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This prototype was said to go through 5 design changes before the confirmation of this current piece. Here used a bridge rectifier made by four  1N4007 or 1N4003 diode to convert AC to DC . The digital meter on the face shows the total amperage that connected equipment is drawing and it has 2 standard outputs compared to the single output that is normally seen in the market. The filtering capacitor 1000uF,25V is used to reduce the ripple and  get a smooth DC voltage.

ABS material was chosen for the casing over anodized aluminium due to the scratch resistance nature. For good performance input  voltage should be greater than 12Volt in pin-1 of IC LM7812.
The LM78XX series IC is  positive voltage regulator IC for different voltage requirements, for example LM7805 IC is made for 5 volt fixed output voltage . The?power?and?output?transformers,?used?in this?amplifier,?tape recorder?on "Astra?4."Power Supply for 1500 Watt Audio Power AmplifierThis Power supply?circuit?is?paired?with High Power audio amplifier 1500 watts.

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