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I tried to be impartial and neutral while reading these cards, but the very positional meaning of the Attitudes and Thoughts position is “Your attitude and thoughts in regard to the spread’s topic. Finally, the Lesson position is the 10 of Wands which reveals the “lesson, gift, or karmic teaching you’re meant to receive from the situation.” The LWB keywords for the 10 of Wands is “overworked, need sleep” but it is so much more than that.
Decks I used are the Tarot of the Sidhe, the Mini Art Nouveau deck, and Tarot of the Boroughs.
If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends using the handy-dandy buttons below. Dowsing, also called divining or water witching, is a generic term for practices which proponents claim empower them to find water, metals, gem stones and hidden objects, usually by fluctuations of some apparatus (typically a Y-shaped twig, rod, rods, or pendulum) over a piece of land or a map. 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. I also have a how to draw and paint fairlyland book by Linda Ravenscroft – just love looking at her artwork.
A number of years ago (2012), I did Oscar predictions, but that time I did it without tarot. Here’s why: Dancer 9 correlates with the 9 of Cups in the standard RWS deck, the card of wishes coming true and goals becoming manifest (a little Star card).
Here’s why: The best actress race is MUCH closer than actor, with Leo being a foregone conclusion at this point.
Here’s why: This pick surprises me, because before pulling the cards I wasn’t initially thinking that Kate Winslet was a front runner (nor is she), but the two strongest cards I pulled was for her and Rachel McAdams (Warrior 6).
Here’s why: All the other cards are either daunting or supremely negative for a Yes to Oscar gold, except for what came up for Mark, the 2 of Cups.
So I took a few cards from the Deck of a Thousand Spreads (I shuffled and used which ones came up, such as Disappointment, which I felt very fitting for this issue), and threw some cards from the Tarot of the Boroughs, the most no-nonsense, give it to me straight deck I have.
The 10 of Wands is a card of burdens and SHARING that burden so that it doesn’t become unbearable.
The psycards present certain human experiences and psychological qualities in a clear, direct manner.

This time, I’ve pulled cards for each nominee, and selected a winner based on the cards that came up. It seems to have been Leo’s most ardent wish to become an Oscar winner, and the Academy seems to want to grant that long-held wish tonight.
For the ladies, there’s many more positive cards and equivalent but different performances.
I would LIKE to say Room is also a heavy contender with the 9 of Chalices coming up (a little Star card, wishes coming true and fulfillment of goals) but the Strength card for Revenant carries a bit more weight. While the cards indicate that Rachel McAdams’s performance was impressive (and with Warrior 6 having a seeming spotlight in the card, a nod to the movie that she’s nominated for), I believe the steady Maker 10 for Winslet will win out.
Just from the card alone his acting was the emotional glue that made the cast of Spotlight become an incredible ensemble telling an emotionally wrought story about the sex abuse scandals of the Catholic clergy coming to light. And it’s going to keep being a thing about minorities not being nominated for Oscars because they are not being cast, sometimes in roles that would accurately represent and reflect their culture and race: because those roles are being taken by Caucasian men and women. If the Wheel is described as “Positive change, destiny” upright, it is the disappointment of a thwarted destiny, a negative change or no real change with the reversal. The 40 cards are divided into groups: the Inquirer card (you), four directions, seven fundamentals, seven archetypes, seven symbols, seven characters, and seven happenings.
Repeated tests under controlled conditions have not supported these claims, but they continue to be believed by many people.
I think it’s because the Oscars voters have been swept up in the thought of Leo-mania… And giving him an Oscar seems to outweigh the other stellar performances in this category, such as Eddie Redmayne’s solid and steady performance (something is known for) (4 of Pentacles) for The Danish Girl or Bryan Cranston’s passionate performance in Trumbo.
Jennifer Lawrence with Death reversed and Charlotte Rampling with Emperor reversed seem to be the least likely to win, not just because of the reversals, but reversals of Major Arcana cards. She’s just a dependable actress, and in this role, she made it possible for Fassbender’s performance to be nominated for Best Actor. And sorry folks that were rooting for Sly to get his Oscar: The Star reversed signifies to me that he falls short of this goal.
Matt Damon in The Martian getting the Judgment card reversed isn’t surprising in the least: it’s a token nomination, but ultimately one that won’t outweigh Leo-mania.

With J-Law getting Death reversed, it seems as if Hollywood’s love affair with giving her Oscars is ending, and her performances have to be twice as good now to give her the gold statue: it’s almost as if her hardest competition is with her past self and past performances. And before we get to the peace that comes at the other side of a conflict, the conflict has to be fully felt and broken through for real understanding to take place. This is so helpful for beginners, as once they learn the story they can easily learn the card meanings. For the other three ladies, it is not just performance being considered but who’s star is rising the most as well. In this case, theories only go so far on this heated topic, and experiential knowledge trumps them.
We all have internal bias that was ingrained in us through our childhood or our upbringing, and we all need to face it and own up to it. The instruction booklet offers card meanings, spreads and guidelines, but tarot techniques could also be adapted for use with these cards. Saoirse from the cards had the most worthy performance, but with Brie Larson receiving a card like the 3 of Wands with the keyword of Alignment, it seems that she will be receiving the statue on Oscar night.
To end this on a hopeful note, just as much as we all have a share in the blame, we also have a share in righting this situation and making it better. If you don’t see your stories being told on the big screen, vote with your wallet and don’t go to that movie. Hold casting directors accountable, hold the actors auditioning for a role that is not of their own race accountable.
Rooney Mara recently came forward and said that she was disappointed that she was on the “wrong side” of this discussion by portraying Tiger Lily in the newest Pan movie.
But where was this forethought when she was auditioning, when she was actually offered the role of a Native American?

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