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Whether you are an experienced reader or just beginning your Tarot journey the 3 card spread is a fantastic tool. I quoted from the companion book because I could not choose words that better explain what I feel.
Smiles – you know I love to mix and match Tarot and Oracle – remembering * one of the beautiful and blissed ways of the Tarot and Oracles is that there are NO RULES … this is divination and these are tools and processes operate beyond man made rules. So, – just because (I can) – I took out my Earth Magic Oracle by Steven Farmer and began shuffling inviting the Oracle to tell me what else I needed to be aware of in relation to my return to SE Asia.
This reading clearly reflected that my decision to return to SE Asia is part of my soul’s journey. I personally love 3 card spreads and use them more than anything else for my own readings and sometimes 3 sets of 3 cards for others. Just got off telephone with my eldest Daughter – she is thrilled because she has a wonderful reason to travel.
Registering your account is completely free, and allows you to post, share readings, search, view extra boards and more. I went into the crystal shop today on impulse and was immediately drawn to this gorgeous fuchsite (aka green muscovite) tumble stone. I'm in love with it, I can't stop looking at it and I really FEEL it like I haven't felt a crystal before! My book mentions that it can be used for scrying, and I'm not sure if I thought about this before or after I read that, but I think I would love a crystal ball made of this crystal! So can opaque crystal balls be suitable for scrying, what are peoples experiences with this? I probably can't afford a crystal ball of fuchsite, but I could save my pennies for one if I really wanted. I've seen small crystal spheres in the crystal shop, I'm not sure if they are used for scrying, they are rather small.

I'll add a pic of my crystal but its late and so I can't use natural light, its not a very good pic but hopefully you can see some of the beauty of this gorgeous crystal! I've been doing a bit of reading about this crystal and I've discovered that green aventurine is fuchsite in quartz! My name is Kate Hill (also known as Solandia) and I'm a Tarot reader, deck collector, and lifelong student of the beauty and diversity of Tarot cards. I created Aeclectic in 1996 to share my passion for Tarot with the world, and started the forum in 2000 so others could share theirs too. Over the last week, two bloggers whom I admire and whom I know in person and consider friends, Lisa and Carla, have been inspired by the work of Camelia Elias to think about what it means to be a tarot reader.  Their posts pushed me to explore and explain my own take on this topic.
Thanks for tagging me in this, Chloe – I have been looking forward to reading your thoughts on this. I have made the decision to leave Australia permanently – chuckles – well as permanent as I get. The 3 card spread drills right down to the basics and provides clarity on even quite complex situations.
This card draws my attention to the Karmic cycle and is perhaps also a reminder to maintain my meditation practice on a consistent basis. My Father created a large dam of Lotus’ when they were quite rare on the West Coast of Australia. Its glittery and grainy, partly translucent on the surface and a wonderful green shade, I can't get over it how gorgeous it is!
I love using it, its very relaxing, like a meditation, but I haven't actually seen much with it. This might explain why I love my aventurine so much as well, not like I love this fuchsite crystal, but I'm very very fond of my aventurine!
I totally understand the choice you have made and I may well have found myself going down a similar path had it not been for the profound understanding of why I do what I do that recently dawned on me.

A lot of times, clients are looking for confirmation for what they know in their hearts to be true.
Remember you can always add cards to gain more depth in the reading or for further clarification. It is for me an image which confirms the deep sense of contentment I feel in SE Asia is a past life experience or several shining through. Also because it is such a symbolic emblem of the journey to enlightment in the Buddhist tradition.
I’ve found it far more enriching and helpful, and ultimately healing, to help others to uncover their feelings, thoughts, or even behavioral patterns, than to focus on what might happen down the line. Asia is my comfort zone it’s where I feel happiest and I know without doubt this is past life generated.
But it never ceases to amaze or enthrall me – this card was clearly delivering a message it wanted me to have.
Eventually it enters into the clearer water near the surface and finally breaks through to blossom in the clear air.
This is why I recommend journaling it is a great practice – because as you look back over the record of your readings you will see the wisdom unfold. I remember constantly drawing “The Conditioning” card from the Osho Zen Tarot and getting quite vexed.
There is a deep trust (and this is what was missig until I read Camelia’s book) that I could bring something truly valuable and magical to the table with every reading. That trust has been healed (what, by reading a book?!) and is now complete and has nothing to do with what percentage of accuracy is present.

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