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I am in desperate need of advice about my current situation, should I leave my partner or remain and focus on repairing our relationship. I am really not an expert on anything karma related, but it seems to me that being in a seven-year relationship with two kids is a pretty heavy commitment, so you’re doing okay on the karmic front. Perhaps from an astrological perspective, we’ll get a better picture of what is going on in your relationship. As always, I set a horoscope for the time that I understood your question, which is a method known as horary astrology.
I do notice that the Moon is about to conjoin Mercury, which is really the only impending movement in the situation. The Full Moon of November 5, 2006 will fall right before the United States midterm elections. We can look at the astrological chart for the upcoming Full Moon to see which party has the better position. I would like to know about my love life in the future, mainly if I will marry and be happy, also if my ex-boyfriend will come back to me, or if the current man I am with is the one (I am 20 years old, by the way)? Perhaps because I tend to be overly descriptive myself, I am in awe at the way in which you put so many important issues in such a short space.
You gave multiple questions; this is fine, and I will take your questions in the order in which you have given them.
Even if we look at the part of marriage, which is a point calculated using the degree of the ascendant, the ascendant, and the position of Venus, we see that it is at 18° Aries in the seventh house, and the picture is not terribly positive.
I think your current guy is a better bet, if he is Mercury in Libra in the first house, as I suspect. I met a wonderful girl in 2002, and we became good friends, but I had very strong feelings for her (I am female). Personally, I can’t think of a single person who has not been rejected, and therefore knows how painful it is. As I always do in this column, I analyzed your question using horary astrology, which is a technique that allows us to cast a horoscope for the time of your question, and then read the answer in that chart. We also see a similar theme when we look at what is going on with the Moon, the other planet, apart from Mars, signifying you. Then about three weeks ago from today I had to pick up a DVD that he had of mine, so I went to his house. From that day on I called him twice and he didn’t return my call- then I tried again and he did call me back. I really sympathize with your situation, and I understand how difficult it must be to deal with someone who plays with your heart like that. Perhaps the horoscope will not show that either is particularly more appropriate, and you may have to make the decision yourself as to whether you wish to give yourself and him another chance, or just let it go. You are shown by Venus, ruler of the first house of self, and the moon, which shows your emotional side. My ray of hope here is that your two planets are in the very benefic 11th house, showing that you have the upper hand in the situation. Even so, we see that the moon has very recently separated from a conjunction with Venus, and will conjoin the Sun in 9 degrees. The good news is that Mars, his planet, is in the sign of Venus, where it loves whatever Venus stands for, which in this horoscope is you. One thing that I noticed is that the very benefic star Spica is on the ascendant, showing that no matter what happens with the situation, it will happen for the best. The most common thing to do when one wants to break up with someone is to take a walnut bath. I would like to know: is my dad going to die before the end of the year, and when is he likely to go? My dad has been sick for almost a decade now, and probably does not have much longer to live one way or another. Now insurance has decided to throw him out of the hospital and into a nursing home, so they can cut him off financially by the end of 2006.
I’d just like to know for my own peace of mind when it is likely to occur, and if I am going to need to worry about the insurance money running out before Dad does. Personally, I see your heartbreaking situation as testimony to the heartlessness of our current medical system. As always, I cast a horoscope for the time that I understood your question, a technique known as horary astrology.
Your dad is the main concern in this horoscope, so we will turn the chart so that his house is on the ascendant.
Even if the eighth house ruler does not show death, we must also look at the turned eighth house, which in this case is the eighth from the fourth, or the 11th house, ruled by Jupiter.
A good example that we can practice on is the horoscope for Justin Timberlake, the cute ex-boy singer formerly of N’Sync. The planet with the most essential dignity is Saturn in Libra, which is conjunct Jupiter in the second house and trine the Sun in Aquarius. If Justin Timberlake wanted to go as his best planet for Halloween, we would have to recommend a traditional Grim Reaper costume, as Saturn rules death and the color black. If we wanted to go for a less scary costume, we could have Justin go as Father Time, another good Saturnian symbol.
