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The principles behind the analyzing the horary chart is different in vedic astrology and in western astrology. IN KP astrology the Horary method uses 4 Basic Points - the Base Ascendant, the Rising Ascendent, Veedhi & Chatra. In western astrology the horary method is now being re-discovered by modern astrologers, enriching and improving how astrology is being practiced today. If the degree of the rising sign is less than 3A?, then the querent does not have enough information. If the degree of the rising sign is more than 27A?, then the matter is out of the hands of the querent. If the Moon is a€—Void of Coursea€?, that is the Moon making no more aspects to any planets before it goes into a new sign, then the matter proceeds with great difficulty. If Saturn is in the first or the seventh house, the Querent does not fully understand the situation.
If Mercury is a€—Retrogradea€? (moving in reverse as it seems from our view due to being on the other side of the Sun) then the Querent will change his or her mind about the desired outcome as plans will come to nought. If there is a a€—Besiegementa€? (the Moon is between the two malefics; Mars and Saturn, by either a conjunction or a square) then the Querent is in a no win situation with trouble at every turn. You are viewing Poorvashada Nakshatra Horoscope 2013 To 2014, Is one of the post that listed in the our site.
Dhanu rashi 2016-2017 predictions, sagittarius moon sign 2016-2017 predictions in vedic astrology. If you want to use this Poorvashada Nakshatra Horoscope 2013 To 2014 as wallpaper, please right click the image and select "Save Image As" to download the Poorvashada Nakshatra Horoscope 2013 To 2014 to your computer or select "Set Desktop Background As" if your browser has that capability. As per the holy Scriptures of Hindus, Akshay Tritiya brings luck and success to the life of the believer. Hindu Event Astrology considers three days of the year so auspicious that one may perform all the spiritual or auspicious tasks during any hour of those days. House construction should not be initiated and if running already then should be avoided on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. The most famous legend behind Akshaya Tritiya is of Lord Krishna and his best friend Sudama. Lord Krishna became so delighted seeing Poha, as it was brought by his childhood best friend Sudama.
With this article, we hope you will change your life by following the simple steps mentioned above. Sri Krishna Janmashtami Festival is the celebration of the birthday of Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, on earth. This festival occurs on the eight day of the dark half of the month Shravan of the Indian calendar. All the temples of Krishna are decorated beautifully for the occasion of Janmashtmi and people after worshipping Lord Krishna at home home visit the temples to witness the beautiful decorations. In Southern India women draw patterns of little children's feet outside the house to symbolize Little Krishna entering to bless it. In Mumbai and other cities of Maharashtra popular ceremony known as 'Dahi Handi' takes place where the pot containing curd or butter or milk is broken by the youths. The festival is celebrated with great joy and communal togetherness by devotees all over the world All because as a revolutionary, promoter of brotherhood, savior of mankind, he was friend with animals, environment, nature, respectful to women, promoter of brotherhood; he was regarded by his devotees as the ultimate deity. 11th house Stands for Gains (of money, knowledge), elder brother or sister, wealth, elevation of husband, longevity of mother, gain from father- in-law, friends , hopes , wishes, aspirations, success in undertakings, elections, litigation, speculation, discharge from hospital, ears, trade, society, community, recovery from illness, freedom from misery, ambitions, wishes, desires & their fulfillment, marriage, disease.
The seventh house shows ones desires, and the eleventh is the fifth therefrom indicating the future of such desires, namely the fulfillment or denial of the desires. Transits of Major planets in the 11th house also play an important role in determining the timing for getting its results. What to expect during a Jupiter transit to the 11th: Youa€™ll have opportunities to expanda€”personally, spiritually, and professionallya€”through friendship and groups.
Although extra saturnine planets like Uranus & Neptune are not considered in Vedic astrology, they are given very important role in transits. Uranus transits to the 11th (or transits to natal Uranus in the 11th): Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun, so ita€™s in a signa€”and a housea€”for about 7 years. Neptune transits to the 11th (or transits to natal Neptune in the 11th): Neptune takes 165 years to orbit the Sun, so ita€™s in a signa€”and a housea€”for about 14 years.
Numerology 1 indicates progress or coming of extra income during beginning days of this month. Numerology 3 indicates ego-clash, difference in opinion, and plenty of challenges for this month.
Numerology 6 indicates accomplishment of desires, excellent confidence level and fulfillment of goal during this month.
Numerology 8 indicates enjoyment or pleasure in life, beautiful experience, and incoming of money during this month. If you are wondering about how this coming year will impact your life,what are the turns that will come in your career, how will it be fromyour health point of view and will you be able to develop a strong bond this year?
Our Hindi Horoscope 2012will convey you a general report covering all twelve moon signs to make you aware of the unseen facts which will impact your living style in the coming year 2012. It is calculated just like a Natal Chart but at the moment the specific question is asked and not at the time of birth. It detects your latitude, longitude, time zone and DST so that you do not need to enter anything. The zodiac is divided into segments based on the Rashi lord, Nakshatra lord and sub lord in this method of Astrology.
