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This topic contains 16 replies, has 0 voices, and was last updated by  vandal 9 years, 5 months ago. Just outside of Phnom Penh in a section of the market you can find alot of fortune tellers. Spells and yantras are a common practice, these people who practice the basics are called in khmer kru theay and can give helpful hints in realationships and business and bless you with good luck.
Also, i just don’t believe in fortune telling, because i believe i make my own destiny. On Friday, World Vision Cambodia provided sandwiches for an event attended by over 700 people in Chi Kraeng district, about 80 kilometers southwest of Siem Reap.
Governor Song also said that insecticides can make people nauseous and colicky eight hours after ingestion. More than 500 people were taken to Pongro Leu Health Center, where the Provincial Health Department treated them with intravenous drips, Kros Sarath said. And some of them claim to be Ahp hmoup or Ahb Thoump (depands on where you’re from) Alot of khmers are scared of them because of the way they look. But when I was in srok khmer I went to see a monk who also had tattoos all over his head and foreheand and cheeks.

Yes, some people believe in fortune telling, I dont konw if true or not, but, my guessing, if you believe in something so much, it really happen, good or bad. At first I thought it was a bunch of crap but when things started happening I felt so wierd just the fact it was really accurate.
With only 170 adults in attendance, the gathering was an anti-child trafficking event for local school children in an area bisected by National Road No.
But, after eating this lunch, hundreds of people suffered from dizzy spells, diarrhea, fainting, nausea and vomiting. They can give yantra tatoos, basic spells, majic articles and ward demons and bad luck away.
What ever the fortune teller is telling you, plant seed in your head, and you begin to see them, and be more alert with them in your conscious. I know that people can choose your life but fate brings you there and it’s up to the person to do what they think is right. Governor Song said he believed the cucumbers were not properly cleaned and were tainted with insecticides.
Anyway, just because we dont agree with you dont mean we all american, you got a narrow mind.

If someone tell you that your a loser all your life, then you become a loser all your life, unless you change that. Because, his reading is really vauge…and people change it, and make it sound as a correct predition.
The muslim bible (forgot the name) but talk about the 911 before it ever happen… I m just saying you feel me? They have yantra tattoos all over their bodies to ward off demons and ghosts that follow them.
Some have claimed to become monks and give fortune telling to people and ward off demons and bad luck. But hey ma, I feel you we do make are our path but letting someone read out future can make us stronger somehow you feel me?Dude might say hey you going to get an F in your test, thats just a predicting so you work your as# off to study and past..

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