A really good costume for Justin would be to go as a member of his own entourage, and disguise himself. I’m thinking of changing careers, I really want to get into acting, or that sort of thing, but I am not sure, because I am a single mother to three kids and a divorce behind me. Perhaps because I have friends and acquaintances in such a wide variety of jobs, it is always very interesting to me to look at questions regarding vocations.
As I always do for the advice column on this blog, I cast a horoscope for you using horary astrology, which is a method that casts a chart for the moment of your question. Many horoscopes give us the answer in several different ways; this is an example of such a chart.
Even though acting may at first seem Mercurial (Mercury being the trickster god), it is ruled by Venus, which rules actors and plays, and presumably, the movies.
Now, to confirm this testimony, we would also look to the fifth house and its ruler, which naturally rules acting, being the house of pleasure and entertainment. As far as making a living from acting, we would have to look at the second house from the fifth, which shows money from entertainment.
Perhaps the leading advantage of horary astrology is that we need so little background to give an accurate judgment. You are shown by the ruler of the first house, Mercury, shows your personality and your mental approach to the whole situation.
Marrying is the primary urge on your mind, as we see that Venus is just outside the first house. Even more problematically, the further difficulty here is that both the Moon and Venus are very interested in Mercury, which is you. Now, your horoscope does not seem predisposed against marriage, but you’re definitely not in a place right now where marriage seems likely in the near future. More likely, however, the horoscope is saying that for the foreseeable future, you will be no condition to marry because of your past experiences. The new Moon on October 22 (or October 21, depending on where you are) is happening at 28° Libra. We can expect a continued focus on sexual morality, as with the Mark Foley congressional page scandal, since the new Moon falls in the middle of a conjunction between Venus in Libra and Mars in Libra. In the realm of real life, we can expect additional negative news about the American economy.
Nina Gryphon will be on sabbatical from readings for the remainder of 2013 to pursue personal creative projects.
Your situation sounds difficult, because no matter which option you choose, you will encounter some pressure. The Moon has just moved into Scorpio, and is on the verge of entering the seventh house of partners.
If we place the Moon in the fourth house, it puts Moon in Cancer, which is the sign of its domicile. Long-term unemployment is very difficult, because you begin to doubt yourself, and it seriously affects your self-esteem. In this horoscope, you are shown by Jupiter, Lord of the first house, and we can see that Jupiter is not in a happy place. Currently, I have a Masters in Library Science and have spent the last 7 years working as a Librarian or providing research. In the last few weeks, I have been getting more and more questions from people desperately seeking employment.
You are represented by Mercury in Virgo in the second house, and because Mercury is so strong in Virgo (in its own sign and exaltation), this shows that you are highly qualified and a desirable employee.
You’re also shown by the Moon, which is in its exaltation on the 10th house cusp of work. The good news is that Venus is in the first house, showing that the job really, really likes you.
Just before (and I mean literally one minute of one degree) Mercury moves into Libra, the Moon trines Mercury, bringing you the job at the 11th hour. Yours is a difficult situation, indeed, and one that is faced by people everywhere in these days of fast corporate changes.
The difficult financial situation you describe is shown by Venus, your 2nd house ruler (house of money), which has recently arrived in its fall in Virgo. This is an example of a horary astrology reading I performed for a client in mid-July, 2006.
An accountant who had been unemployed for a few months wished to know whether it was a good idea to apply for a 9-month, temporary job with a shipping logistics company.
The client is symbolized by Saturn (ruler of the 1st house of the self), which is quite weak because it is in Leo, a sign of its detriment.
The money from the job is pretty good, shown by the second sign from the 10th – Sagittarius. The final nail in the coffin is that the job and our client will not have the opportunity to actually meet. Second, after the bath series was done, I asked him to send me a personal item, and I put together an extra-strength mojo bag for him. Background: The Querent found out that several coworkers were going to lose their jobs due to a company reorganization. Background: The Querent owns a small business and is looking for a personal assistant to help her organize her busy schedule. J, as the Querent’s potential employee, is shown by the 6th house and its ruler, Jupiter.
