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There are many resources available on the internet to check your device but many fall short of giving accurate and full results.
Local buyers on Craigslist, Kijiji or other online websites that offer advertisements for local transactions. Companies or Individuals who buyback phones for resale including cell phone repair shops, eBay sellers etc. The value of a device that has a bad ESN, MEID or IMEI on Verizon is significantly less than one with a good ESN Number. A Verizon IMEI is really a technical incorrect word to use since IMEI is related to GSM carrier handset identification. Contract Obligation Fulfilled – The subscriber on Verizon must have fullfilled their contact obligation in regards to acquiring the specific handset being checked. If you call up, make sure you ask them to check both their DMD (device management database) and the Lost or Stolen List. As I said earlier, you can use these for reference but the best place to check is directly with Verizon!
For devices that have a batter compartment, this is usually under the battery on the manufactures label. With iPhone connected, click Phone Number to rotate through other device information including MEID, IMEI (when applicable), and ICCID. With iPad (Cellular models) connected, click Serial Number to rotate through other device information including CDN, MEID, IMEI (when applicable), and ICCID. Many of these techniques will give you the MEID number which may need to be converted, depending on who you’re checking the ESN with or trying to activate the phone through an official post-paid carrier or prepaid MVNO.
Quelques remarques concernant ton inscription:- A l'inscription tu seras demande d'approuver notre "Accord et decharge". Phone must be a digital mode phone for over the air activation and data services, text messages. The legend says that the city of Bucharest was founded on the banks of the Dambovita River by a shepherd named Bucur, whose name literarily means joy. As said, the city was first mentioned in 1459, in a document issued by the court of Prince Vlad the Impaler, the prince who inspired the creation of the world known character, Dracula. In 1918, on the 1st of December, the Principality of Romania was created and Bucharest became the capital after a 2-year period when the capital of the Principality was transferred to Iasi due to the fact that Bucharest was under German occupation during the First World War. The megalomaniac projects of Nicolae Ceausescu destroyed most of the historical landmarks of the city.
The Parliament Palace (otherwise known as the People’s House, Casa Poporului in Romanian) is the best example which illustrates the artistic vision of the communist regime.
The last violent historical episodes which have taken over Bucharest are the Revolution and the social commotions, which took place in 1989 and in the early 1990s.  Revolution Square (Piata Revolutiei) is one of the sites that was part of the Romanian Revolution of 1989.
The old city center is now full of pubs, cafes and restaurants where thousands of people flock each day to escape the busy everyday life. The heart of Bucharest, Old center (Lipscani) is a part of the city's historical part which was not demolished by Nicolae Ceausescu. The Arch of Triumph (Arcul de Triumf), situated in the northern part of the city, close to Herastrau Park is a great place to see looking like the one in Paris. If shopping is your entertainment, you will be happy to find out that Bucharest is the capital city with the biggest number of shopping malls in Eastern Europe.

