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Welcome t? the 2016 ?ear of the Red Fire M?nkey predictions for ?he 12 Chinese z?diac signs.2016 ?s the Chinese ?ear of the M?nkey. The Chinese New Year of the Rooster 2017 will start on January 28, 2017 – the second New Moon after the Solstice. Please choose your sign (from the left side of this page) and click to read the chinese horoscope 2017 for your sign. Amazing Year for: Rooster, Ox, Snake- Rooster gets along best with an Ox, a Snake and his own kind, for they are all dutiful and dedicated fighters who strive to scale great heights and conquer by their constancy and unfailing determination.
Roosters, Chinese astrology describes you as resilient, brave, loyal, a hard worker, astute, a fashionable dresser, charming and witty. The Rooster animal from the Chinese astrology is said to correspond with the western sign of Virgo. Roosters are alert to opportunities, and often can see far into the distant horizon for chances to show their leadership abilities. Rooster natives enjoy display, and are often the life of the party in both appearance and behavior.
Consider a Rooster in a barnyard, protecting his hens and strutting his stuff- feathers puffed up, head high and extremely proud of his flock.
Roosters are brave and chivalrous and, when faced with stress, opposition and adversity, will go far beyond what is required to win the battle. The rooster is the first creature to awake in the morning and wakes up the others with crowing.
The optimism of the Rooster year overlaps the Year of the Rooster, but the Rooster tends to be overconfident and is prone to come up with nonsensical plans.
The Chinese zodiac 2017 forecasts that it may require a great deal of effort this year to resist going off on wild goose chases.
The Rooster likes to flaunt his authority and a lot of trouble can come from his domineering attitude. In the year of the Rooster 2017, we will hear more cutting criticisms of those in the public life and feathers might well fly as prides are dented, nevertheless all will benefit from the rude awakening.
Chinese astrologers predict that this unfolding Rooster Year will be all about family and the domestic life, as well as fertility (plenty new children on the way this year). In the year of the Rooster 2017, it is timely to go on a liver cleanse, persevere against the odds, dress like a dandy.
Politically, The Year of the Rooster 2017 it is a year when most nations will adhere to hard-line policies. Most nations will be most concerned with protecting the homeland and, unfortunately, it will be a year when most leaders and countrymen will take offense over the smallest thing. The United States of America was born under the sign Cancer and during the Year of the Monkey, making this a more moderate and stable time to pursue what it has set out to do. Canada, also being born under the sign Cancer but during the Year of the Rabbit, is heading into a difficult time as the economy tightens and funds dwindle. Iraq was born under the sign Cancer, during the year of the Dog, making this a rather mixed year. 1957 (Fire Rooster): Worldwide Influenza pandemic, the worst in 39 years, claims an estimated one million lives. 1969 (Earth Rooster) 30 homes destroyed and thousands evacuated in Mississippi when 26 rail tank cars carrying butane explode. July 20, 1969: American astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to walk on the moon. Seabiscuit, Sarazen, Secretariat, Citation, Kelso, Coaltown, Noor, Susans Girl, Bewitch, Skip Away.
Crystals: Amethyst (for dreams, imagination psychic awareness and insights) and topaz (for inspiration). The Ox is honest, straight-forward and kind-hearted and is often described as down to earth. After a disappointing year, The Year of the Sheep, the Ox will see great improvement in the coming year of the Monkey with the backing from people around him. The Year of the Monkey 2016A heralds a sense of ehnancement and optimism that will soar in 2017 (a Rooster year). To take advantage of these times the Ox needs to stay flexible and abreast of what’s going on, and accept any offers which come his way.
Monkeys and Oxen get along splendidly within friendships and financial partnerships, as well as within romantic relationships. For the attached Ox, an unwelcome third party might cause friction to the beautiful harmony both you and your partner have painstakingly achieved through the years. Dear Ox, as a sign that is smart with money and financially inventive, you will experience a year 2016 full of amazing financial progress. As a solid provider and a stable thinker, your diligence pays off this year of the Monkey 2016. According to some Asian legends, Chinese horoscope signs came into existence because of the boredom of the Jade King whose realm was in the heavenly clouds. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Sheep (sometimes called Ram or Goat) is associated with female.