Querent does not seem to like J very much, which would be one reason not to hire J as a personal assistant. There will be no progress in the situation, as shown by the Moon being Void of Course (not making any aspects in its current sign). Top 10 Places To Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday- If today is your Birthday you are in luck! Top 5 Most Serious Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo and Leo are the most serious astrological signs. Scorpio Personality Traits: Born October 23rd to November 21st, the Scorpio zodiac sign is one the most intimidating and notoriously intense of all 12 signs! Aquarius Personality Traits and Dating Tips- Aquarians are born January 20th to February 18 and they are also the third to last zodiac sign in the astrological cycle. Zodiac Signs of Children and Personality Traits- are you expecting a child soon and want to know what characteristics your new baby might have according to astrology? 5 Things A Capricorn Hates: The Top 5 ways to annoy a Capricorn, not that you would ever want to, of course! I am about to be proposed to by a wonderful man, who cares for me and who loves me very much. The Moon, which symbolizes your emotions, is in Gemini, where it is most interested in Mercury.
When I made the move I was aware that it would take some time to find my feet as experience doesn’t come overnight, however, I now wonder if I was in fact just a little too naive as I guess I did dive into the deep end without a clear idea of where the shore is.

Of course, now I’m starting to panic about my choice (the fear of the unknown and untried) and fear is nagging me to return to traditional administration work for the safety of the pay cheque albeit to the detriment of my soul. I still have financial resources that can be stretched for another few months, but I do wonder if I’m deluding myself and whether my choice has been misguided. I can certainly understand your dilemma; working at a job you dislike can certainly drive you to take all sorts of risks. The problem is that the ruler of Taurus, symbolizing your present work, is Venus in Cancer in the 12th house. First off, regardless of the trials and difficulties that may arise, everything will turn out okay. In this horoscope, you are represented by Venus, ruler of the first house of self, and your co-significator is the Moon in Aries. The other man is likely represented by the Sun; it is in the sign of Venus, and the exaltation of the Moon, showing his deep feelings for you. Now, I assume that your question is really about whether you’re going to be safe or not. I can understand how frustrated you must feel after putting in so much effort only to be refused just compensation. The good news is that the Moon and Jupiter are applying to aspect, indicating that you and the job will meet.
I think you’ll be pleased to know that as time goes on, you will get paid according to your skills and responsibilities in this new job.
My husband just got a letter this week from his job explaining that he has one more year to go (May 2008) in his position and his contract will not be renewed.
You’re definitely not the only person asking this question in today’s real estate market! We will look primarily for some way that we can strengthen Mercury, the ruler of the fifth house, as the fifth house rules profit from real estate (which is ruled by the fourth house).
I certainly would not list the house earlier than early July, though at any time afterwards you will be in the clear. His wife has problems carrying children, she’s had 2 miscarriages in a previous marriage at 5 months and 8 months. For your part, I suspect that his being tied to his wife has started to bother you a lot recently. To see whether the two of you will ever be together, we want to see in aspect between your planets and his. Thank you for writing to me; I can sense the suffering that you have experienced throughout this relationship due to circumstances outside of your control. In this horoscope, you are symbolized by Mercury, ruler of the first house of self, you need to find a mate is shown by Venus, in your emotions are symbolized by the Moon. We see that Mercury is in Taurus, where it is in the sign of Venus and exaltation of the Moon.
You certainly seem to have been discouraged about the relationship recently, and see marriage as a way to solidify the commitment. For his part, Jupiter is in its own sign in Sagittarius, indicating that he is quite happy where he is. My third communication to them will be a bill for my services rendered for a reasonable amount based on the circumstances. Should I push towards reaching an out of court settlement or just file in federal court for a judgement?
