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Josh Eppard of Coheed & Cambria will bring his hip-hop project Weerd Science to Kingston this Friday. Flood The Valley, a progressive hip-hop series based out of Kingston, NY showcases local talent as well as emerging artists outside of the Hudson Valley. Planet Waves began in 1998 as the home of the Eric Francis horoscope, a prominent feature in our premium service. We offer free trial subscriptions, discounts for students and seniors, and gift subscriptions for veterans and those on active military duty. This weekend’s reading feels like a significant, if not major, initiation into something, and the caution of what can happen when that initiation is squandered through misuse or abuse. There is the intimation that truth is reached alone, and that it can often rise up from those parts of us that are not altogether knowable. In terms of New Age thought, the Ace of Pentacles might be seen as the initiation into working with the Laws of Attraction. Which thoughts or beliefs that we are tempted to hold back or steal away for ourselves are we being asked to restore or to keep out in the open?
Sarah is now taking applications for her online tarot training - a five-week course starting in the fall. I did a reading with the 7S a few weeks ago where the card wanted to be interpreted from the figure’s point of view, and in a way that had little or nothing to do with theft. Sarah: surely the aces do work together, but being opposites and antagonists, they modify each other considerably. What confuses me about 7S though, is that his dress implies those swords aren’t meant for him. It can be harsh medicine that asks to be treated with the utmost respect (yew), or it can heal (kelp, for instance). From a more practical viewpoint, it is about the harnessing, rather than the exploitation, of a resource that is available to us in its purest form. Here, I see a man with five swords in his arms, creeping away from two swords that remain on the ground behind him.

Whatever the motive, the result is the same: in this situation, we do not give of ourselves fully, and the energy of both Aces is subverted, unable to reach full expression.
How much more effectively could we put our ideas into action if we felt able to give all of ourselves to the process without fear of losing out or of recrimination?
Or, in the words of Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective, it could be an experience of the interconnectedness of all things. Perhaps instead of saying they neutralize each other to some extent (and aces are so powerful they would be almost impossible to neutralize completely) then perhaps we could say the two aces work on different levels that do not really connect, or perhaps that they are dissonant rather than harmonious. I always imagine this card as someone being a victim of the thief, never that they ARE the thief. Notice that the thief is sneaking away from a bunch of elaborate tents with pennants flying over them.
Taking the time to THINK(lol!) what I was trying to say, is that the 7S implies that a calculated risk is called for, in order to obtain those gifts the aces present. It adds a new layer on to the original reading — one that, as you say, is much more antagonistic, whereas I saw the two Aces as working together.
Either way, when wielded in service to a higher authority (the crown), its inspiration is empowering and liberating. It seeks expression while also seeking balance within a world where equilibrium is not always easily attained, and which is a process of constant adjustment and readjustment.
It is the ability to create something that prospers, yet remains supportive of the environment that brings it into being and nurtures it.
And both Aces are involved here: the sword in its physical form, and the pentacle implied in the bold yellow that surrounds the figure. I get the impression this is some grand festival where knights are competing in a sword fighting championship. My second is that your own interpretation as to why and where he is taking them will be far more useful than mine. So will just offer that perhaps the aces grant the access & means, almost like permission is granted to take what you need, like a key thru the back door.

An Ace symbolises an offering that is the epitome of the quality of its suit; a gift that, when used effectively, has the power to embody that quality in its purest form.
I have a feeling that he is unable to carry all seven, and it is only a matter of time before he returns for the other two.
And he takes all but two of the swords, so at least there is ONE pair of swords left for someone to duel with.
Like two colours clashing, the Aces can either be in conflict, or they can create something strangely beautiful, and with an edgy and vibrant energy.
Our environment is not random or accidental, based on the wishes of others: it is driven and shaped by our own clear thinking and powers of reasoning. The Ace of Pentacles is very weak here, indicating trouble manifesting on the physical plane.
My heart pounding in my throat, (like I HAD been busted in the middle of a bank heist!) In NZ the dust was settling, & the destruction surveyed.
Now the swords are pared down, which might seem unfair and a bit brutal, but when all other options are removed, there is an elegance to a scenario where you simply have to act with what you have. The AP-5S is also neutralizing, the 5S is deceit or thievery, someone is taking something he does not deserve. My 5 hungry kids were fighting & yelling, so I had a quick cry as I bundled them into the car to go get Mc Donalds.
Perhaps it is even our fear of someone else benefitting unfairly from our efforts, that stops us from getting the results we want.

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