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There are several different types of IQ or general mental ability tests.A  In general they are trying to measure how quickly and accurately you can solve problems, to give an indication of raw intellect. There are general mental ability (GMA) IQ tests that measure your ability to quickly solve a variety of different problems from verbal, to numeric to diagrammatic.
If Bob sold 15 apples in a working week, what is the average number of apples he sells each day? If it takes 2 hours to drive to City A and the city is 120km away, what speed was the vehicle travelling at?

If Sally sells more tickets than Betty and Betty sells more tickets than Jodie, who sells the most if we compare Sally and Jodie? Air a€“ Boats travel through the water and water goes through a boat's engine, therefore what do planes travel through and what goes through the engine?A  The Air.
The net effect of photosynthesis, chemically, is reduction, leading to the formation of simple carbohydrates and accompanied by a release of oxygen.
A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled the same written forward or backward, often used for I.Q.

UK's leading organization for the study and application of of psychometrics offers a PhD Psychometrics program.

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