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Today I will be sharing my first purchase from BH Cosmetics which is BH Cosmetics Automatic Eyebrow Pencil in shade Black.
BH Cosmetics Automatic Eyebrow Pencil has just the right shape to fill in the sparsest area of your brows making them looking fuller and more defined. Talking about the shade, it’s jet black but if used appropriately can give amazing results. Overall it’s a pretty fair product if you’re comfortable using pencils for doing your brows but could have been better if they would have provided a spoolie brush at one end as you cannot use just pencil to complete the look. My working on a graduation project is coming to the end, and now I will update my blog more often.
What Rimmel London Professional EyeBrow Pencil Claims :Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil is used to enhance and refine the shape of the eyebrows. When I first ordered it, I wasn’t sure of how brown would look on Indian skin tone and hence went for Black. While using it, I apply it very lightly without pressing too hard and then brushing through the brow hair using a spoolie brush to soften and remove any lumps concentrated with color.
To be honest, I find using a dark brown or black eyeshadow much easier and better than using a pencil as you have more control over the application and also it appears much natural.

I would recommend using a black or dark brown matte eyeshadow along with an angular brow brush for better results.
Today I'm going to review Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil and show you how it looks on my brows. The pencil is medium hard, but I would prefer if it was a bit  harder, so drawing thin lines imitating hairs would be easier. I used it sparingly throughout the eyebrows and concentrated more color on the outer third, because I have little to no hairs there. Then I went over with a clean mascara wand and fixed the result with clear eyebrow gel.На фото выше на моих бровях Карандаш для бровей Rimmel Professional, оттенок Black Brown.
Most of the times I skip the eyebrow routine, just because I am not patient enough to sit through the whole ritual.
The packaging tends to get dull and is prone to scratches; even the brand logo and shade name start fading in no time. But it should have been little bit harder than what it is to prevent lumps on the hair (which goes away on brushing the brow hair). You can achieve different effects with this eyebrow pencil - from natural to bold brows, and the staying power is great.

Perfect for a girl on a budget (like myself).Лично я никогда не ожидала такого качества от продукта за 150 руб.
You can start filling in your brows gradually building up the shade until you get the shape you desire. I did not have the chance to try it in really hot and humid weather on oily and sweaty skin, because we're only in the beginning of the heat, but it works great so far.Карандаш для бровей Rimmel Professional легко точить, он не ломается. The retractable design makes the pencil user friendly; there’s no product wastage as it can be used without sharpening. About the eye brow gel, it comes in a tube just like a mascara but it's clear (it has no color).
Some brow pencils look good on one girl but turn red on another girl, so it's really hard to choose without trying in real life.

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