drapers, foreigners and all middle-aged men. Illnesses concern the liver, lungs, palpitations, pains in the back, and illnesses caused by good living. Sagittarius is an eastern, fiery, masculine, part animal (the last part), double bodied, freedom loving, optimistic sign. It rules the thighs and backside, and any disease and illness concerning them, as well as fall from horses or hurts in sport.
The places it rules are open and high, hills and fields where one can see into the distance, the open sea, and the high mountains. The ground it rules is full of water, places where there are waterfowl, springs, wells and pumps, or rivers especially when they are full of fish. If Saturn is badly placed it represents someone envious, covetous, mistrustful and timid, a condemner of women. It rules the arms, shoulders and veins, and any infirmities connected with them, also the nerves, breathing and delusions. Edit: What made me initially interested in this astrologically is that the two murders happened at the same time of the year. Also, I see Natalee's Gemini Moon might also be there as well, in the yod, but without the exact time it's hard to say. I actually would like you to continue this investigation and look at his mother's and father's natal charts. The word synastry comes from the Greek prefix "syn" - bringing together and " astron" - a star. As you read, you’ll get a better appreciation of what each of you wants and needs when you pair off with someone else.
It can give you perspective on your own nature, helping you to make allowances for the blind spots that can harm your interactions with others. Being too trustful of others can open you to hurt, but becoming a cynic is not the solution. If your relationship should need improving, you can rely on your capacity to introduce fun and joy. Since you ordinarily don’t analyze your emotions deeply, they may sometimes spontaneously erupt. This may make you seem inconsistent, and your behavior may be difficult for a partner to understand.
One of the positive sides of your Moon is that you don’t mind if your partner understands your feelings. While you may keep your hurt feelings to yourself, it’s more likely that you’ll simply return each insult that’s thrown at you. Nevertheless, if your self-esteem is attacked, the damage that occurs may far outweigh the excitement. The horizontal line that separates the upper half of your chart from the lower half symbolizes the horizon. Intellectually, you both know that people aren’t perfect, but perfection is nevertheless what you seek.
The best way to deal with this is for you both to admit that you’re looking for perfection, and that there is no such thing. Relationships start with a period when you’re checking each other out, and aren’t yet really committed.
When you’re married, this area of your chart turns into the place where you refresh and renew both yourself and your relationship.
On a deeper level, the Fifth House is where you come to establish yourself as an individual. In addition, you want a partner who’s your equal, and with whom you can totally share your life.

This surrender commonly takes the form of sex, but it can be other forms of deep involvement as well.
The Seventh House allowed you to work out power struggles through open communication and adherence to the rules of fairness.
Regarding sex, most people have more than one sign influencing their Eighth House, and many also have one or more planets in the Eighth.
With Libra on your Eighth cusp you’ll tend to enjoy sex more if your partner is attractive and charming. It’s possible, however, to get so carried away with pleasing your partner that you let your own feelings and preferences get ignored. When a sexual relationship continues, however, it can take on a very un-Libran intensity for you. Be wary of using sex to manipulate the relationship, and of connecting with someone who will use sex to manipulate you. With Neptune in your Eighth House, sex could well confuse you -- probably because you try too hard to explain it.
If you let go and stop trying to analyze, you may be able to happily relax into your fantasies and enjoy. With this placement it’s also possible that your fantasies are better than the reality, so that sex tends to fall short of your expectations. One of the main things that will describe your own personal way of seeing Melanie is the way her planets fall into the houses in your own chart. If you see it as flexibility, you’ll then try various approaches to influencing her attitudes, and you will eventually succeed. You could see Melanie as industrious and hard-working, and this could spark you to be the same.
On the other hand, you might experience Melanie as dictatorial, telling you what you should do without personally participating. You may see Melanie as somewhat obsessive in these areas, or as wielding more power than she actually has -- or she may feel this way about you. At first you may feel a subtle sense of disturbance, and may find it hard to pin down exactly what’s going on.
You may also learn to become more demonstrative if you get involved in a humanitarian cause that your intellect tells you is just. You have an objectivity that enables you to deal with emotional situations in an admirably detached manner. Anyone who becomes involved with you will be exposed to this facet of your personality at an early stage of the relationship.
To avoid feeling smothered, for every gift that your partner gives to you, give one back; and return each favor with one of your own.
We’ll start where relationships begin -- in the house of courtship, love affairs and romance. Such a courtship can provide great practice for handling the inevitable nitty-gritty that comes in any permanent relationship. Once your partner passes the test, you commit strongly so that even a rather casual relationship can take on a married quality.
When you begin a relationship, you take special pleasure in your partner’s appearance and superficially attractive qualities.
When you become deeply involved with someone, you’re very serious, and security is important to you.
Joined into a single entity in the Seventh House, you become ready to transform each other in the Eighth. This, of course, is the essence of sex, which is one of the areas that the Eighth House stands for. With the high emotional intensity of the Eighth House and its lack of objectivity, power struggles are possible. Regarding your sexual self, all the signs and planets influencing your Eighth House describe possible avenues for sexual expression. But most appealing is a sexual partner who can in some way broaden your knowledge or be adventurous enough to explore and learn with you. Because you have no planets in your Eighth House, your requirements for sex and deep emotional bonding are simpler than they might be. You could think of Antonio’s planets as “lighting up” your houses, bringing more energy to the areas of life that those houses deal with. You may feel reassured in the social arena because you can rely on Antonio for moral support in groups. Just being at his side could make you feel safe and secure, or he may act as a buffer with people you don’t know. It could also be that your partner gets easily upset when interacting with groups, and that this embarrasses you. The other meaning of Antonio’s Mars in your First House is that you are likely to find him quite sexy.
If you don’t share a home, you may find that Antonio likes to roust you out of your digs so that you can do something exciting together.
Then, when he eventually begins to share the workload, be sure to make it known that he is really helping you.
If you have children together, you may see your partner as an authoritarian figure who directs them. The different planets in your chart are like little characters who are interacting with each other inside your psyche.

