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Your browser is severely outdated Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. These stencils make your life much easier by providing a guide for you to fill in your eyebrows. Position the stencil over the brow making sure it's lined up properly on your face for a natural shape.
Finish up by using a clear brow sealer (you can use clear mascara) to lock the brow shape and color in place all day long. Brush your eyebrows up and away to reveal their true shape then position the stencil over the brow. Trace the shape of the stencil over your brow, or shade in the brow so that only the hairs you need to remove are left out (a white pencil works great for this).
Carefully remove the stencil and start removing the hair from outside the outline using tweezers or wax (if you get down like that).
Keep carefully removing the extra hairs until you have a clearly defined brow shape (donA’t be afraid to put the stencil back and retrace if the line fades. Finish off by rubbing a cotton ball soaked with alcohol over the brow to disinfect the area.
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1967 Impala SS Eyebrow Stencil Kit  This kit is recreated from an original GM paint stencil that was offered during the production year. This kit includes stencils for the left and right fenders, doors and left and right quarter panel units.

We Were Second… to offer a reproduction kit using an original GM stencil kit even the part number is the original one used by GM. Today I am here with another review from NYX and it’s totally different from my monotonous lipstick, blushes and eyshadows review. After seeing some review on IMBB, I was tempted towards the eyebrow kit with wax, but I didn’t find it but got this one though. Whether you want to recreate the perfect brow shape at home or maintain the general upkeep of the brows after visit to the salon or spa, these stencils are the must-have for your beauty arsenal.
I went to the Anastasia kit on saturday but Ulta only had one left and it was the blonde one.
Of course these stencils are for single use, but they're great for trying a new look without having to invest in a set just to find out you don't absolutely love it.
Unless you're going for a really different look, I suggest going with one that has a similar shape to your natural eyebrow. Included with the stencils is an application squeegee, PPG paint chart for 1967 for correct stripe color, and paint information sheets. It’s an eyebrow kit from NYX, so today I am gonna solve the problems of the girls who are not blessed with that dense great eyebrows. Eyebrow Kit with Stencil helps you shape, fill and transform your arches like never before.
We've Got A New Website.We're Still Working Out Details, Feel Free To Contact Us If You Can't Find Something. The 2nd shade is soft caramel brown color, 3rd one is dark chocolate brown color and the 4th one is black color.

Along with the five most popular looks below, it also features a customizable blank for a one-of-a-kind look.
If you're not satisfied with your order --for whatever reason-- simply return it within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.
I follow the rule and use the third shade, and really they give me natural looking perfect eyebrows.
I've got a couple of tutorials here that will help you along, like this one for a pretty cocktail party look, a shimmery mermaid, or this one here I like for picture occasions. The powders have a soft, smooth texture.But their is a little fallout on the eyelids during application but it can be wiped off.
I find the packaging attractive, but not sturdy or travel friendly, it is almost like carrying a small book with you.
We love our blogger + YouTube friends -- they're like beauty editors, rabid cosmetics fans and makeup artists all in one. These powders really gives a naturally looking eyebrows if you use the right kind of shade.
They are very well pigmented, you will need just 2 strokes to fill the eyebrows completely. I think eyebrows are a place that remains almost untouched throughout the day, and so the powder lasts very long, like whole day, as long as you don’t wash your face.

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