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The lettering upon your personalised number plate must be spaced and sized according to legal requirements. Holloway number plate maker, N7 can make number plates for most vehicles such as 4 x 4 number plates, Motorcycle number plates, Bentley Range Rover number plates, Ford and Ford Focus number plates, and of course the standard GB or standard number plates. Number Plate Holders are also available from Holloway number plate makers and can offer a highly presentable number plate for your car. The Number Plate Holders are available in a variety of colours from black to chrome to metallic red and more. Whilst the finished number plates will closely resemble the number plate above colours and image sizes may differ due to limitations in the display of images and colours on a monitor. Having your number plates made is quick, cheap, and easy with Holloway number plate makers or North London.

Holloway number plate makers can put on countries flags a€“ request this option when you enquire about your personalised number plate on 0844 257 0063.
Sticky pads, Screw kits, and Number Plate Holders all are available from Holloway number plate makers. Number plates can be drilled and then screws used to attach the personalised engraved number plate onto your car. Please be aware that all of our number plates are for legal use on the public highway and conform to the British Standard BSAU124d. The number plates are available with or without a GB sticker, and our staff make the number plate in under 30 minutes.
Sticky pads for Number Plates come in packs of 6 a€“ 3 number plate sticky pads for each plate.

It is your responsibility as the purchaser to display in accordance with the Road Vehicles Regulation Act 2001. It is important that your number plate is secure at all times and that they are placed correctly first time as they are very sticky!

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