You are represented by the ruler of the first house of self, the Sun, and your co-significator is the Moon. We see that the Sun is about to square Saturn, which indicates that you will likely go to court, but will reach settlement before the verdict will be handed down. I suspect that after the suit is filed (sooner or later, hopefully sooner), the defendant will see the writing on the wall and choose to settle. One final word: as far as representing yourself, you should give it a try, but be open to hiring a lawyer when and if necessary. How unfondly I think of all the exams I have had to take in my life, all of them progressively becoming more and more critical to future success. So this method is inconclusive, and we will look at the quality of Mercury, ruler of your 10th house (yes, it also represents you, but not in this part of our ingrained) determine whether your marks will be good.
Jyotish - the science of light- is known by the names: "Vedic Astrology", "Hindu Astrology" or "Indian Astrology".
The ancient culture of India over thousands of years has developed the scientific approach towards the effect of the planetary movements, their positions at the time of our birth or commencement of a work, that have a deep impact on our lives, and inculcated all this knowledge into the science of Jyotish. Jyotish checks the possibility of health hazards, financial difficulties, problems in marriage, relationship or business. Shree Jyotish is an online attempt to relieve you of your worries, to help you lead a complete and fulfilling life.
The move to a nursing home means that he cannot get speedy medical care and must be moved around a lot every time he gets an infection, so his health will probably go downhill even faster. I get a number of questions about death, usually that of a loved one who is hovering very near the grave, and the relatives want to know whether they should dig in for the long haul financially, or whether they just need a little more time and money.
Life was going very well and I was promoted to the Headquarters Office on the 1st of July with a personal commendation and praise from my Managing Director.
He felt somewhat hesitant, as the job was very demanding, and essentially required him to act as one half of a two-person team.
The job hates our client, so we can make a preliminary guess that he may not get the job, or even if he gets it, he will hate it.
It is ruled by Jupiter, which is strongly placed, and quite overflowing with blessings (in the fertile water sign of Scorpio). Though the horoscope supported his gut feeling about the job, he wanted to know how he could attract the kind of job he wanted. The goal was to help him find a job soon that he enjoyed, that would pay well, and that had potential for advancement.
On August 21, the client called me, saying he had found a well-paying job in a large company, and his boss was an old friend from high school. Jupiter is in its term, so it has some essential dignity, indicating that J has some skills and is essentially a decent person.
Nothing will happen, so unless we see aspects between Lord 1 or the Moon and Lord 6, we can assume J will not be hired. These clever photos illustrate each of the 12 Astrological Signs and how they might relate to Road Signs… Astrology can be a lot like driving! We see that Venus is in the sign of the Moon, Cancer, and in the triplicity and detriment of Mars. Marrying one guy while pining over another will leave you forever wondering how it would have been had you not done so.
I felt my situation there had become intolerable and that I should take this as a signal to finally take the plunge and try a new career direction.
My husband & I are thrilled to bits but he agrees that things didn’t exactly come as they should’ve. For some reason, I have been getting a lot of questions recently from women who are concerned that their husband has suddenly changed and withdrawn, for no apparent reason. This is because the very benefic fixed star Spica is conjunct the ascendant, which symbolizes you in this horoscope. It takes serious guts to go into the lion’s den, as it were, which I (and countless others) respect and appreciate. I think you’re going to be okay, mainly because we see Mars going into its own sign, which strengthens it a great deal.
This will happen in about 8°, which translates to about nine or 10 time units, given that we are dealing with mutable signs. However, I just spoke with a friend, who is a real estate agent and she advised us to put it on the market right away because the market is going to drop here in Phoenix. As a result, you can list as early as July, or go with your original plan of September; either will work fine. I noticed that Mars, his significator, is in the sign ruled by Jupiter; since he says he loves his wife, she may well be represented by Jupiter. I’ve been on a very significant and very spiritual relationship for about six years now. If you’d rather not answer the question, then please tell me what problems there are and what I can do to work this out on my own. So on the superficial, rational level, you seem primarily interested in finding a relationship, rather than in this person in particular. This is because your relationship as a separate entity from the two of you is ruled by Mars, since it disposits the Part of Marriage at 27 Scorpio.
