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Polar bears can smell food from great distances and can sniff out seal dens covered by thick layers of snow and ice. Polar bears are excellent swimmers, although they paddle with only their front paws and cannot dive deeply. Global warming can also reduce the ice on which the bears live and hunt, threatening their survival. They live in regions where the sea freezes in winter, chiefly along the northern coasts and islands of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Russia.

They range throughout the Arctic Ocean as far north as the North Pole but remain more common near land.
WORLD BOOK and the GLOBE DEVICE are registered trademarks or trademarks of World Book, Inc. Polar bears feed mainly on seals—particularly a small species of seal called the ringed seal and a larger species called the bearded seal. Polar bears will eat many other things, including berries and grasses, birds’ eggs, ducks, geese, lemmings, reindeer, seaweed, walrus, certain whales, and sometimes other polar bears.

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