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This study habit is almost magical, in that it compresses the time it takes for you to master a subject. Typically, I would spend some time reading a textbook, and then answering a few problems are the end. Fields like Accounting and Mathematics happen to flow very smoothly with the problem solving method. NOTE: This method can be exhausting, but it is the quickest way to get to truly learn, internalize, and master any subject matter. Problem-Based Learning will help you get you an A in your course, but that’s not the goal. Now, how do we apply such a study method to more “airy” topics like Literature and Philosophy?

What if there existed a “Universal Worksheet”, that helped you get to Mastery Level in ANY work of literature that you choose to read? What if there was a resource that you could download to your computer, or print out, ever at your disposal?
What if this resource, when systematically followed, brought you to a high level of comprehension and understanding? I know how it feels to want to get an elite-level education, and not know the exact way to go about it. I also know that you will find the worksheet very valuable, making you want to purchase Lit For Brains courses and resources in the future. ESSENTIAL DATA - Set #3 TEACH HANDWRITING! Spoken language becomes tangible with letters. Learners must recognize many variations of ABC-shapes, both upper-case and lower-case.

On particularly lazy days, I would even save the problems for another day, falling behind on my studies.
It’s similar to Math, in that the best (*only*) way to truly learn the subject is through pratice problems. Then, you start reading the portions of the Chapter that will help you solve your particular problem.
By mastering the material, you’re building habits of excellence and saving a great deal of time by squashing your limitations.

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