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Whether you have personalised number plates or a standard ones, the same rules apply for the size of the letters and the spaces between them. The number plate rules are ever-so-slightly different if your vehicle is older than 2001 or if you have a motorbike. No matter how much you want your number plate to spell out a certain word or look a certain way, messing around with the spacing on a number plate could land you in some hot water. We wrote recently about one number plate company that was prosecuted by the DVLA for selling illegal number plates, and being fined over half million pounds! We’d advise you not to mess around with the spacing on your personalised number plates!
Transport Minister Gavin Strang: 'We want new number plates to be readable and memorable'British car number plates are to be changed after 30 years of a system which has spawned one-upmanship and neighbourly rivalries. From next year the system which saw a new letter for each new year on number plates will be scrapped in favour of two annual changes.
Dawn of motoring: No need for platesCar sales and production schedules are annually thrown into chaos as buyers rush to dealers' forecourts ahead of the August 1 change to be the first with the new year-identifier letter on their vehicle. But from 1999 the plates will change in March and August, spreading car sales more evenly throughout the year.

Registration plates will also carry letters marking the area where the vehicle is from in an effort to help the police tackle theft. Ford's UK chief, Ian McAllister, also president of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, welcomed the move. He said "Customers will gain from a more rational system that takes the pressure out of buying a new car in August. Three letters particular to the car will be followed by two digits indicating its age - replacing the current letter system.
The final two letters on the plate will mark the location where the car was registered, so for example, a car bought in London in 1999 could have the registration ABC 01 LN. Now there's no need to all rush at onceLast August saw a record 525,000 new cars sold - about one quarter of entire sales in 1997. The August system began in 1967 when the car licensing authorities put a letter A after the numbers on the registration plate. Car buyers living in the same street have entered into an unspoken rivalry for years with neighbours seemingly trying to outdo each other. For many people there is no greater sign of affluence than acquiring an "F reg" model, leaving neighbours fuming behind their net curtains with only their passe "E reg" car from last year.

For most number plates spacing between the two groups should be 33mm whilst the spacing between each of the letters is 11mm. If you’re unsure, look at their Register of Number Plate Suppliers (RNPS) to check before you buy. If you’re stopped by the police, you could get a hefty ?60 on-the-spot fine – no questions asked!
You’ll find many number plate companies online who will let you play around with the spacing and make up the plates for you. The same punishment applies if you decide to keep the spacing the same but distort the letters to look like a number, and vice versa.

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