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February 10, 2013 marks the Chinese New Year, kicking off the Year of the Black Water Snake in Chinese Astrology. 2014 Chinese Snake horoscope predicts that travel during the middle of the year for business purposes.
Year 2014 is quite favorable for romancing with positive changes for both singles and married Snake people.
Changes in long term relationships are probable and they may opt for new mates.Married couples, particularly newly married ones, can hope for new arrivals during 2014. Year 2014 will be highly enjoyable as far as health is concerned provided you devote enough attention to maintain your fitness with proper diet and exercise. Monetary situation for the Snake requires careful planning and wise investment of surplus money, forecasts the Chinese astrology for 2014. Your Chinese Zodiac Sign and element is calculated accurately by using the Chinese Lunisolar Calendar.
Discover what kind of personality the zodiac sign of the dragon is considered to have when it is combined with the element of fire to become the Chinese fire dragon.When it comes to the Chinese zodiac the famous Yin Yang symbol is broken up into five different elements. The element of fire has its own associations whether it is linked with the dragon or any other zodiac sign.
The Chinese dragon known as Long in local lingo is the only mythical character in the zodiac calendar. Although the dragon is considered as a symbol of might and glory, people born under the sign of the fire dragon are believed to have a great humanitarian spirit. This accusation is more so labeled at the fire dragon that has a hot temper which can easily flare if the dragon is provoked.
By tuning into your intuition, you can detect changes that can't be perceived with the naked eye. Whether you're hiring a contractor or dating someone new, be sure to do a background check. You should be quite helpful to your colleagues at your work place because of your rich skills and understanding of the situations.

Unmarried Snake people can expect to find their future love partners this year, foretells the love predictions for the Snake zodiac sign.
Please explore the site and read all about your predictions.Happy Year of the Fire Monkey!!! As it is dragons are considered to be the mightiest of all the zodiac signs but the fire dragon’s personality takes dynamism to a whole new level.
As it is dragons are known to be brave and self confident hence you will not find the fire dragon backing away from any challenge that comes its way. Yet while there may not be many outward manifestations of change, there will be plenty of activity beneath the surface.
They make great leaders capable of great good or great evil, but the three have different approaches to reach their goals.2. You may be under pressure to complete your projects quickly in order to take up new ventures in the Year of the Horse.
But be optimistic in spite of adverse situations and do not be depressed by the turn of events. If you feel that you are becoming older, accept it with grace and do not fight with nature.
Overall, money matters will be under control and any fears about it are unnecessary and unwise.
These are then associated with the twelve zodiac signs to modify the characteristics that each of the animal signs is believed to have.
Spring and April are the principle months and season of the dragon whereas wood is its fixed element.
The fire dragon has the enterprising traits that are characteristic of the dragon but it seems to be far more enhanced when the dragon is coupled with this hot element. This is perhaps one of the reasons it is often considered to be a very restless creature which is always looking for some sort of activity to engage in. The second trine of the Chinese horoscope love compatibility consists of the Ox, Snake, and Rooster - high moral standards team mates with great stamina that approach life through meticulous planning.3.

This means that each animal has five variations to its personality which makes the total number of personalities in the Chinese zodiac a staggering sixty. In terms of the human body it seeks to symbolize the heart as well as the circulatory system. Although they are strong they are some times accused of having a narrow vision and a one track mind.
With all these characteristics the fire dragon surely seems like one of the most dynamic personalities drawn up by Chinese astrologists. The humanitarian trine is formed by the freedom-fighters Tiger, Horse, and Dog - all three idealistic and impulsive in search for a worthy cause (or a true lover). The element of fire most strongly governs the horse whereas it is at its weakest in the goat. Gifted orators, independent and aggressive towards any injustice, their highest priority is the quality of their personal relationships.
The fourth trine consists of the Rabbit, Goat and Pig - peaceful, refined artists and sensitive lovers enjoying a prolonged foreplay. Although the Chinese zodiac compatibility predicts your best matches, it is not totally infallible.In fact, many couples enjoy happy, lasting relationships in seeming contradiction to the zodiac.
Because people who love each other constantly look for the best qualities in their partner.If your current girlfriend or spouse was born under a sign deemed incompatible with yours by the Chinese zodiac, don't end the relationship based on that!
Remember, compatibility based on the zodiac signs is meant to guide you, not dictate your choices.But if you are single and looking for a life partner, use the ancient wisdom of Chinese horoscope love compatibility to discover your best match for a rewarding relationship.

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