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To give up one's own existence and become non-existent in God , that is , to bind ones's heart completely to God , is shortest way to God . The Mevlevi Sema Ceremony is proclamated as an INTANGIBLE WORLD HERITAGE in Traditional performing art social practices themes by UNESCO in October 2005. The Whirling Dervish ceremony, called Sema, is a music and dance ritual born out of a€?lovea€? and a€?respecta€? which are the primary ideals propagated by 13thA century poet, theologian and Sufi master Mevlana C. The Mevlevi sect, Rumi's modern day following, has continued to draw on and develop inspired religious beliefs, literature, dance and music since 13rd century weaving into their lifestyles this once, original way of seeing the world.
A The main difference of our event, entitled a€?800 years of Lovea€? our efforts that we make are at approaching Sufi origins.
The House of Dervish Dede Efendi is a most suitable place for the spiritual atmosphere of Sema ritual. Mevlana Celaddiin-i Rumi is a 13th century Muslim saint and Anatolian mystic known throughout the world for his exquisite poems and words of wisdom, which have been translated into many languages.
Mevlana died on 17 December 1273 and was laid to rest beside his father in Konya, in present day Turkey. Known to the west as Whirling Dervishes, the Mevlevi Order was founded by Mevlana Rumi in the 13th century.
From the fourteenth to the twentieth century, their impact on classical poetry, calligraphy and visual arts was profound. The Exalted Mevlana embraced those of every language , creed and race or color ; he is the symbol of love peace , brotherhood, and tolerance. The night of 17 December is the holiest in the MevlevA® calendar, a night of union, a wedding night (Azeb-i Arus), when Mevlana departed the mortal world to become one with He who loves and is loved. Sufism is a mystical Muslim school of thought and aims to find love and knowledge through direct personal experience of Allah.
The Mevlevi, or Mevleviye, one of the most well-known of the Sufi orders, was founded in 1273 by Rumi's followers after his death, particularly his son, Sultan Veled Celebi (or A‡elebi, Chelebi) in Konya , from where they gradually spread throughout the Ottoman Empire. The Mevlevi were a well established Sufi Order in the Ottoman Empire, and many of the members of the order served in various official positions of the Caliphate.
During Ottoman Empire era, the Mevlevi order produced a number of famous poets and musicians such as Sheikh Ghalib, Ismail Ankaravi (both buried at the Galata Mevlevi-Hane) and Abdullah Sari. During the Ottoman period, the Mevlevi order spread into the Balkans, Syria, and Egypt (and is still practiced in both countries where they are known as the Mawlawi order). The Mevlevi Order is also linked to other Dervish orders such as the Qadiri (founded in 1165), the Rifa'i (founded in 1182), and the Kalenderis.
The Mevlevi Order was outlawed in Turkey at the dawn of the secular revolution by Kemal AtatA?rk in 1923. Dancers would receive 1,001 days of reclusive training within the mevlevihane, a sort ofcloister, where they learnt about ethics, codes of behaviour and beliefs by living a practice of prayer, religious music, poetry and dance.
Following a recommended fast of several hours, the whirlers begin to rotate on their left feet in short twists, using the right foot to drive their bodies around the left foot. MevlA?na's early spiritual education was under the tutelage of his father Bahauddin and later under his father's close friend Sayyid Burhaneddin of Balkh. For more than ten years after meeting Shams, MevlA?na had been spontaneously composing odes, or ghazals, and these had been collected in a large volume called the Divan-i Kabir. The Mathnawi can justifiably be considered the greatest spiritual masterpiece ever written by a human being. Furthermore, the Islamic tradition, which shaped him, acknowledges that only one religion has been given to mankind through countless prophets, or messengers, who have come to every people on earth bearing this knowledge of Spirit. Islam is understood as a continuation of the Judeo-Christian or Abrahamic tradition, honoring the Hebrew prophets, as well as Jesus and Mary.
