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The Dog rules the last solar month of autumn in the Chinese calendar and Dog month starts on 8th October in this Horse year.
This year Chong Yang festival falls on October 2nd, which is still the solar Rooster month. The 2017 Chinese horoscope for the rabbit animal sign predicts that this year 2017 might make you struggle a bit. People born in the year of Rabbit are good at solving complex problems and in arriving at good solutions. Rabbit career horoscope for 2017 predicts that work and career might be affected this year. When the Horse and the Dog come together, in this case Horse year meeting Dog month, these two creatures form a hot and bright duo that strengthens the fire element. The Chinese calendar is a luni-solar calendar which takes into account both the cycles of the moon and the sun. There might be no extra income for the Rabbit animal sign but your earnings will take care of your expenses if you spend prudently. The 2017 Chinese astrology health predictions show that people of the rabbit sign need to make more effort and spend more time consciously towards leading a better quality of life.

Since it is a Wood Horse meeting a Wood Dog, with wood feeding the fire it will warm things up this month.
You can feel a sort of crispness in the air when you open the door and step out in the morning.
Some festivals are according to the moon and others are according to the sun. Chong Yang festival, unlike Mid-autumn Festival last month, is not officially a public holiday in China. Will your monthly horoscope confirm something or give you an insight into looking at a relationship from another angle?
They are extremely clever in business dealings and never back out after signing a contract. Maybe the fiery Horse and Dog duo will take the edge off the chilliness this month. In Chinese culture, the chrysanthemum is the flower of autumn. However, since China’s National Day on October 1st is the day before Chong Yang festival this year, many people in China will be able to celebrate Chong Yang festival and National Day back to back. Read on to find out.  To find your Chinese Animal zodiac sign, look for your year of birth in the table below, then trace back along the row to the left hand column with the animal sign.
Traditionally, Chong Yang is a time to climb mountains, eat Chong Yang cake and tend to ancestors graves.

If you were born between 1st January and 4th February, look up the previous calendar year, since the Chinese Solar year usually starts on the 4th February. This is a year for planning for the future in all aspects of your life, be it love, career, health or wealth.
Chong Yang, meaning double yang is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, double nines. Nine, along with all the odd numbers, is a yang number, whereas the even numbers are considered to be yin. Sometimes, some people are in your life for a season, others are in your life for a reason and there are those who are with you for a lifetime.

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