If one or both of the co-rulers apply in benefic aspect (Conjunction, Trine and Sextile) to the planet ruling the appropriate house for the question, then there is a positive outcome to the question.
Planets applying in Opposition indicate that there will be much negotiating or arguing before a positive outcome will be established.
An Opposition in Mutual Reception is an exception to this as it gives a positive answer based on compromise. If the planet ruling the house of the question is in the first house (representing the querent), then there is a positive answer.
If the planet ruling the ASC is in the house of the question, then there is a positive answer.

For example if Moon and Jupiter are in Kendra to each other, it is called Gajakesari Rajayoga.
Don't forget to browse another image of Poorvashada Nakshatra Horoscope 2013 To 2014 in the related category or you can browse our other interesting images that we have. Auspiciousness of this day has the power to transform one's luck and bestow them with wealth & prosperity. Every year, this great day falls on the third day of the bright half of Hindu month Vaishakha. It is believed that any spiritual activity (including meditation, chanting, donation and different forms of worship) performed on this day stays with the person forever. In order to make the inflow of wealth continuous, people also buy gold and precious jewelry. These methods can at least give some food to your mind and soul, after all these are more about spirituality. The temples at Vrindavan and Mathura witness a colorful, even boisterous celebration on this occasion, and festivities at these places may extend for several days.
Such a fulfillment is considered as a gain to the native, and the reason the eleventh house is called the labha bhava.
The natural sign of badhaka is Aquarius being the natural eleventh sign in the zodiac, and its lord Saturn, tempts us, and punishes us. Study groups can lead to intellectual and spiritual growth by exploring advanced topics and world religions. What to expect during a Saturn transit to the 11th: You may accept a responsible position in a group you belong to.
The results for these planets will be received more of a permanent nature due to their slow motion. What to expect during a Uranus transit to the 11th: Therea€™s an upswing in your social life as lively, trendy, people suddenly appear and then, just as youa€™re getting used to them, theya€™re history.
What to expect during a Neptune transit to the 11th: Maybe over the years, youa€™ve given more than youa€™ve gotten in certain codependent relationships.
Person with lucky number 2 will aim to finish their tasks or planning with full of enthusiasm.
Person with life path number 3 need to take a quite care while dealing in sensitive condition. And so many questions then here we are with our Hindi Horoscope 2012 which will help you find answers for all such queries. Hindi Horoscope 2012will help you discover the unseen events which will greatly influence your life in the coming year 2012. ThisHindi Horoscope 2012will help you to know the predictions related to every important sphere of your life including love, marriages, health, career, business, financial prospects and many more.
Horary is a predictive branch of astrology, meaning, it can make predictions with amazing accuracy.
Horary Astrology or Prasna Shastra in Sanskrit (Sanskrit Prasna, question) has been practiced in India for centuries. So, there are 249 segments in the zodiac, and when a querent (the person who ask the question) comes with a question, they are asked pick a number between 1 and 249.
If Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn are in Kendra in their own sign or exalted sign, it is termed as Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga.
Sometimes, Parashurama Jayanti falls on the day before Akshaya Tritiya due to the difference in the starting time of third day (Tritiya Tithi), as per Panchang. Further, he followed the entire process of a€?Atithi Devo Bhavaa€™ (the guest is like God) properly to give a grand welcome to his dear friend Sudama. It didna€™t take a moment more for Sudama to realize that it was nothing other than the glorious boon of Lord Krishna, where he got blessed with a lot more of wealth than he expected of. This festival is also known as Ashtami Rohini, Gokulashtami, Krishnashtami and Sri Krishna Jayanthi.
Huge Jhakiyan that describes the events of Lord Krishna's life are designed in a mesmerizing manner. It is believed that Krishna was born at midnight and it is at this time that the true festivities commence. His devotees commemorate his earthy presence by celebrating his Janmotsava every year with great zeal and enthusiasm. These badhaka signs and their lords cause obstacles in our life, which are seemingly impossible to rectify for the native.
Lord of 9th, 10th, 11th in 11th give gains from parents, from profession and is also helpful to friends. If youa€™ve befriended people with serious problems, you may find yourself burned out, especially if theya€™re involved in self-destructive patterns like addiction or abusive relationships.
Number one in April month indicates warmer relationship, surprises, and a little bit success in planning. Disagreement can also cause a serious trouble in personal or professional life of person with number 3. Numerology 4 is also attracting enemies and strangers in this month which may bring problems.
Number 6 gives you a chance to rewind or relax yourself from hectic schedules during this month. Number nine also indicates high energetic level means person with number 9 will take interest to sum up bounty of tasks in speed.
