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My friend does tarot card readings & of course does mine for free ?? Do you think they’re accurate?
Answer by Miss 6Automated card sites are not accurate – a real person doing a reading for you is. Popular Tagsare tarot cards accurateaccuracy of tarot cardstarot card accuracyfree accurate tarot card readingExtremely Accurate Free Tarot Readingsfree tarot card reading online accuratePosts Related to Are tarot card readings accurate? A reading from a real person however it is delivered can be accurate, obviously depending on the reader & the questioner. Face to face or phone can at times deliver more detail as you have a flow of conversation which you do not get via email.

If you get a reading from some that sends you the reading through email or an instant messenger they are just as accurate.
What are the best free tarot sites on the web ?What are the best free tarot sites on the web ? Of course there are some terrible ones on there so be sure to check the feedback–not the amount but the comments people have stated about their readings. Trying to determine whether or not it is worth the time and effort to design and build a Tarot Card software to allow people to do personal readings on their own? Q&A: Where would I be able to buy Tarot Cards in Ireland?Where would I be able to buy Tarot Cards in Ireland?

Free Tarot Reading Online AccurateBroadly speaking, a person is not always advised to consult Online Tarot Reading Free very single time of day or week.
Q&A: Do you have to be a certain age to buy tarot cards?Do you have to be a certain age to buy tarot cards?

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