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Now, for the low price of free, you can ask Twitter to find your perfect dog body-double, and it'll deliver in a big way.
On this episode of Double Take, we talk with the beautiful and talented Carleen Loreen about her Romanian heritage while also going behind the scenes of this month's photo shoot. A new research has found a method that can help calculate the exact time of a human's death even after 10 days (240 hours) of the occurrence. University of Salzburg researchers observed that muscle proteins like tropomyosin and actinin don't degrade until 240 hours of death and by evaluating this forensic researchers can calculate the death time. Currently, there are no reliable ways to determine the time since death after approximately 36 hours. Steinbacher added that it was well known that all muscle proteins undergo detectable changes at a certain point in time, and this would extend the currently analysed timeframe even further. Googlea€™s Instagram AccountInstagram is owned by Facebook, but tech giant Google couldna€™t resist itself from joining this photo-sharing platform owing to its increasing popularity.
MicrosoftA quick scan through this official Instagram account of Microsoft will tell you about the engaging stories of extra-ordinary people who break boundaries, achieve their goals, and be a source of inspiration for many others.
You may follow this account not only to get familiarized with such genius minds, but also for daily dose of motivation.
NASA Goddarda€™s Instagram accountBy sharing new and historic images and videos, NASA Goddarda€™s Instagram account reveals the story of exploration and discovery of this US-based space agency in the best possible way.
General Electrica€™s Instagram accountMany of you would feel what this energy leader is doing on the list of amazing Instagram accounts for science and tech geeks?
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For instance, I use a Casio Pathfinder Watch which has an altimeter (priced under $180) and is accurate to within 20 feet when calibrated. Peter Steinbacher, lead researcher, who has started running experiments on human samples, said that they were able to detect similar changes and exactly the same degradation products in human muscle tissue as they had in dead pig study, where enzymes and protein degrade after a point.
Googlea€™s Instagram account reveals some unheard stories from the world of technology by showcasing interesting videos, Google Doodle, and engaging pictures. At the time of writing this story, this Microsofta€™s Instagram account has 409k followers. It not only gives you a glimpse of whata€™s happening in the world of science and technology, but also educates you in an impressive way.
Well, GEa€™s Instagram account showcases imagination that mix and match the latest technology. Knowing that, you can trace your finger along the Black Angel Trail to 3200 feet on the topographic map, and you’ll be located at exactly that point on the trail. If you had an altimeter, you could check your elevation as you descend Big Bickford to make sure you don’t drop below the elevation of the saddle and off course.
If you have to hike around fallen trees or other unexpected landforms, it’s easy to lose more elevation than you want. The best way to find your current elevation is to look it up on a map (if you know where you are) and adjust your altimeter by adding or subtracting elevation (feet or meters) to its current reading so that it matches the elevation of your current location.
I have calibrated mine in the morning, at a known location, and by 1000 they it was reading a 50′ difference compaed with my GPS. While handy for rough guestimates, they are not real usefull for the navigation you describe except in a three day rainstorm or with two or three days of good weather.

It often registers a change in elevation, whether that change is increasing or decreasing, over short distances.
But like all navigation tools, you need to always make sure your other navigation information is in agreement when you take a reading such as your compass and what you think you should be seeing on a map.If you are having problems with magnetic rocks, you should try bruntons new compasses which have a magnet inside them that keeps them from being affected by local magnetic forces.
A lot of Android apps will take advantage of the extra sensor to calculate your altitude in addition to a GPS fix. I know there are a lot of factors that can throw off the reading by quite a bit, I find my phone isn’t always accurate right away with the barometer by itself. Reply Philip Werner September 4, 2014 at 4:02 pm # My altimeter has completely transformed my hiking experience, as much as my first water filter did, if not more. My wife gave me an altimeter watch last December and ever since then, I now feel completely unconstrained by the presence or absence of trails. It complements a compass and map that much…and if you pay attention, you can know where you are pretty much all the time.
Reply Ed C September 4, 2014 at 5:11 pm # I purchased my first altimeter watch earlier this year.

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