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The destructive hurricanes that spawn from the warm currents of the sea are fed by the sun's energy.
Traditionally, the Chinese used a repeating cycle of twelve animal signs for naming the years.
Aquarius: People born under the sign of Aquarius have outstanding intelligent and a good sense of humor. According to some Feng Shui practitioners, each Chinese zodiac has their own auspicious and unlucky color for each year, so let’s see what is your lucky color for the coming lunar year! With reference to this auspicious color chart for year 2016, you can now start to shop for the new year clothes and accessories and wear them on the first day of the Chinese New Year to attract wealth and prosperity. We offer delivery via Registered International air parcel which takes up to 10-14 working days to receive your goods.
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Although they may be seen as short-tempered individuals, they are often clever and confident. In China, there are twelve zodiac animals-rat,ox,tiger,rabbit,dragon,snake,horse,goat,monkey,chicken,dog and pig. They may appear indifferent and less emotional, but it is because they are distracted by their thoughts.

Their overcritical nature can become a cause of their troubles but otherwise they are intelligent and good decision-makers.
Their moods and whims can be bothersome but on the whole, they are intelligent people with a good sense of humor. If they overcome these weaknesses, they can achieve success in life, because they are self-assured and clear-thinking. Sometimes Gemini who are strongly influenced by their sign have difficulty making decisions, but they can form opinions quickly and sometimes look superficially at life. If they can control these tendencies, a Taurus can make a good company and an excellent friend. They are subject to varying moods, and their overly emotional nature needs to be controlled.

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