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FreeBalalaikaChords is an educational software designed to help and guide you through learning how to play the balalaika guitar without a teacher.
The balalaika is a musical instrument, used in Russian folklore, similar to a guitar, but smaller and with only three strings.
Moreover, each chord is represented as dots on a fretboard, in TAB view and in an image depicting the correct placement of the fingers.
FreeBalalaikaChords also offers you the possibility of creating sound sequences for practicing different levels of difficulty. Moreover, you may save the current list of chords as a favorite, then load it at any future time and practice with it.
With FreeBalalaikaChords you can learn to play the balalaika in a short time, even if you have no previous experience. Now you do not need to click always the Play button to hear the chords sounds of the favourites. Karaoke Lyrics Editor is a useful and efficient piece of software whose main purpose is to provide you with the ability of synchronizing the lyrics of your songs to the sound of the actual music file.

The tool is fairly simple to install, while its straight-forward interface along with the tips and help bubbles make it approachable even for those who have no experience with similar applications. Karaoke Lyrics Editor allows you to load the song you want to work with and input the lyrics by hand, from clipboard, or open a LRC format file, which will contain all the required data. If you choose to add the words manually, you will also have to add the time tags at the beginning and end of each line, including the minutes, seconds and milliseconds when that specific lines starts or finishes.
Other options include the ability to insert pictures, color changes or videos, as well as trim the whitespace.
To conclude, Karaoke Lyrics Editor is an interesting and user-friendly program that enables you to get ready for your karaoke parties by synchronizing the lyrics to your favorite songs and preparing them for use. The software can educate you on the name of the chords, as well as instruct you on how to correctly apply the pressure points on the fingerboard. FreeBalalaikaChords allows you to learn the chords names and practice with minor or major tonalities. Given the instrument’s physical particularities, a correct grip of the fretboard can be very important.

Once you sent a chord onto the song board, you may delete or edit it, by transposing it to a different tonality. The software offers you comprehensive educational tools that can help you advance from beginner to experienced balalaika player and song composer. The software displays each chord on an individual button, that can produce the genuine sound rendered with the balalaika. In other words, you may compose an original song for the balalaika, with a few mouse clicks.
You can easily learn chords and their correct rendering on the Russian traditional guitar, thanks to the several graphic representations.

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