Our Hindi Horoscope 2012 is written in Hindi to make it convenient for Hindi readers and hence it is totally based on the concepts of Vedic Jyotish. Hindi Horoscope 2012is based on moon signs and the planetary lunar transitions to give you the accurate predictions related to the New Year 2012. Hindi Horoscope 2012will help you to become prepared for facing any kind of problem in the coming year. It is a branch of Vedic astrology, which is still widely used across the Indian subcontinent.
This determines the ascendant and the planets are placed in the chart for the time of query (disregarding the actual ascendant for the moment). 15 rules that I explained earlier are the basis of most of the rajyogas and it is important you master those rules.

One day, in the scarcity of essential wealth, he decided to approach Lord Krishna to seek help. Seeing the hospitality of his friend, Sudama was so overwhelmed that he started crying and embraced Lord Krishna. Krishna is considered to be a warrior, hero, teacher and philosopher by not just Hindus but people across the world.
The Raslila is performed to recreate incidents from the life of Krishna and commemorate his love for Radha. People who are knowledgeable and well-placed may befriend you and bring good fortune your way. You may worry about friends who are having a hard time due to illness, aging, difficult world conditions, or as the consequences of irresponsible behavior.
Ita€™s on with the new but out with the old, as long-term connections reach sudden endings, for instance when one of you moves away. If theya€™re unwilling to change them, this may be a time when their problems get worse, and you decide to cut them loose.
Performance of person with number 9 will also get recommended for encouragement during this month.
It will let you discover the mysterious relationship between the human beings and their universe which help us to explore the influences created in our lives by the impact of planetary positions.
As many Astrologers have predicted this year to be a very significant year, we are here to give you the best predictions in our Hindi Horoscope 2012. Horary Astrology is a unique way of providing astrological predictions on any subject from event horoscope. Hence, the day of Akshay Tritiya is considered quite auspicious for material gains and unending wealth.
Just keep your faith high and worship Lord Vishnu (Lord Krishna is one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu) on this glorious day of Akshaya Tritiya. Some Hindus fast for the first day of Krishna Janmashtami, choosing only to eat after the midnight celebrations. To account for our misdeeds the eleventh house also acts as the natural house of obstruction or badhaka.
If the planets are well placed and associated with the badhaka sign or lord, then the planets will instead work towards the removal of obstacles, and all the doors of opportunities will be opened to the native, although there will be some obstacles at first, though. In the mahadasha in the planet owning 8th and 11th houses, during 1st half of the dasa one discharges debts, he gets personal elevation and the quarrels end. Reaching out to groups or networks can boost your career or businessa€”after all, the 11th is the 2nd house of the 10th. Some old friends youa€™ve been loyal to may leave your life, and you may be too focused on other responsibilities to socialize as much as previously. Whata€™s likely to fill the void is a new or deeper involvement in groups devoted to spiritual development, service, or creativity. The basis of the horary chart is the time your question is put to the astrologer, and from this a map of the sky is erected.
As he reached Krishnaa€™s luxurious palace, he felt so ashamed for bringing such a poor gift for his rich friend. As the badhaka acts like Rahu the good results could be reaped through travel, foreigners or foreign destinations. Old pals from long ago pop up (high school reunion?) and give you a chance to see how youa€™ve each fared since then. Groups take on a new meaning and new excitement, and you may find yourself drawn to social or political action. You meet fellow seekers who become brothers and sisters of the heart and share a rich and soulful awakening. A little possibility is of emerging name or fame for person with number 1 during this month. Personal details, such as your date, place and time of birth, are not needed and so, for those who do not have this information, horary provides a method of dealing with problems with difficult situations.
To answer the questions, this ancient astrology doesn't require details like date, place and time of birth, it as an alternative answers the queries based on the time they were placed to the astrologer.
In Temples images of Krishna are bathed and placed in cradles, whilst the shankh (conch shell) is played and bells are rung. During this period, you may make good business or professional connections with colleagues and clients through belonging to groups or networks related to your career. You may meet people online who share your interests and find yourself online constantly to keep up with social networking.
Material prosperity during periods of planets related to the 11th is obtained because 11th lord is good for material prosperity and bad for spirituality.
Older, experienced, and capable people may be impressed with you and may mentor youa€”or you yourself may become a mentor to promising young people.
The chart that is calculated is for that question only and will show the background of the question (what led up to the question) what is going on at the present time and how the future could turn out if you let nature run it's course. This chart shows the details like - what is going on at present, how could the future be affected, etc.
He immediately recognized his dear frienda€™s attempt of hiding something and asked him to show. 11th lord in 11th makes the native to progress day by day, and significations of the 11th house will nourish & give wealth. If the chart shows that things are going to turn out well then we can leave them alone and relax. But if the chart shows potential problems we can choose not to continue or choose to do something in a different way which can give us a different outcome. Horary Astrology helps one to predict the longevity, health, success, failure, love, time of marriage, divorce, result of examination, job, gain by lottery or stock market, success in litigation & legacy etc. With Sun, Moon combination in the 11th one can become a ruler even if born in humble circumstances.

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