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Chinese Birthday Traditions – When a Chinese child turns one year old, it is a very important event. The phoenix is one of four mythological creatures in Chinese culture, but perhaps the most well-known aside from the dragon. February 3rd kicks off the two week long Chinese New Year celebration – The Year of the Rabbit. Melissa shared lots of the details with us, “Being that my son Chase is ? Chinese, what better way to celebrate his first year than with delicious Chinese Dim Sum, tasty Chinese sweets and a themed cocktail party for our close family and friends.
Melissa says, “Catered Dim Sum was a delicious way to keep my adult guests intrigued. The parents might tell the baby’s fortune by placing the baby in the center of a group of objects (such as coins, a doll, a book, etc.) and they wait to see which object the baby picks up. The bloom often symbolizes love and femininity, so this is an ideal decoration for a wedding or woman’s birthday cake.
Kelly Lyden of The Party Dress & WH Hostess submitted this vibrant and fun Chinese New Year 1st Birthday Party! Unfortunately, I am not the best planner and with the hustle and bustle of the holidays consuming me, I gave the amazing Kelly of WH Hostess a mere two weeks to execute and assemble my vision for a modern, bamboo themed first birthday party that would involve red rabbits!

The kids were kept happy munching on potstickers and best of all, it’s a low maintenance meal that I could simply steam and serve.  Clean up was a breeze since guest enjoyed eating their finger foods with chopsticks out of Chinese take out boxes.
I went with authentic Chinese goodies and candies such as Moon Cakes, Sesame Balls, Wintermelon Cakes, Lychee Candy, Haw Flakes, Candied Water Chestnuts and more!
The big kids watched “Mulan” and “Kung-fu Panda” while making Chinese paper lantern crafts.
Melissa pulled together lots of her favorite treats for her son’s 1st Birthday, fortune cookies happened to be 1 of them. Some examples include the dragon-pattern cake, phoenix-pattern cake, cherry blossoms theme, as well as the red-themed cake.
These two colors are often paired together within the Chinese culture because of the positive effects they are said to bring. It also has appeared throughout history in many different colors, so you have a little creative licensing available here. A cherry blossom can be drawn in the length of a cake, much like the dragon, and dangle off the side. Kelly and I spent some time together at the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers Event in NYC last month, and I am even more inspired by her!

She was a trooper and of course exceeded my expectations by custom creating a yellow bamboo pattern we could carry throughout the party and her paper goods.
Of course, I could not forget to include the popular Magnolia cupcakes and their famous banana pudding.  The birthday cake was red velvet and adorned with red and yellow fondant shaped fortune cookies. It was great fun to do something a little different and special to us for my son’s 1st birthday.
The phoenix is a symbol for justice and graciousness, so keep that in mind when placing it on a cake. You can add in traditional or modern touches such as Asian symbols for good luck and fortune or a Chinese takeout box. They’re very versatile as a decoration because they can be as long and wide as you want them.

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