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Usually when we do a reading, we shuffle and deal the cards off the top of the deck into their positions. Shuffle the cards and let the querent draw as many as necessary for the spread (or simply count the requisite number off the top and hand them to the querent).
Variation 2a: Let the querent discard a card and go through the deck to select the card she wants to put in its place. In the book, I give three more variations, in addition to a bunch of other cool techniques. Of course, being an online Tarot reader, it’s a little hard to be so interactive with the client, but I love the idea for when I am working face-to-face with clients. The Llewellyn free automated tarot card readings offer quite a few options for either little questions or broader issues that you'd want to consult on.
For a free automated tarot card reading, the Llewellyn site impressed me with a choice of nine different tarot card decks.

I found that I wanted a little more information to interpret the tarot cards on the longer Path to a Goal spread and it just wasn't there. September 2014 Contest!Discover Tarot Cards will be giving away a tarot card bag.Pick your fav design and store your cards in style! The luscious jewel colors and fresh art style of Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot evoke players at a local Renaissance Faire. In this way, tarot (or perhaps fate) determines not only what cards we get but where they land. The querent then lays out the cars in the positions however she wishes, and the reader interprets the cards. Explore why the querent would propose those changes and what can be done to shift the energy to reflect the querent’s ordering of the cards. After doing the reading as usual, let the querent discard a card and draw one randomly to replace it.

This Tarot is a faithful update of the Pamela Colman Smith artwork, enhanced by a rich palette that she could only dream of.
I like this variation because it give us a baseline of the situation as it stands and then allows the querent to work within that reality, which resonates strongly with how I view a good tarot reading.
The technique of playing the had that you are dealt assumes that the querent has more control over the energies present.

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