Below, the aspects between your charts are arranged roughly in order of how important they’ll be to you personally.
Because we’re dealing with double the number of planets here, the number of possible aspects is greatly increased. The Ascendant is the place where a planet would rise from the inner realm below the horizon to the outer world above. Except, you know, for the part where Jess’ former flame, Nick Lachey, proposed to long-term girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo ONE WEEK EARLIER. If you want to avoid having to enter your name and email every time you post, create an account.
Upcoming new moon in Aries will square that conjunction so maybe he will be aggressively defending himself against accusations. He is the true definition of an anti-social disorder walking the streets, ready to kill again! Therefore, it is essential in making the diagnosis to collect material from sources other than the individual being diagnosed. Van Der Sloot was, and remains, the prime suspect in what many fear was her death on the of Aruba during a school trip. Interesting Joran had just entered into Peru not to much earlier and the sun is entering Stephanie's 6th house! In houses, it rules floors and floor coverings, where shoes are kept, and places near standing water. In centuries past the eyes would be piercing and hazel (but now, of course, we are a mixture of races) and of good sight, excellent understanding, and astute in worldly matters.
It is the comparison of two or more horoscopes to determine Give a greater weight to the Davison and Marks Charts than to the synastry because these horoscopes get to the heart of the matter.
For each of you, we’ll explore how the way you see your partner is shaped by the lens of your own horoscope. Here we’ll look at the kinds of dramas that tend to occur when the two of you are together. A look at your own birth chart will show where your strengths are and what you tend to lack. This shows that you’ve noticed and are appreciative, and it could lead to some of the same for you. If they aren’t, you don’t, and it’s usually the most recent encounter that determines the way you feel. This in itself may not be bad, because you may like to express your feelings and you may need stimulation to do this. Your reaction isn’t all bad, in that your visualization may mysteriously help to improve your situation. These houses describe both what you have to give to a relationship, and also what you probably want from your partner.
Having fun together in a romantic setting helps you to get the relationship off the ground.
Finding ways to combine all these energies can lead to the kind of sex that most satisfies you. For example, you can talk about and resolve a problem, but it’s best done in several short conversations instead of one long one. For example, she might increase your zeal to maintain or perfect your body, or imbue you with a passion to be of service to others.
Even then, your intimate relations will tend to be more like a good friendship than a deep emotional entanglement. It suggests the sort of partner you’ll be drawn to and who will make you feel more complete.
This means that the more experience you have with given circumstances, the more secure you’ll feel and the faster you’ll take action.
This is just part of the reason that the Fifth is the place where love relationships begin. It’s possible that you could play the field, and at some point in your life you could date a lot of different people at once.
You will probably be attracted to someone who has either physical prowess or a good mind, or preferably both. And maybe next time, your partner will be inspired to supply some of the candles and romance. To change this, try mentioning (perhaps a few times) that you need help, and that only he can relieve your burden. They therefore make you different from most others born on the same day, and have a particularly personal significance. Or Melanie may concentrate so hard on her career that Antonio feels ineffectual when his ideas and words are ignored. Are the transits to her chart still relevant if she is found, even though she is no longer living? I notice they will gesticulate frantically in order to communicate even more and that they seem to like emerald green.

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