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Clarence house announced the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton at 11:45am today, November 17 2010.
Maybe we actually have a real royal love match here, but for that I would have to look at their horoscope compatibility.
Even without Kate Middleton’s birthtime, we can still look at the announcement aspects to the composite Davison planets.
Prince William is getting a very telling transit right now that shows why he is finally ready to commit. If we look at Prince Williams’s Horoscope, he has Sun conjunct Moon in his 7th house. Let’s hope William can lead by example and be a progressive King when it comes to equal rights between the sexes.
Maybe gone are the days of monarchs being patrons of art and culture as they were in the Victorian Era. The Sun trine Pluto is favorable indicating the power of this couple, obviously they have a magnetically attractive quality. Communication in the marriage is ruled by Mercury, and this is opposite Saturn so there is some difficulty here in fully expressing what’s on their minds. The dreamy and romantic theme spirals into outer space now, Neptune is trine his Sun and Jupiter, making a grand trine with his natal Sun trine Jupiter. Mercury is square his lunar Nodes which reinforces the communication difficulties for him from the wedding chart, especially with family relationships.
The April Full Moon is conjunct her Pluto, an intense, powerful and life-changing experience. The Sun is square her Venus and opposite her Jupiter, another challenge to her happiness and ability to have her desires for love and affection fulfilled. Williams Venus is sextile Kates North Node gives her soul development loving support, BUT his Pluto is squaring her Nodes at the same time. Williams’s Saturn is square both Kate’s Sun and Moon which is a tad too co-dependant for my liking. We can also see how Kate experiences William through the overlay of her planets on his house wheel. With the time of 11.33pm Kates Moon becomes square Pluto giving her the Hades Moon she needs to hold her own in this relationship. Like every other human being, we descend on the earth plane to cease the old karmas that we have carried along with us from our previous lifetimes. As I said in the 2014 Forecast “Relationships started in January may have a lot to live up to.
You should be feeling confident enough to resist any bait thrown at you by more aggressive signs my dear Libras, but I do urge you to resist even the slightest prods and probes. The October 8 Lunar Eclipse in your 7th house puts finding a long-term mate high on the agenda.
Jupiter goes retrograde in your 10th house from the beginning of the year and then turns direct and remains there until until July 14.
Uranus opposite your decan until end February electrifies your identity, but the bubble bursts if there are any problems you have been trying to bury. Its really full steam ahead now with Jupiter sextile your decan Jul 14 – Sep 2 and your social life should take off with great opportunities to make new and beneficial connections. Uranus opposite your decan all year. Like decan 1 this aspect electrifies your identity, only you get to work with this bustling energy all year, so you better get good at channeling it. Black Moon Lilith sextile your decan Jun 1 – Sep 8 will help you to keep true to yourself at the tail end of the Mars retrograde. However until Kate Middleton’s birthtime surfaces, what we can do is look at their engagement horoscope.
Bountiful Ceres has just risen and the North Node is conjunct Pluto all in the fairytale 12th house.
These stars are credited with having ignited periods where there were advances in European thought, art and literature.
But I think the very obvious close connection between Victoria and Albert did in some ways inspire advances in the arts, of which they were great sponsors. The marriage of the royal couple is on April 29 2011, start time 11:00 am, Westminster Abbey. The Moon is tightly square the Lunar Nodes sorelationships between families may be a cause of tension, especially among the women. An inability to be totally open and honest about their concerns could lead to arguments or periods of annoying silence. Like Mercury, she is opposite Saturn so there may be restriction in expressing love and affection in the marriage. Venus is opposite his Mars which will spice up the romance, may add some tension in the bedroom but this won’t hurt things too much given the Mars Jupiter conjunction in the wedding chart. The Quarter Moon a few days before the wedding in conjunct her Mercury, busy busy!, Won’t be able to sit still, so much running around and communications, very nervous.
Pluto sextile her Jupiter means this relationships gives large-scale success, material and spiritual growth and happiness. Fortunately the Moon is trine her Pluto, and given that the Full Moon was conjunct her Pluto, this does suggest that like William, she will also get very strong emotional support from this relationship.
Do the Royals tick the astrological boxes? The first thing I usually consider in a synastry reading is a couples shared karma by looking at the double-aspects or double whammys. I do use tight orbs and only the Ptolemaic aspects plus the quincunx, but I usually find at least 4 or 5. If Kates time is between 9am and 3pm, then her Moon is within orb of being on Williams North Node.
Unless her Moon really is conjunct his North Node, William would have way too much of the power in this relationship and it would take a very strong woman to hold her own. This has also obsessive overtones, especially with the quincunx which has that electric type of energy. Not many men are going to Yodify her Neptune Pluto sextile in this way and certainly not many with Venus on Algol. The role of karmas can be both optimistic and pessimistic depending on whether they are good or bad.
Their horoscope shows a change of status, marital or otherwise depending on what other factors in your chart are being activated. Step away from the agitators, because, out of all the cardinal signs you are actually the one most likely to loose it big time. If your cosmic karma is sound, you might even salvage a decent relationship out of these moonbeams. This extra long stay of the planet of luck and expansion in your career house could bring promotion or a rise in status.