In Sagittarius, Jupiter is in the detriment of Mercury, indicating that his contentment with things as they are harms you. None of your planets is aspecting any of his planets, which we want to see in order for marriage to happen. Before we get started, you should know that on this blog, I can only advise you as an astrologer, not an attorney. I take it as a favorable sign that Saturn is in the first house, and your power, as it were.
The fact that the first and seventh houses are ruled by fixed signs, and each of your significators being in a fixed sign, indicates that an out-of-court settlement before a lawsuit is filed is rather unlikely. This is because we see the verdict, ruled by the fourth house of the end of the matter, harming the defendant.
You may be a very savvy plaintiff, of course, but I am concerned that you may find yourself somewhat outgunned by major label lawyers. One, we will see whether we have any applying aspect between the ninth house and any of your significators, as the ninth house indicates institutions of higher knowledge. Since Mercury has recently left its detriment and fall in Pisces, we see that your most recent marks were not good enough. Jyotish Astrology takes its subject matter from the very basis of planetary movements and time and it does not lack in its scientific approach.
With the help of this large science Vedic we can cause an atmosphere, in which love, peace and prosperity vorherschen can.
I am resigned to the fact that this illness will drag out for as long and slowly and painfully as it is possible to do because she will not change her mind on that.
I must specify that this is a family owned group and the Managing Director had been tracking me since mid 2004 when I left my parent Company in which I had worked for 28 years because it was sold off. In this case, we saw in the chart that he was not in the best state psychically – perhaps he felt he could not compete with others in line for the job, or the coworkers once he got the job. The exact contents of the bag are a trade secret, but it included such traditional items as a Mercury dime for fast good luck, Five-finger grass for dexterity and favorable reception by other people, and Solomon’s Seal root for wisdom and success. However, the Querent had some reservations about the candidate’s skills and experience as a personal assistant. However, Jupiter is about to conjunct the malefic South Node, indicating that while J would be an okay employee, she will be prevented from using those skills. However, both the Moon and Venus are in strong dignities of Mercury, indicating that the Querent much prefers another candidate. I want to be with him, but if we will definitely not be together, then I will say yes to the man who is about to propose.
But I don’t run things, so instead, I ran a horary chart for the time I understood your question.
Mars rules your seventh house of partners, and since you kind of like Mars, but overall you sort of dislike it, it must symbolize the guy who is about to propose to you. I suggest putting the potential husband on the back burner, at least ask him to wait, and let the situation with your true love play itself out. The main problem is that the Moon is combust due to its close proximity to the Sun, and is getting worse because it is getting closer and closer to the Sun. Worse, it is not about to improve, since it is headed out of its current minor dignity into complete peregrination.
I can’t say that we’ve always had a fantastic relationship but he is very kind, caring, generous, he would never betray me or cheat on me.
She is my world & I will do whatever I think will be best for her, regardless of whether it’s best for me or not.

We see that Venus has entered the sign of Cancer not too long ago, where it is in the sign of Mars’s fall, indicating that you harm or dislike whatever Mars represents. However, your main significator, Venus, does not appear as interested in the Sun as your emotions. Given that you are a soldier, being represented by Mars, the planet of war, is especially appropriate here. I do not know how this works exactly, but it sounds as though your stay in Afghanistan is separated into discrete time blocks of six months or whatever. Because you are asking for the best time to do something, we can use the horary chart to determine the most favorable time for you to list your house for sale. As always, I cast a horoscope for the time that I understood your question, a method known as horary astrology. We also see that you are significator, Venus, has recently entered the sign of Cancer, where it exalts Jupiter. The Moon’s next aspect will be a sextile to Jupiter, indicating that his wife will prevent your relationship from continuing. There is a lot of karma and past life ties between us (can’t tell you how I know) and we are both occult practitioners besides.
