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Free online horoscope astrology reading; Indian peoples believe in Vedic Astrology a lot and cause of that for each and every smallest to smallest task is always performed with the help of Astrology. Vedic astrology believes that everything that is happening in human life all happens cause of planetary positions and planetary position is something which is calculated by the help of date of birth of individuals. The birth chart is a diagrammatical description of plants and stars which indirectly or directly affects the human being’s life.
In today’s time dispute and divorce, the ratio is getting increase constantly and there are several of the reason behind that. Astrology is a complete package of prediction and tradition which hold the related bodies and details that enables us to provide relevant information which is related to our personality, affair and other material issues. Private Consultationswith Katie SweetmanNo matter where you are in the world, I'm available via phone, Skype, or FaceTime for private astrology + psychic consultations. About MeKatie SweetmanI'm an astrologer, writer, and psychic medium living in Brooklyn, New York. Mailing List LoveSign up for Empowering Astrology in your inbox, from cosmic updates to info on events. In this site, as an online astrologer, I am trying to explain as much as I can in regard to vedic astrology and misnomers and would also like to provide a genuine online Birth Chart astrology readings and guidance to all of you. All you need to do is send us your question and your date, time and place of birth, and we will provide you with the outcome of your specified question. With his immaculate predictions and command on Vedic Astrology, Raj Shekhar Sharma ji has made a big difference to the life to many people I know.
Palm Reading can be a wonderful tool to catch a glimpse of what lies within and what lies ahead. Not only that much even for getting a prediction about future people takes help of Vedic astrology.
As we know that every person has their own unique date of birth and time and cause of which planetary positions vary person to person. And according to Vedic astrological, each and everything what is happing in a person’s life is totally happening cause of planetary position.
When two individuals come to get marry then they are unknown to each other but as time passes they start understanding everything about each other and slowly-slowly they become closer to each other but as we know that marriage is not a relationship between husband wife only, actually it’s a relationship where lot’s of many more relations also matters and cause of that problems and discussions happen in relationship of husband wife. From the ancient times, it is in existence, people used this vedic astrology for their life. Discover the secrets of yourself through your natal chart and how you can open up its highest potential.

The 1st house of the natal chart is like the clothes we wear and having this duo of outer planets is like donning a heavy metal suit of armor. Her Libra Moon in the 12th and it rules her 10th house of authority, traditionally associated with the father. Bunny looks at the date on her oil change window sticker, noticing that it’s time to get it changed. I know that there are astrologers that get a lot of info out of the Moon and its phase at birth.
One requires vedic astrology readings for almost all aspects of his life, may it be education, marriage, profession, finance and health etc. Even in learning just the basic lines you can discover things about yourself that may help you to live a happier and freer life. So this is the reason that every person goes through different- different situation and problems. So for calculating planetary position as for individual person astrologer take help of date of birth, date and time, by using these of threes astrology make the birth chart and then by this they make the prediction about that person’s life. It gives a complete prediction of someone's future as it is a diagram of the positions of planets. But with a fashion conscious Libra ascendant, the armor is at least going to have a little Venusian twist. She might have gotten lost (South Node conjunct Neptune) in her thinking (3rd house) regarding religion (Sagittarius) or run afoul of authority for being too ahead of her time (Sun trine Uranus). Saturn (father, authority, karmic lessons) is the ruler of the 4th house of home and family and it is conjunct Pluto in the 1st. But she figures getting the oil changed every 3,000 miles is merely a guideline and she can probably stretch it out longer. She also has her Saturn Return coming up in 2012, with the date of the exact return on October 29th. Get a fresh look on the planets and learn how to use astrology to unlock your highest potential.
Many of couples come to our astrologer and say that they are trying a lot and giving 100% from their side but still why everything is not getting right? This can either mean major battles in her partnerships or learning to successfully balance powerful partnerships and the natural ebb and flow of who is in charge. But there is a karmic component to her daily work and how she serves others with her thoughts and ideas.

How perfect — just in time for Halloween, that time when the veil between the two worlds thin and we make contact with forces that are usually hidden. If you have a similar chart to the one above, I would instead look at any planets in the early Cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Vedic astrology is something which never make bad of anyone and gives a guarantee of exact prediction of people’s life. Virgo is on the 12th house cusp, speaking to past lives and karma surrounding the practical application of skills, service, and knowledge.
For Bunny, her Saturn lessons surround transformation and letting go in regards to sex, death, identity, self worth, her body, and relationships. As being of human being people are too much curious to know about their future, but it’s not the easiest thing to get know about future easily because it very tough job to make the calculation about planetary positions. Make no mistake, Bunny is tough, but she’s more the powerful witch tending to others through holistic herbal remedies than anything else.
Also that North Node in the 9th house tells me that she’s come here in this life to literally expand her own mind and her reach.
Astrologers are the one who have that much of knowledge by using which they make help to people to get know about the future of there. It’s our personal advice to you that whenever you feel that problems are accruing in between you husband and wife then immediately take action for it and make solve out this because married relationship is too fragile, and if for once problems start happing in marriage relationship then it continuously gets bigger and bigger which not only gonna to affect you even its gonna to affect your life as well as your families and children life also. Bunny needs to travel far, both literally and figuratively, to find the facts and knowledge that will sustain her life’s work. Our astrologer Mukesh Ji offers their Horoscope Astrology Reading at free of cost because they have aimed to help people only. This is someone who is not only wired for talk but wired intuitive thinking and communication. So if you having any kind of Query in your mind then you can make consult to our astrologer and can help yourself to get know the answer to your Question.
To learn lessons about nurturing and being a nurturer to the world (Cancer on the 10th house cusp; Moon conjunct Ascendant) there first has to be a lack or a wound that pushes Bunny towards her destiny. This is also someone who has come from past lives where movement, learning, and communication were an integral part of her character.

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