But for a detailed account about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page.

The good luck continues with Mars sextile your decan Sep 13 – Sep 29 Make the most of this by working hard and pushing for what you want steadily. The bubble will burst if there are any unresolved relationship issues that have been laying stagnant for a while.
Lilith’s charm will also help repair any damage if you did happen to let rip throughout the stress of the Grand Cross. This is great for pitching ideas to people in high places, the more unusual and kooky the better. Here is the official description for Creative Design ChartMaker: EASY-FAST CHARTED DESIGNS This software application is perfect for creating design charts for Knitting, Crochet, Beadwork, Patchwork, and Cross Stitch. Hints of the down-to-earth, so called commoner (Ceres) being destined for royal power (Pluto). Albert is credited with the designing of the Victorian terrace house for working people, which was a vast improvement on the squalid tenements which preceded them. But I would love to get a time for Kate Middleton and look at their synastry to get a real idea of their connection and what it means for the country. Surely the powers that be and the cold hard facts of life will intrude to cool the passion in this relationship just a little over a year after the wedding? Their relationship does involve much responsibility and you would expect restraint in affections at least in public. In this post, Jamie looks at the horoscope for the wedding ceremony and the aspects to William and Kate’s Charts, then Marina looks at the synastry between the royal couple. Venus is also square Pluto bringing the possibility of these restricted affections causing a major problem. This does put a focus on how she expresses herself in the relationship, reinforcing the importance of this that was shown in the wedding chart.
It’s fantastically euphoric, but sometimes this love does not fare too well in the real world. Your ruler Venus will start off the year retrograde in your 4th house, which means you may not feel like your usual sociable and charming Libra self.
Decan 2 Cardinal signs will find it hard not to coerce their partners into making commitments before they are ready. That is, if you can avoid being derailed by those fly-by-nights I mentioned earlier and go for a more stable and mature soul.
Sometimes this can mean a change in status from being single to married, in particular if you were to marry up. Takes some risks because you will have to cool down and stand back from competition when Mars squares your decan Oct 25 – Nov 9 At this time being too aggressive in your dealings could rub people up the wrong way. Jupiter sextile your decan Aug 31 – Nov 6 will also help you bounce back from any faux pa’s committed during the Grand Cross if indeed you were grandly cross! In fact they might not even notice just how daring your requests are because you are smiling so much your teeth are blinding them. The Vertex is parallel the Royal star REGULUS in the heart of the Lion which is very appropriate. And there’s that Sun opposing Lilith, which he shares with his step-mum funnily enough. The announcement South Node and Prince William’s Moon are on the fixed star TEJAT POSTERIOR.
It may also point to delays and separations which they will have due to offical tours and engagements. It seems it is Kate who has to work on being as open as she can to William about how she feels. Mars and Jupiter are opposite her Saturn, so this really does reinforces this frustration of desires, and the inhibition in expressing what see wants and needs.
Maybe they just don’t have any karmic baggage and this is a brand new relationship for them both. When grim domesticity shatters the rose-tinted mirage of Neptune the disappointment may be too great to bear. You may even find yourself inexplicably pulling away from your partners while it is retrograde.
You are being protected by Jupiter in your Career house however, which means the April 29 Solar eclipse in your 8th house might even bring a legacy or inheritance your way rather than the unwelcome debt which is sometimes associated with this house.
After the eclipse the grand fire trine could be rather fabulous for Libra decan 2 as it turns into a high-flying and enlightening Kite for them. The North Node conjunct your decan Sep 8 – Dec 21 means now you can also reach out to others for help.
Venus sextile the vertex is just perfect timing and it is also quincunx Uranus, pleasant romantic news! Pluto is about evolution, and trine the Sun suggests they will work on this issue and the relationship will grow. Now William of course has this Yod in his own chart, so he is going to share this aspect with a lot of his classmates.
Early in the year then, you may prefer to hibernate and snuggle up solo on the sofa with the cat. But those of you who haven’t heeded my warning, could indeed be paying a hefty fine instead. Relationships can be volatile, but this is also forcing you to adapt quickly to the tides of change. Take a deep breath and try and bide your time until conditions are more favourable, if you can!
The coming Lunar Eclipse December 21 2010 falls on his Descendant which is conjunct that Sun. The more lives, the more karma has been built up and the more powerful the attraction for good or ill. With his Pluto squaring her nodes too and the Pluto quincunx Venus, she really needs to be a real Warrior Queen. You could seal the deal in all partnerships with the April 15 Lunar eclipse falling in your 1st house. The Persephone Nodal Wand could be magic for you since it will fall across your relationship axis. It will keep you on your toes for sure, but all that dancing means you become svelte and swift as you adjust to each new balance point. Impatience may cause minor accidents so instead unwind by taking some physical exercise to let off that Mars steam. If you have managed to keep away from the aforementioned surgical tools you will be able to problem solve and be extremely productive without hurting anyone. This would be an Eris type woman who would relish in the drama and get-off on the adrenalin-rush this kind of relationship can bring. Any chance of tranquillity should be savoured because like your Cardinal sign comrades, this could be a roller coaster year for you Libra.

