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This printable to date has made my days more productive than ever in all my mom life and I am now sharing a Summer version of the printable for everyone to enjoy! Doodle A Day: In this spot I doodle what makes me happy, write uplifting quotes to myself and simple enjoy the idea of filling a spot with anything my heart desires. Meal Planning, Water and Movement: I have a goal this year to get fitter and keeping track of what goes in my body and moving is a major part of that goal. Daily Dozen: This is a list that I have to complete every day to maintain a less insane home.
Notes: A tiny little inbox for phone messages I receive, ideas or items I may need to add to a project list.

The index of each day can be found here as well as a link to a form where you can request to have a printable custom designed just for you! Free Printables Sign up to receive all 31 printables in this series for free! Put your e-mail address in the box toward the bottom and click the confirm link in your e-mail.
Everyone’s list is different so I left this section blank but will add a general list at some point in the future.
Lately I have been creating colorful Zen tangles, very simple ones, however they bring me great joy.

I believe organizing systems should be beautiful, practical, and functional, and I'm here to help you with that. On the post it I jot down items I need to purchase at the store that day or anything else that requires me to be in my car or out of the house.
I usually just keep my daily sheet loose from the rest of my planner and throw them away at the end of the day, so that my planner doesna€™t get too bulky.

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