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BCS Worldwide, a technology company in Cincinnati and the only company to bring Tall Stacks 2003 and 2006 live on the Internet is helping small businesses and individuals list their cell phone numbers in the 411 National Directory Assistances. Our 411 service is by far unique which is expected to lead the force for Wireless 411 services.
We at BCS have developed a secure database on our dedicated servers to store your information and monitor the information making sure it gets into the 411 National Directory Assistance database. We will provide a list of free directory assistance numbers so you will not incur the high cost of traditional directory assistance with your local carriers.
Our services will give cell phone users functionality that traditional landline users enjoy today. 53% of cell phone users would participate in a cell phone listing for their business or themselves. Numbers are everywhere in life, choosing best numbers in daily life may reduce your problems and you may live a prosperous life; God Willing. Can you kindly calculate my lucky number & provide it along with the method to calculate the same. AOA Bro, without date of birth it will not be certain but as per your name Abbas you can use 7.
Salam Sister, pleas send your, name, time, place, date of birth and mothers name with question. Salam Sister, please send your, name, time, place, date of birth and mothers name with question.

AOA Bro, please download our free software Numerology Chart from the products section, it has got answers to all your questions.
Your Lucky number question has been answered above, the meaning of your name is Shining, Chamakdar, Roshan, Bright.. Salam Akash brother, please download Numerology Chart software from the products page its FREE software, and will calculate not only the lucky numbers but also your lucky color an stone, years and so on. Your lucky number is not six, as the total of your name (Abjad e Qamri) comes out to be 1 and its of Shams and 6 is number of Zohra, and its your date of birth, so 6 will partially help you but it will destroy your love and married life. According to correct arabic the value of ta marbuta is 5 hence total name value of QuratulAyn is 7 , is this right ?
I am sure this will not only help me but also a lot of other people with this name once they get to know its real value.
Hamza = Dont take Hamza, or take Alif or Yeh in accordance with the pronunciation in the word. Can you please suggest me a suitable most fitted name number for success in Wealth business, Education. I am waiting for your reply for my emails sent to you yesterday on the above mentioned subject i. AOA, Yes indeed its one of the Greatest Knowledge revealed to Prophet Muhammad S, thanks for your very nice comments.
My aim is to provide higher level and accurate prediction technically and scientifically for the satisfaction of the person at the nominal cost.

It takes 5 to 14 days for us to Answer your Question from the time you place the order on our site. We now make it possible for individuals and businesses who use a cellular phone as their only means of communication to get listed. We strive to make the process for database management hassle free which is why we continually upgrade our hardware and software.
Please do not post private and confidential personal details here in posts, instead use spiritual help form or the contact form. As far as the mobile number is concerned… choose a a number that has more 6 in it and the total of the number should also be 6. The landline phone will be a thing of the past as we move forward in the digital wireless age. We strongly back the various privacy acts relating to cellular phone numbers which is why our service is a opt –in by the consumer or business. Walk down any street you will see more and more people using cell phones which has become a worldwide obsession.

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