For Chinese horoscope signs of gallantry you want the Rooster.Straight shooting and with no problems telling what's on his mind, honesty is one of the strong points of the Rooster. Find Your Real Horoscope Online May 07, 16 06:50 PMHoroscopic astrology is a kind of astrology that gives sense and logic to occasions that take place. Psychic Mentors May 07, 16 02:34 AMSpiritual coaching to build a very successful and fulfilling psychic reading career with your own psychic mentors. Psychic Powers May 07, 16 02:06 AMI have found that with a little guidance, just about everyone can engage their psychic powers.

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I don’t know about you, but this Chinese astrologer is exhausted from the shenanigans of this past Monkey year!
Complex, creative and artistic, you are drawn to religious and spiritual studies, especially regarding healing.
And as leaders Roosters can be self-less in that they will never ask more from others than they themselves are willing to give. While being aware of your own ability is one thing, constantly parading your achievements in front of others can become irritating. They relish celebrations of all sorts, and frequently act as hosts since their success in business brings them a measure of prosperity.
Similarly, they prefer the later months of the year, when the Sun sets early and the grain has been harvested.
A Don Quixote who is tempted by the spirit of adventure, he can bring a few wild goose chases that don’t quite work out. The stubborn Rooster will be a dauntless hero who will not back down and who will certainly be unreasonable if he doesn’t get his way.
That is why 2017 promises to be a lucky one for joint ventures, notes theA chinese predictions for 2016. But since he also symbolizes the good administrator and conscientious overseer of justice in the barnyard, the peace wil still be kept. The year of the Rooster 2017 heralds happiness, color and drama, but this has to be balanced with good old fashioned common sense and tried and tested values. ThereA’s a Chinese saying, A“If you take a step back, you will find the sea and the sky is boundless.A” Remember, good values never go out of style, no matter how hard it may seem to apply them. Despite a fuss and a flap we can expect the prudence to be the key in economic matters for the Rooster is a good money manager. In the Year of the Rooster 2017 invest in some really nice wardrobe items to make the best impression and be very well groomed in public.
Yet money matters do well in a Rooster year- Rooster knows how to create a budget and make everyone stick to it. Governments around the world will puff up like the Rooster, flexing muscles and making threats but probably not following through unless faced with no other solution.
Explosives, combustibles and even atomic energy sources should be under increased security. Incorporating these into your environment is an integral part of using Feng Shui effectively, to enhance wealth and happiness.
A more detailed investigation of a Ox persona€™s personalised horoscope would obviously reveal more. He will be in friendly territory, sought after by important people and his accomplishments will be recognized.
Because Monkey years can be filled with dramas and upsets and emotional outpourings, the Ox may experience some exasperation.
While there may be moments of calamity and misadventure ahead when his methods may not be appreciated, if diligent Ox stays true to his values and convictions when faced with adversity, he will be rewarded. Although you often try to hide your intense passion behind a pretence of casualness and your financial success, your magnetism still delivers sensuality. Seductive, smart and sly, Snakes make super companions for Oxen, who enjoy adventure and drive within a mate. Stick with the signs that compliment your nature to enjoy a year full of passion, adventure, and love.
In the astrological charts used by the ancient Chinese animals became the designated signs for certain years. The Rooster's clever mind will sometimes show itself with its dry sense of humor.Efficient and highly organized compels others to keep up. While Rooster employers can be hard task-masters, they always have the well being of their employees at heart – even if their only goal is advancement of their personal business interests! But irritation rarely stops (or slows down) a Rooster – they are only interested in getting on with things! The Year of the Rooster will be a year that the most vital promise made will result in a flawless job no matter what it takes to achieve it.
The chinese astrology suggests signing as many business contracts as possible and form new partnerships in the upcoming year. Their forthright nature will not make Roosters the best diplomats, however, you can count on their thorough approach and attention to detail to get the job done. Everything will be precariously balanced in the Rooster’s year, as his dramatic personality can set off all kinds of petty disputes. He who dares will have plenty to crow about in the end, with the pockets none too light at that – a perfect challenge for the rooster in all of us. Medical advances are likely, old drugs and medicines will be rejected in favor of improved alternatives. Good tidings at home or on his job await him and he will climb the ladder of success with help from the right people as new ventures and partnerships can be formed under the auspices of the clever Monkey. Sift through the men or women in your love life, pick out the truly cherished one and pursue him or her relentlessly!