In Rumi's world, the Islamic way of life had established a high level of spiritual awareness among the general population. He is the Divine Voice giving the good news to those seeking beauty , truth , goodness , light and Divine Truth. As the modern tradition progressed, it has weakened primarily due to the lack of resources and community, which in the past were at the foundation, provided by Mevlevihanes or dervish lodges. This particular program has been performed by our professional musicians and dervishes in Turkey and abroad over the last 5 years. Some of our most revered Sufi compositions were born in the house of Dede Efendi in the 19th century.
His doctrine advocates unlimited tolerance, positive reasoning, goodness, charity and awareness through love.

A splendid shrine, the Mevlana Moseleum was erected over their remains, which is now a museum and place of pilgrimage. He is prejudiced toward none because he knows that everything is the manifestation and actualization of God and he reflects this as a spritual state to the mind and heart of man Mevlana is asuperior and saintly master .
Sufism, often referred to as the mystical dimension of Islam, was formerly understood in Orientalist scholarship as a spiritual movement that reached its apogee during the medieval period of Islamic history, with its crowning achievement being the brilliant literary productions in Arabic and Persian that became the classics of the Sufi tradition. Today, Mevleviye can be found in many Turkish communities throughout the world but the most active and famous places for their activity are still Konya and Istanbul. The Bosnian writer Mesa Selimovic wrote the book Death and the Dervish about a Mevlevi dergah in Sarajevo. At their dancing ceremonies, or Sema, a particular musical repertoire called ayin is played. After this training, they remained members of the order but went back to their work and families, combining spiritualism with civic life.
The body of the whirler is meant to be supple with eyes open, but unfocused so that images become blurred and flowing. In the 1950s, the Turkish government, began allowing the Whirling Dervishes to perform annually in Konya on the Urs of Mevlana, December 17, the anniversary of Rumi's death. He is being recognized here in the West, as he has been for seven centuries in the Middle East and Western Asia, as one of the greatest literary and spiritual figures of all time.
At an early age his family left Balkh because of the danger of the invading Mongols and settled in Konya, Turkey, which was then the capital of the Seljuk Empire.His father Bahauddin was a great religious teacher who received a position at the university in Konya. The circumstances surrounding Sayyid's undertaking of the education of his friend's son are interesting: Sayyid had been in Balkh, Afghanistan when he felt the death of his friend Bahauddin and realized that he must go to Konya to take over JalA?luddA®n's spiritual education.
Eventually Sayyid Burhaneddin felt that he had fulfilled his responsibility toward JalA?luddA®n, and he wanted to live out the rest of his years in seclusion.
It is also a book that presents the vertical dimension of life -- from this mundane world of desire, work, and things, to the most sublime levels of metaphysics and cosmic awareness. God is the subtle source of all life, Whose essence cannot be described or compared to anything, but Who can be known through the spiritual qualities that are manifest in the world and in the human heart. Muslims, however, are very sensitive to the issue of attributing divinity to a human being, which they see as the primary error of Christianity. The average person would be someone who performed regular ablutions and prayed five times a day, fasted from food and drink during the daylight hours for at least one month a year, and closely followed a code which emphasized the continual remembrance of God, intention, integrity, generosity, and respect for all life. These Mevlevihanes do privately exist, however our version of the full ceremony is preserved by becoming touristic show which is performed in less than ideal conditions sometimes in commercial venues that aren't necessarily ordained spiritual grounds. With the underlying ideals of of respect and love present not only a ceremony that is a body of work combining perfectly performing arts facilities and dervish culture, but we also invite you to feel. Every year on that day, at this magnificient 13th century mausoleum we celebrate Seb-i Arus, his 'Wedding Day', together with thousands of people from all around the world.
Rumi emphasized that music uplifts our spirit to realms above, and we hear the tunes of the Gates of Paradise. Mevlana's books are translated to many languages and are among the best selling books of their sort all over the world. There is also a Mevlevi monastery or dergah in Istanbul, near the Galata Tower, where the sema ceremony is performed and accessible to the public. Indeed, if one buys a CD of Turkish Sufi music, chances are it will be Mevlevi religious music. This is based on four sections of both vocal and instrumental compositions using contrasting rhythmic cycles and is performed by at least one singer, a flute-player (neyzen), a kettledrummer and a cymbal player. The Sema takes place in a large circular-shaped room that is part of the mevlevihane building.
