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Respected Australian astrologer Jessica Adams charts your 2012 Chinascope – the Chinese Astrology Horoscope.
Success continues in 2012 if you focus hard on what happens three days before, and three days after, important choices. PERSONALITY A strong appreciation of history with a fondness for one era or age in particular. As the year opens you are walking rather than driving, as you prefer the simple life – or have car or public transport issues! PERSONALITY The tiny details matter to you and this is reflected in your wardrobe and personal style.
As the  year starts, karma must be balanced as you, he or she (or they) are guilty and justice must be restored! PERSONALITY A male Peter Pan or a female Peta Pan – the monkey hates the thought of looking or acting old!
There’s a judgement call on at the moment – if you’ve done everything right, expect success.
PERSONALITY Adores animals and can be potty about horses, cats, dogs (of course) or wild creatures.

You will gain hugely by crossing ‘the great stream’ which may be the Bass Straight or the Yarra River! PERSONALITY Pigs are private people who always know where the exit is so they can secretly slip away or sneak in! PERSONALITY Rats have distinctive voices and are instantly recognisable speakers or singers. There will be great progress and success in 2012 if you are prepared to be firm with people, and do things by the book. Hong Kong’s maternity hospitals may come under pressure next year because it is the year of the dragon in the 12-year Chinese zodiac, according to Bill Chan, spokesman for the Neonatal Service Concern Group in Hong Kong. Five percent more babies are born in a Dragon year as the symbol of China’s emperors is considered to impart power and wealth. Its scary how true to me the year of the dog is I wish It could tell me to stay or move again.
This year you have reached a point of abundance, and the I Ching tells you that when you have enough, no more is required. Does well when travelling, exporting or emigrating and can be adopted by another country and its locals very easily.

As long as you are strict with yourself and assertive with others, this will be a very fortunate year. The other person may be a sister, husband, male business partner or power-behind-the-throne. If they marry, their partner will put them through fated milestones as a result of their love. She is a graduate from the University of Tasmania with a degree in Ancient Civilisations, Religious Studies and Philosophy. They have strong beliefs about money and are either super-capitalists or charity achievers. Mixed feelings about one’s home country or home town – happiness often lies  by moving away. I’d suggest go with the majority analysis, what feels right and then make your stand.

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