Choosing the wrong gender would normally affect the reading, but in your case, the planets are configured such that it would not make a difference. However, we also see that Venus, one of your co-significators, has just moved into Cancer, where it exalts Jupiter (his significator).
The good news is that the Moon is about to enter Aquarius, where it is considerably stronger.
The Sun, his co-significator, is in the sign of Venus and exaltation of the Moon, so he is very interested in having a relationship for the sake of being in a partnership. This is confirmed by the fact that the Moon is void of course, meaning that it will not make any more aspects in its current sign before changing to a new sign. First, I am sorry to hear about what happened to you; from what I understand, this kind of behavior is rampant in the musical industry. We also note that Saturn is in its detriment in Leo, which can show that this other person is seriously in the wrong. The planet in question is Venus, and it is about to move from Gemini into the detriment of Saturn, Cancer. For example I sat for entrance examination to two schools & when the results where out I was about 3 marks away from the cut-off. We will also want to look at the quality of the 10th house, showing your results on any future exams. However, I do like the fact that Mercury is retrograde in back into Aquarius, or at least it is not so afflicted as in Pisces.
With the regular movement the planet, one knows the fates of the men, the fates of nations, the sudden inundations, the earthquakes, which forecasts volcanic eruptions and other events regarding terrestrial phenomenon. Also, I am afraid that if he lives through the period of time insurance is going to pay for, my mom will make herself bankrupt paying for his nursing home, as the cost is astronomical.
The application process was rather lengthy, and he did not wish to make the effort for a job he may not want. So we can conclude the client should not apply for the job, because he probably wouldn’t get it – and seeing the quality of the job, thank goodness for that! I recommended a 13-herb uncrossing bath, performed daily before sunrise (not an easy task in the summer) for 13 subsequent mornings, starting just after the full Moon, so that the bad influence would decrease. Perhaps something will happen to her, or more likely, the Querent herself would somehow prevent J from doing her job. Unfortunately, Mercury is not known for its sense of honesty or integrity, and here Mercury is debilitated by being retrograde, peregrine and combust. If there is a chance that the person I love and I will be together, then I will not say yes. It is in its own sign and triplicity, so I am concerned that he is not nearly as interested in you as you are in him.
Combustion can show that a person is refusing to face reality, or cannot see it, because the blinding light of the Sun is in the way. Your current work cannot do much to help you, regardless of how much you are enjoying yourself. This is because the Moon, your co-significator, will come into aspect with Mercury, the ruler of the eighth house of danger and death.
Jupiter is very strong in its own sign of Sagittarius, and it is in the sixth house of service. You asked this question in April, but the chart I am working from has been cast for this morning, so we would expect you to get that job nine or 10 weeks from today, May 11. Currently, it is in its own triplicity in Pisces, so it is moderately strong, indicating that the money will be good, though not great. This method is not as precise as electional astrology, which takes your birth chart into consideration to give a precise time down to the minute. We went out one night and he told me that he was not the type of person to cheat on his wife. He tells me I am in his future, but if he were to leave right now he would have nothing to offer me.
I am also concerned that this relationship may become more physical than anything else; Mars is about to move into Aries, where it is in the detriment of Venus, and the exaltation of the Sun.
We will see how all of these planets relate to one another to discover the level of motivation the two of you have to marry, and also whether the opportunity to do so will arise this year.
So you very much want to find a mate, and you are putting this guy on a little bit of a pedestal as a result.
You asked for advice: the biggest challenge of the two of you face is that neither of you is in a strong position to act and seriously commit to this relationship. All efforts to get me admitted failed, but later I learned that those who were 5 marks away from the cut-off were admitted.
This suggests that another try at the examinations will give you better marks, nothing stellar, but presumably enough to get into the university. Jyotish does not believe in fatalism- a pre destined life, it goes further and helps you choose which is best for you. I would still see him every two weeks and we would go for lunch or dinner to talk as friends.
