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Choosing the type of car might be a piece of cake to most people but when coming to decide on the color of a car can be a headache.
Based on personal feng shui, each person has a feng shui number that is based on gender and date of birth. TAP THE FULL POTENTIAL OF  HEAD NUMEROLOGIST PRO & UNLEASH NUMEROLOGY POWERORDER RIGHT NOW!
Mostly, most people simply go with their favorite color, while others will putting their logical thinking hat, brooding over selection of color choices by considering the various practical factors like the climate, dirt visibility, color that is easy to maintain.

This number is being known as a “kua” number and it can be associated with a color. By choosing the correct color, the driver will experience better luck because the color is harmonized with that individual. But what if you still cannot make up your decision, then you can try using feng shui color. Yes, you heard it right, Feng Shui – the same Chinese method that is used for improving homes and offices. It can also be used for selecting car colors according to an individual’s own personal feng shui.

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