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Julie Ann Gordon is a dedicated electrologist who is deeply committed to achieving the results her clients want. Using cutting-edge technologies to achieve our clients' satisfaction with electrolysis and cosmetic hair removal services is how we keep our customers coming back. I have gone to Julie Gordon for over twenty years, having had treatments for eyebrows, upper lip hairs, and lower chin hairs, I can truly say I never had any regrowth. A number of years back I came to Julie seeking treatment for removing facial hairs having undergone a number of bad treatments from past electrologists. This small write up does not do justice to Julie Gordon’s talent and experience in this area and I would highly recommend her. Our commitment to continuing education to upgrade skills, knowledge and technique, enables us to use the latest innovations in electrolysis and laser technology.

No scarring or blemishes whatsoever (particularly important for me since treatment was on facial hair). Julie Ann is not only sweet and gentle, she's able to remove hair without scarring and min. My skin was highly sensitive and scarred and my hair growth had become thicker and stronger. For over 40 years, Julie Ann has been a certified electrologist with a track record and expertise that all those initials after her name are well deserved. Indeed, many clients are referred to us by physicians and cosmetologists for permanent hair removal.
Julie works relatively quickly and also gives more time at a slightly lower price than comparable offices.

She worked with great patience and determination to treat me and got me to a point of literally “hair free”. Felx hours, great service and reasonable prices make for a great experience you won't regret.

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