Different qualities of Rumi have been brought forth by a variety of new translations that have appeared during the nineteen-eighties. Prior to this encounter Rumi had been an eminent professor of religion and a highly attained mystic; after this he became an inspired poet and a great lover of humanity.
Rumi's mother-tongue was Persian, an Indo-European language strongly influenced by Semitic (Arabic) vocabulary, something like French with a smattering of Hebrew.
It is a deeply mystical tradition, on the one hand, with a strong and clear emphasis on human dignity and social justice, on the other.
Although the Mathnawi can appeal to us on many levels, it assumes a rather high level of spiritual awareness as a starting point and extends to the very highest levels of spiritual understanding.
Without this submission the real self is enslaved to the ego and lives in a state of internal conflict due to the contradictory impulses of the ego.

In this way that person no longer acts in accordance with his ego , doing the bad things that would cause harm to others. Rumi taught that the mere existence of the human being served as an axis point for all of creation and this itself was visible evidence of the Universal Creator. He is a monument to spritually who , through his sublimity , displayed his moral values , his knowledge , wisdom love , intelligence , perception of God , behaviour , everything . The oldest musical compositions stem from the mid-sixteenth century combining Persian and Turkish musical traditions. They performed in France, for Pope Paul VI, and at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and other venues in the United States and Canada - under the direction of the late Mevlevi Shaikh Suleyman Hayati Dede. He has been presented as both refined and sensual, sober and ecstatic, deeply serious and extremely funny, rarefied and accessible.
During this time JalA?luddA®n also spent more than four years in Aleppo and Damascus studying with some of the greatest religious minds of the time. Wherever he happened to be, whether in the school, at the Ilgin hot springs, in the Konya baths, or in the Meram vineyards, I would write down what he recited.
Muhammad is viewed as the last of those human prophets who brought the message of God's love. The enslaved ego is cut off from the heart, the chief organ for perceiving reality, and cannot receive the spiritual guidance and nourishment which the heart provides.
We invited you also to remember your most powerful feelings and treasure them after leaving our door.
His is the true representative of the prophets , the highest element and realization of love and intelligence.
The Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks has sold more than a quarter of a million copies and is one of the top 1000 best selling books at Amazon.
The repertoire was continuously broadened, and the first notations were made from the early twentieth century onwards. Many practitioners kept their tradition alive in private gatherings, and thirty years later, the Turkish government began to allow performances again, though only in public. It is a sign of his profound universality that he has been so many things to so many people.
Overcoming this enslavement and false separation leads to the realization and development of our true humanity. He teaches that every thing is within the human being and that the whole universe is under man's command.
This impressive practice is built on the foundations of aesthetic symbolism, from the details of dervish's dress to the fulfillment of the ceremony. If you take notice also of defect or fault, we also kindly ask your forgiveness, and you can be sure that we will work hard to fix it. The ritual of the Mevlevi sect, known as the sema, is a serious religious ritual performed by Muslim priests in a prayer trance to Allah. From the 1990s, restrictions were eased and private groups re-emerged who try to re-establish the original spiritual and intimate character of the Sema ceremony. They do nothing themselves but carry enlightenment to someone who can receive, someone who is either too full or too empty. Rumi believed passionately in the power of music, dance and poetry as a path for reaching Creator and since the eighth century, Rumi's teachings have been developed by his followers.
Even if it is seen as a form of religious ceremony, Sema is an art form justA likeA music and dance, and we believe these traditions need to be shared in order to survive. Sema today reflects this impact, echoing love and respect where you can see, peace is accessed through the arts. In this way we are part of the process of echoing the resounding love and respect born in the messages of Rumi. Despite the fact that each was a perfect mirror for the other Shams disappeared, not once but twice.
The second disappearance, however, proved to be final, and it is believed that he may have been murdered by people who resented his influence over MevlA?na.

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