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It’s a new moon this week which makes it a perfect week for getting our priorities straight and setting some goals, etc. Veronica is my evil twin sister who spends her days flirting with 20-year-old boys, suntanning topless on public beaches and saying NO to charities….she needs that money for martinis! Well, for starters I don’t participate in things that are stupid (like dodgeball) and I certainly don’t participate in things just because generic rule followers request it of me. For example, do you participate in donating to the charity of the week when you’re going through the checkout at Costco? Participation is wonderful when it brings people together and diabolical when it forces you to just go through the motions for fear of being ostracized ! Veronica Noir is one of the world’s greatest Tarot readers…and she is also my evil twinsies! I was in a real cat mood today, so this is the deck I chose…The Tarot of the Pagan Cats! Media – TV, radio, movies, ads and other stupid shit – all dictate what you should be focusing your attention on. The most rebellious thing you can do this weekend is switch off the media dictators in your life. So don’t just spend your Saturday vegging out on the couch watching shows on Netflix again, okay? For some reason I didn’t realize my camera was about to time out (it automatically stops filming after 10 minutes) so I kind of got cut off at the end. Dance freely in your living room to Tom Jones, skip like a lunatic through your neighborhood streets and roll around in dandelion patches.
Add a whole different dimension to your Tarot readings with these fun, romantic and illuminating Tarot Spreads!

Did you know that love and relationships are the number one topic that people ask about during a Tarot reading?  This is why I decided to create my collection of sizzling hot Tarot Card Spreads.
This funky, handmade Tarot Card Spreads e-book contains 22 of my favorite Tarot layouts for dealing with Romantic concerns. Think of this e-book as part of your magical Tarot toolkit, something you can whip out whenever you need a little guidance in matters of the heart. The 22 unique, fun and pretty Tarot Card Spreads (including the ones pictured below) were hand-made with love! It is my desire that this e-book brings laughter, guidance and joy to your Tarot reading practice. You may be feeling extra social today and others will be drawn to your natural enthusiasm and upbeat attitude. The other message I got with this card was that it is really important to foster emotional connections with others today.
This entry was posted in August 2012 and tagged free daily tarot, new palladini tarot, tarot card meanings, tarot cards, tarot reading. She is single, diabolical and on fire – travelling the world reading Tarot, seducing young men and running naked on the beach! So bad in fact that she totally dropped the ball and forgot to write today’s blog post!
She loves to write smut, travel the world and indulge in topless suntanning in inappropriate places. As bumblebees dive bombed my head and creepy spiders skittered around my feet, I kept my composure throughout this reading. She thinks cats are better than kids, wine is better than water and naps are better than…well, everything!

My Tarot Spreads range from helpful and serious to light and fun…and maybe even a little raunchy!
My Tarot Card Spreads for Love, Sex and Romance have been designed to help you get juicy information about your love life and answer your specific romance questions. Take stock of everything in your life that you enjoy and that brings you happiness, as this will put you in an even better mood. Since the Ace of Cups is a card of beginnings, as all Aces are, this suggests that you will have an easy time forming new friendships today and going into the weekend. Be heart centered in your communications with those around you and don’t be afraid to show your emotions, particularly when expressing gratitude and appreciation for someone in your life. Or is it because you’re worried that if you don’t, all those hot dog munchers behind you will think you’re a heartless bitch? Today she is taking a moment out of her hectic schedule of massages, lunches and napping to write you this reading…. Whether you are happily single, looking for love, in a relationship or going through a break-up, there is a Tarot Spread just for you.
Abundance, good feelings and joy will be in large supply for you today as you enjoy good times with friends and family.
Spring is a time for listening to the birds who have very special songs just for you if you’d put down your shitty iphone for five seconds and listen.

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