As the capital city of Romania, in Bucharest you can find a large variety of events that attract young audiences from all around Europe. BIFF, or Bucharest International Film Festival is one of the most prestigious national film festivals, as proven by the massive audience at its number of editions, with a number of 19 000 sold tickets (let alone the fact that the students had free entrance), and the positive reviews from the press.
Bucharest is also known for its music events, incorporating multiple genres and music styles, starting from classical music, jazz and moving to the folk songs and finally to famous rock ballads and world renowned pop songs. What we can call a particularly interesting event, in the area of classical music, is the George Enescu International Festival.
The Johann Strauss International Festival is also a well-known, annual event, held in Bucharest. This event is usually held in August and, during a week, concerts are held for the ones who are passionate about classical music. On a less serious note, if you are looking to have fun and if you love rock or pop music concerts, EUROPAfest has also lined up some special events for you.
The Old Town transforms into a historic playground throughout the month of May as part of the Old Bucharest Festival. Every June, The Bucharest Street Music Festival takes place against the backdrop of the cobbled alleys and winding roads of the medieval old city. Finally, for the sport lovers, Bucharest is the host of The International Half-Marathon, organized by Petrom. All these events and a lot more bring live to the city and make it an enjoyable, vivid environment for students and people of all ages.
Technically, these numbers are the same and the are simply a calculated variable of one another. However the seller after you’ve purchased it from them might not pay their bill or remove the phone from their line which would end up having a bad ESN at a later point in time.
The largest scenario you want to watch out for is when a Verizon device was just recently used! Ask if the phone was recently deactivated and if their is a possibility the handset could end up turning into a bad ESN device if the user doesn’t pay their bill.
This way, incase something happens by the time arrives to me if I ordered from eBay or somewhere online and want to activate it at a future point in time, you’ll have some leverage.
Only do this method if you bought the device new as it’s possible if you bought it used or refurbished that the sim card tray was swapped out or not the original from the device. Full day trip to Geneva City where we will wander through the town in the morning, have a nice lunch, and then visit a world class research facility: the infamous CERN and its particle accelerator. Visite d'une journee a Geneve ou nous visiterons la ville le matin, puis apres un copier dejeuner nous visiterons le campus du CERN, campus de recherche de renommee mondiale, notamment connu pour son accelerateur de particules.
Our mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. It was in those times that Bucharest started to grow as an important economic and political center of Wallachia. During the tragic earthquake happened in 1977, Bucharest suffered further damage, a lot of buildings were destroyed and some of the population died.
In the center of Bucharest, near Piata Unirii (Union Plazza), tourists can see the largest parliament building in the world.
There is a tall monument in the center of the square in memory of those who died during it. As you can imagine this makes the city also the most important student city in Romania with hundreds of thousands of students residing here.

The area contains mid 19th century buildings, ruins of the Wallachian medieval court, churches, bank headquarters, a few hotels, clubs, restaurants and shops.
It currently has around 300 traditional buildings (including churches, workshops, mills etc.) plus furniture, pottery, clothing gathered from villages in every region of the country in an effort to showcase the traditional way of life of the Romanians. Large complexes with hundreds of shops, cafes, restaurants and cinemas await residents and tourists alike. Although they comprehend numerous fields, we can safely assume that the cultural dimension is the most prominent when speaking about Bucharest’s distinctive events. During the last decade, Bucharest International Film Festival had a series of prestigious guests such as Andrei Konchalovsky, Danis Tanovic, Nikita Mihalkov, Rutger Hauer, Jerzy Skolimovsky, Jan Harlan, Radu Mihaileanu.
George Enescu is the first Romanian composer to have crossed the nation’s borders, reinterpreting traditional elements of the cultural Romanian heritage and adding the most noble influences of the international music, all these in a unique key.
EUROPAfest brings music to Romanian young people, while encouraging creativity, solidarity, talent, generosity and inspiration.
The event and the skilled artists involved evoke the music and traditions of the troubadours by performing Romanian folk music and medieval pieces. Known for its great nightlife and large number of clubs, Bucharest is just as rich in cultural, entertainment and artistic events.
Depending on the manufacture and phone model, MEID is usually listed on the back of the phone under the battery. It is known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, the glorious Belle Epoque buildings and of the reputation of having a good night life in the Old Town, the heart of the city. The Old Princely Court is the most important architectural complex which reminds of those times and it’s situated in the Old City Center.
The bewilderingly miscellaneous picture of Bucharest is, in fact, comprehensive enough to accommodate both spectacular elevated touches and grotesque dull shades. The festival usually takes place in September and is accompanied by a competition for young musicians.
Bucharest International Jazz Competition is ranked as the second jazz contest in Europe and the third in the world. Through EUROPAfest, Bucharest firmly places itself on the European map of music of all ages.
Most likely because this converted ESN number is shorter in length and is easier to fit and requires a smaller bar code.
The first historical reference to this city under the name of Bucharest dates back to the Middle Ages, in 1459.
The George Enescu International Competition has a tradition of launching some of the great artists of our time on their way to fame.
Dedicated to professional musicians, the event successfully debuted in 2007, registering an unexpected participation for the first edition – 30 bands from 25 countries. Alongside the Enescu Festival, the Competition reinforces Romania’s significance as a player in the international cultural arena.

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