The person I am in love with has many influences that affect his behavior – when we are together, everything is perfect, when we are not, he questions his feelings (I am positive that his family members played a significant role in pulling us apart). Still, the Moon and Mercury are applying to conjunction, indicating an upcoming opportunity to renew the relationship. The interesting thing is that the Moon is also on its way out of Taurus, so we would expect that you enter a new job in a few months. We got married & I came off the pill just before we wed so that we could try for a baby straightaway. My husband isn’t the man I married but at the same time, I am not sure if I have changed too. The Moon is currently in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, indicating they still have strong positive feelings for your husband. The bigger concern is that Mars will enter the fall of Saturn, which represents your baby, as Saturn rules your fifth house of children.
I suspect that this means that your relationship with your husband may come to an end, but I am not sure that you will want a relationship with this other man. This does not mean that you will die; but you will be in particular danger during these months. The first block is indicated by Mars going through Aries, and as I stated above, I think you will do very well during this time. Most likely, you will be required to work in a supportive role, and may help your coworkers do their jobs better as part of your job description. The good news is that it is about to move into Aries, its own sign (and will get strengthened thereby) indicating that over the time of your tenure in this job, you will get raises that reflect your level of responsibility. It obviously cannot be years, as you would need to sell before your husband’s job ends next May. You have definitely been getting restless about the situation, since Venus is now in the fall of Mars, indicating that you are somehow harming him, or obsessing about this. Emotionally, we can certainly see how challenging this relationship has been; the Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn, and in the fall of Jupiter. If you really want to make this relationship happen, one or both of you will have to dramatically change your lives. The same thing happened when I was seeking admission into secondary college but I tried my best in these examinations. My karma said I was a Sagittarius in my past life and I need to stop reverting back to it, by being single and needing freedom. Everything was going great for several years, but then for a few months, times were difficult for the both of us, misunderstandings happened, communication was bad, and he said he wanted to take a break. Should I wait for the person who I am in love with, or should I say yes to the one who is about to propose? The problem is that even renewed, it’s not going to have a lot of lasting power, since he is not that deeply interested in you.
This is a very clear picture of the fact that while you are enjoying being independent (Moon in exaltation), the call of the emptying wallet is getting louder (the Moon moving closer into combustion with Sun).
However, the Moon is about to enter Taurus, where it is in the detriment of Mars, so your feelings for your husband are about to deteriorate. It’s as though once you have let go of the relationship with your husband, this other man will seem less appealing.
The transition from Pisces into Aries will happen in about 2°, and you are leaving in about two months.
To the extent you can, exercise the utmost caution at this time, and do not take unnecessary risks.
The next block is ruled by Taurus; Mars passing through Taurus is in the sign of its detriment, so your experience during the extended time is going to be considerably more difficult and dangerous.
I told him I don’t care about money, but he says that he wants to be able to provide.
Finally, we see that the Sun will shortly oppose the Moon by antiscion, indicating a hidden separation; this would be fitting to show the end of a secret affair. I would ask him over and over if we could try our relationship again, that I love him and want to work us out.
I like the fact that Mars is going to enter its own sign, I think that in Afghanistan, in action, you will feel as though you’re in your own element. Based on this, I would advise you at least think very, very hard about requesting an extension.
He replied no, and he cannot go back, because his feelings for me were not the same any more.
Not so good; the Sun is peregrine and conjunct the malefic fixed star Algol (the head of Medusa, which turns living things into stone). The Moon is Peregrine in Gemini, so while the next job will be pretty solid, I do not expect you to be having a great time. I meant every word of my vows but I cannot believe how much things change in such a short space of time. Aries is not a warm and fuzzy sign, but that is where Mars is very happy, because it can be at its warlike best. However, it should definitely improve your financial situation substantially, which is the prime concern for you. I tried talking to him, screaming at him, writing him letters but he always just said he was tired.
My husband did start paying me more attention around Christmas time but by then, I had fallen for this other man.
I don’t want to give up my chance of total happiness (which I believe I may have with this other man) but I also only want what’s best for my darling baby.

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