Avoid too-close contact with the opposite sex and caution your partner to do the same as well for 2016. This couple experiences fame and good fortune together, as long as you avoid smothering the Snake, and the Snake settles down and trusts your guidance.
Keep your head and the trickle of good luck might just turn to wonderful waterfall dimensions.

Lucky tides aside, the astute Ox may want to look out for backstabbers, liars and cheaters to ensure better Career luck. Insomnia or vivid dreams might also plague you, so do invest in taking time off to relax your strained muscles and brain as well! A true maverick.In Chinese astrology, the Horse is the one sign associated with masculinity. Often the centre of attention, the Rooster loves the spotlight and the spotlight loves the Rooster. A natural spokesperson, the Dog stands up for those who can't stand up for themselves.Everywhere the Dog goes, he is respected by friends, family and within the community. Yet so many acts of kindness, the Pigs are very fortunate in life, as successes seem to fall right into their laps.Passionate is the best word to describe Miss Piggy.
Following 12 months of the wit and hyperactive Monkey, the New Year of the Fire Rooster is going shake, rattle and roll!
In case you are still single, this will be the best time to find the love of your life and form a family of your own, writes Valery Ledovsky. We associate the qualities of sharpness and precision with the qi (energy) of the rooster, as its essence is the metal element. Conflicts may come up but will dissipate if we put ourselves in each otherA’s shoes, otherwise, the administrator can turn dictator, which may not go over very well in the barnyard.
Herbs, vitamins and yoga practices, consumption of health foods as well as the rejection of smoking and alcohol abuse continues to be a preference for more and more people. Don’t reach for the sky, come down to earth and dig up gold from your back yard, advise you the Chinese horoscope 2017. A beautiful pair of Mandarin Ducks in Rose Quartz crystal can keep you both together and pour in the love luck as well. You simply want so much for yourself, and for those you care about, that nothing can stop you once you lock your mind onto victory. The Ox is truly blessed in career come 2016, but it pays to practice extra caution just the same.
Anyone looking to compete against the Tiger has their work cut out for them.But there is a softer side of the Tiger. Thus the Rooster conveys the impression of leadership, of high attainment (especially in the arts and sciences), of exalted character and enlightened insight. In a Rooster 2017 year, we will hear more cutting criticisms of those in the public life and feathers might well fly as prides are dented, nevertheless all will benefit from the rude awakening. New partnerships will aid the nation, and although it will be a very chaotic year, the end result will bring good things.
Despite being respectable and conventional Oxen are very independent and not easily swayed by the opinions of others. The responsible Ox person will find many opportunities in the lucky and prosperous year of the Monkey. You enjoy a partner who has creative ideas, wit, and one who can help financially, and yet can still hold a down-to-earth attitude. If you know a Rat person, then you know that they are pretty active both mentally and physically.Rat people tend to keep their true feelings to themselves. Rabbits are sensitive people with a gentle heart.That sensitivity can be shown in other areas of the Rabbit's life.
Good luck to you in trying to figure out the snake - they guard their privacy vigorously.With that said, the Snake is a very likable person, who can dazzle and charm anyone. These people are considered the artists of the zodiac, as they are the most creative of all Chinese horoscope signs.Sheep seek peaceful and charming environments.
Another difference is that the Lunar calender goes by the moon and the Gregorian calender goes by the sun. Despite a fuss and a flap we can expect to prudence to be the key in economic matters for the Rooster is a good money manager.
They dona€™t take advice very well and can be intolerant and scathing towards people they disagree with. Simply focus on the end result of your goals, and understand that a positive social life is required for you to achieve them. Not all the dreams that a Dragon has will go to fruition, but that doesn't stop the Dragon from dreaming them. Horses love the great outdoors and sports.Because the Horse is hard to capture, people are drawn to this energetic beast. They also very perceptive and pick up on cues that many others miss.Confident and competitive, the Monkey easily moves up the ladder of success. Among the virtues assigned to this sign you will also find high skills in management and sedate deportment. Pick your battles within relationships with another Ox, though, as you two may butt heads often. So while one side them likes to go out and have a social life, the other part desires quiet times with friends. Not known for being party animals, Ox people get their most satisfaction from being with friends and surrounded by family.

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