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Discover the stories behind the children’s book classics and the new books on their way to becoming classics. In Henry’s Freedom Box Ellen tells Henry’s story—his work and brutal treatment on the plantation, the selling of his wife and children into slavery. I love Henry’s Freedom Box, and was so happy when Kadir won the Corretta Scott King Award this year, for his new book Heart and Soul. Nelson Mandela is a true hero of our times, loved and admired across the globe for his dedication to the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, and for justice and peace throughout the world.
We’ll look at a couple of superb titles this month, beginning with one of the best picture information books of the decade, Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine, illustrated by Kadir Nelson. With the help of a white abolitionist doctor, Henry executes his plan—putting himself in a box and mailing himself to freedom.
His characters always have very expressive faces, and I am always amazed at the way he illustrates light in scenes that use ruch rich colors.
I remember picking up this book for the first time and how captivated I was by the cover art.

This book tells the story of his life, from his carefree days as an ordinary village boy, to his unflinching leadership of the ANC, the long years in prison and his eventual freedom and extraordinary elevation to President of South Africa. Abridged by acclaimed author Chris van Wyk and beautifully illustrated by Paddy Bouma, this is an important book bringing an inspirational man to life for a younger generation. Ellen’s spare but effective text has been brilliantly illustrated by Kadir Nelson, one of the most accomplished artists working today. While reading an 800-page book, William Still’s The Underground Railroad (1872), she came across the story of a man who mailed himself to Stills’s Anti-Slavery Society office. Brilliant in his portraits, Nelson brings us Henry as a young boy and then a young man falling in love. As someone who hates injustice, Levine is a passionate speaker about the rights of individuals—hence Henry “Box” Brown received his due in her hands. Anderson, who taught with her there, has written: “Everything Ellen writes—fiction, non-fiction, picture books—is written out of passion. Slave Henry Brown built himself a box, less than three feet square, and mailed himself to freedom, a journey that took twenty-seven hours in a tight space with tiny air holes. He shows him trapped inside the box, steeled for whatever happens in those twenty-seven hours.

In another book, Freedom’s Children, she recorded the stories of thirty children and teenagers who contributed to the Civil Rights movement. There are so many of these kinds of stories to be unearthed and brought to life via picture book.
Read Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck, illustrated by Valeria Petrone.Children of Alcoholics Week begins today.
Levine knew this true incident should be available for children, a perfect way to describe the lengths to which slaves would go to be free. And in this Caldecott Honor Book, he shows us the final triumphant scene, Henry emerging from the box with a birthday (his first freedom day) and a new name, Henry “Box” Brown. That’s what makes her voice so unique and so defiant.” The children’s book field has, indeed, been fortunate that Ellen gave up the power of law for the power of the pen.

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