Those with this plugging into their chart can expect creative gifts and inspiration, which will help align them with their true life-path.
An exciting out-of-the-blue-date with Venus conjunct Uranus on May 15, a passionate argument ends in commitment with Venus conjunct Eris May 22, Venus in your 10th from Jul 18 – Aug 11 is less about romance, but gets you noticed, Venus in your 1st house from Sep 30 –Oct 23 is always hot stuff when your body is oozing with charm and magnetism.
Mars trine your decan Dec 4 – Dec 18 Now you can leap back into the ring with confidence. It will keep you on your toes for sure but all that dancing means you become svelte and swift as you adjust each new wave that bubbles up.
Mars sextile your decan Sep 28 – Oct 14 ensures the quiet success continues as you make steady progress in all your endeavours. Mars Retrograde may not feel quite comfortable with pushing any radical ideas forward, even good ones.
The Jupiter opposition Pluto could mean you are being pulled in two different directions in terms of your career. Black Moon Lilith sextile your decan Feb 28 – Jun 6 gives you some magic moments to savor while you get used to your new lusty and vital self.
A harmonious Mars is channeled well and fires you up in a way that doesn’t burn your good self or others. Take this time to build up your strength and immune system in preparation for the Solar Eclipse opposite your decan October 23. This falls in your solar 7th house making it actually fairly beneficial for finding a long-term mate. This forces you to be much more conservative and cautious in your dealings, which is probably a good thing. This is all speculation however, without these connections, the next ones could be extremely problematic.. Your domestic scene is expanding in some way, either due to a new arrival, or because you maybe spending money on an extension or some other improvement that makes your home seem grander. Remember this feeling Libra decan 2 because April 23 is the Grand Cross in the Cardinal signs that I warned about in the 2014 forecast. Libra decan 3 will experience this more acutely and it may feel like they are replaying a past life scenario somehow with those nodes being involved. After that, the October 23 Solar Eclipse in your 2nd house highlights your self worth and personal finances. This is also aided by ambitious and courageous Mars conjunct your decan May 5 – Jun 4 making you competitive and bold. As I expressed in the general forecast, you get the full effect of the explosive Grand Cross activating your decan at this time and all the complications that come with it. It will force you to get your accounts in order in time for the penultimate Uranus square Pluto on December 14, which hits you as part of the Cardinal crisis. You can enjoy some steady accomplishment, solve problems with ease and feel strong and powerful in yourself. Gosh yes and you also have the relentless transformation of the god of the underworld to content with too. Go with your instincts and try not to let others bully you with “Shoulds” when something really doesn’t feel right.
But your career or life calling is demanding much of your time and this may be connected with your love life too.
Still, you might have fun with all that make-up sex… Mars square your decan Nov 8 – Nov 23 could be tussles in the board room or the bedroom if you started a love affair at the eclipse. North Node conjunct your decan Mar 4 – Sep 27 rewards all your heel-digging by showing you the direction you should have been going in all along. Either you will obsess about someone at work or someone could become a Svengali figure for you.
By now you have toughened up those spiritual muscles, so you are fighting fit for anything that life throws at you in 2015. Now suddenly the right people are falling onto your path with strategies that will carry you to the next level. You are changing profoundly within and this may feel painful if life outside does not quite yet sync with what your soul is crying out for.
This is spurred on by the Lunar eclipse conjunct your decan April 15  This is superb because this lights up your body and soul. Try to resist controlling everything and everyone, this may prove extremely hard while everything seems quite chaotic around you.
Health wise you should feel vibrant and back to your old self if you have been feeling run- down after the challenging start to the year. The temptation might be to hold on too hard to certain elements of your life and not allow the change take its natural course.
Ok you can put away the boxing gloves now and enjoy dashing about on a sledge picking up Christmas goodies.
However now you have to be careful not to overdo things since Mars has turned direct in your 1st house and is raring to go. Jupiter square your decan until end of May will help you adopt a philosophical outlook however. You can get all steamy in front of the yuletide log fire with a glass of Port and Bing Crosby.
Try to be patient, conserve your energy and take a holiday while Jupiter and the weather are still hot. The only problem is that a Mars Retrograde may not feel quite comfortable with pushing forward even if it’s ideas are sound.
Prudence is probably wise, for as I expressed in the general forecast, you get the full effect of the explosive Grand Cross in your decan during this time and all the complications that come with it. This includes softwares to calculate your Rashi, Nakshatra, Lagna, Janam Kundali, Muhurtha and Vargas (Divisional Charts).
This includes Rashi Drishtis (Sign Aspects), Graha Drishti (Planetary Aspects) and Sputa Drishti (Angular Aspects). This program tells us in detail the accurate astronomical locations of planets at the time of an individual's birth. This program tells us in detail the accurate astronomical locations of planets at the time ofan individual's birth. This program tells us in detail the characteristics and features of people born with a particular ascendant. This program tells us in detail the characteristics and features of people born under a particular moon sign.
It allows you to quickly navigate between a multitude of natal charts and uses an online emphemeris.

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