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In conclusion, we just looked up the sum of all books that Timothy Garnish has written for the Thimpson Publishing House, as it is showing above. Note: We used the small box on the right lower corner of the cell to drag down the result that is showing on the picture above. I have a HDI(Human Development Index) database from my country where it includes every city. My question is, does anyone know if there is a quick way to add this info automatically instead of having to input it manually? For comparison purposes, the desired results from your question are below the formula table, highlighted in pale yellow.
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When using a named ranged in Excel (2013), how to display the entire range, but offset one cell?
Is there a more effective way to build the vocabulary of a fictional language than a word frequency list? Is there an adjective for "untruthful, especially when pretending to know more than one actually does"?
This Excel tutorial explains how to write a macro to perform a lookup where the reference value is stored somewhere in a string in Excel 2003 and older versions (with screenshots and step-by-step instructions).
In our spreadsheet, we've created a custom function called Partial_Lookup which accepts 3 parameters. While using this site, you agree to have read and accepted our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. By continuing to use this website, you agree to view these advertisements and not prevent their display.

This post provides an explanation of how to use the VLOOKUP and MATCH functions to give you better control over how the column index number changes.
This is usually due to the fact that we have specified the column number as a static number in the 3rd argument of the VLOOKUP argument. In that example we wanted to return the price for the size Grande, which was in column 3 of the menu.
In our spreadsheet example, we would need to insert a column after column A for the new size. I explain this simple definition below as we walk through an example of creating a VLOOKUP formula.
Here we specify if the function should look for an exact MATCH, or a value that is less than or greater than the lookup_value.
You are probably starting to see how this could help our original problem of the VLOOKUP returning the wrong result.
Since the MATCH returns a number, it is a perfect fit for the VLOOKUP’s col_index_num argument. You could also change either the item in cell A14 or the size in cell B14 to return different prices in cell C14.
I hope this post has helped you understand how the VLOOKUP and MATCH functions can work together to be a dynamic duo. In this second post I explained how to make lookup formulas more dynamic with the VLOOKUP & MATCH functions. My name is Jon and my goal is to help you learn Excel to save time with your job and advance in your career. I try to learn something new everyday, and want to share this knowledge with you to help you improve your skills.

I’m a seasoned Excel veteran, and I never bother to write comments on computer blogs. However I feel compelled today to write a word of thanks, for the brilliant solution and simple explanation of a perplexing issue. I have a situation where none of the three vlookup values are static and I was hoping to use the MATCH statement example above to sort this out. Previously I was a little confused but the way give example, it clear the doubt and I hope that you will teach Index and Match in the same way. Layout what you are looking for, in this case I am looking for Timothy Garnish (1), who is also TG (2). But in this tutorial article, we are going to use different functions in one single formula to find many items.
With a 1 or TRUE as the last parameter, Vlookup returns the value that is equal to or smaller than the lookup value.
You offer to the rest of us the means to exponentially increase the power of Excel to solve real-world problems. I can get around this by making the entire worksheet the range but would there be a way to use the match function to specify the range?

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