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Chinese dragon in a dragon-danceCredit: Wikimedia CommonsThe Chinese lunar calendar dates back to the second millennium BCE. How does the Chinese calendar work?What are the 12 animals of the zodiac and how were they chosen? Lions, Dragons, and Nian: Animals of the Chinese New YearCreated September 28, 2010In this lesson, the students study the differences between eastern and western dragons and discover why the eastern dragons are associated with the Chinese New Year. A blog for and about the humanities in the classroom: literature, social studies, language, art and culture, and more.Take Me There!
The Chinese Lunar calendar follows a 12 year cycle and each of the 12 years is represented by 12 Animals which form the Chinese Zodiac.
Given below is a list of all the years starting from the year 1900 to 2100 sorted according to the Chinese Animal they represent. Chinese New year date in English calendar format and English new year date in Chinese Year Format. Chinese Birth Chart - Ancient Chinese Gender Calendar to determine the gender of an unborn child.
What Chinese Zodiac sign will your newborn be and what Chinese Zodiac sign are you and your family? According to an ancient legend, people were once tormented by a beast called a Nian – a ferocious creature with an extremely large mouth, capable of swallowing several people in a single bite.
Characteristics: Philosophical, organized, intelligent, intuitive, elegant, attentive, decisive.
Characteristics: Adaptable, loyal, courageous, ambitious, intelligent, adventurous, strong. Characteristics: Quick-witted, charming, lucky, adaptable, bright, versatile, lively, smart. In Chinese Calendar, Chinese New Year is just same as the New Year we celebrate on 1st January. Fixed Element: Water (emotion, intuition), Wood (strength, flexibility, co-operation), Fire (Energy, Assertiveness, Passion), and Metal (firmness, rigidity, determination).
If you want to obtain a great deal from this post then you have to apply these techniques to your won webpage. Unlike our calendar, which numbers the years progressively from a given time (the birth of Christ), the Chinese calendar is cyclical. Many of the chinese festivals and Government Holidays are determined based on the Chinese Calendar. The twelve animals are Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig and are determined by people’s birth year. The difference is our calendar goes by months with specific number of days (30, 31), but Chinese Calendar goes by moon phases. How are the animals used as symbols?What is your animal sign, and what traits does it represent?

The animals in the Chinese Zodiac or the animals which constitute the Chinese calendar are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. People born in the Year of the Horse are said to have personalities that are fun and kind.  Click on the calendar below to find your Zodiac animal!
In reality, New Years festivities probably evolved from a desire to celebrate the end of winter and the fertility and rebirth that come with the spring, much like the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. The Chinese associate each year of a 12-year cycle with an animal, and they refer to the years as "the year of the dragon," "the year of the ox," and so forth. Using the information gathered for the chart, have them make a large poster, with a drawing of the animal, recent years associated with it, and adjectives that describe it.2. Today, New Years is about family reunions and wishing everyone good fortune in the coming year.
The 12 animals and the years associated with them are often represented on a circular chart, and for this reason they are known as animals of the zodiac.
Then access and become familiar with the EDSITEment-reviewed websites referred to the Lesson Activities. These animal signs are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. These celebrations start from the Chinese New Year Eve (last day of last month of Chinese Year) and end on the day of Lantern Festival (15th day of first month of new year). Astrology can be defined as a pseudo-science linking human destinies to charts associated with heavenly bodies or the recording of time. Animals as SymbolsExplain to the students that they will be learning about how animals can be used as symbols. These Chinese New Year Animals or Chinese Zodiac Signs are associated with other elements (earthly elements). The Chinese believed the characteristics of a given zodiac animal influenced the personality of every person born in that year.
Show them the pictures of the animals, birds, and insects you have collected from books or magazines. They used this information to create horoscopes, daily predictions based upon the year of one's birth.
Although the reading of horoscopes is popular in modern Chinese culture, few people take the predictions seriously.
During this lesson plan, the online materials should, if possible, be presented to the students by means of computer-projected images on a large screen. For example, a bear might seem very powerful, a puppy playful, a deer graceful, and so forth.
They can also be presented at individual computer stations or to small groups sharing computers. Mention a few common similes, such as "busy as a bee," "wise as an owl," and "sly as a fox." Ask the students to think of other animals that seem closely connected with descriptive phrases.

Write the names of the animals you have discussed so far on the board, followed by the adjectives linked with them. In the second lesson, they will hear one of several versions of how the 12 animals were chosen.
They will then focus upon a few of the animals in the story and see how they can be used as symbols of certain human characteristics. In the third lesson, they will be introduced to the other animals of the zodiac, and they will be given a chart on which they will assign traits to each animal. Then they will consult a number of websites to find the traits traditionally associated with the animals, which they will add to their list. Then, they will come up with a number of ways to compare and contrast the animals in the list. In the third lesson, they will focus upon the animal associated with the year of their birth, learning about its traits and discussing whether or not these apply to themselves and their peers. Finally, each student will make an acrostic, combining the letters of his or her first name with adjectives that relate to his or her zodiac sign.
As you hold up each one, call upon individual students to name a trait often associated with it.Activity 2.
Have the student cut out the picture of that animal and paste it on the top of a strip of oak tag.
The 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac and How They Were ChosenTell the students that animals are used as symbols in the Chinese calendar. Then, referring to the story, ask what words (adjectives) could be used to describe each of these three animals. When this task is done, call upon different students to read aloud the information about each zodiac animal as it has been defined by the class. Now have the students compare and contrast the characteristics of the animals on the list.
For example, ask them which animals seem the most athletic, which seem more thoughtful or imaginative. When you finish this activity, tell the students to keep their charts in a safe place for the next activity.Activity 4. Then tell the students that they will learn more about the animal linked with the year of their birth. There will most likely be two animals represented in the class, given the span of birth dates.

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