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Ketu black  white coloured, blessed with son, travelling and propriety. Objects related to Ketu are son, grandson (daughter's son), child, advisor, farsightedness, dog, pig, lizard, male bird, donkey, rabbit, porter, innocent rat, interest, ear, leg, spinal chord, cat's eye, sesame, sour, banana, blackwhite blanket, tamarind, cot, onion, garlic, etc. Jupiter helps Ketu to overcome its weakness and enable it to give auspicious effects.
Ketu, according to the author of Lal Kitab, represents son, grandson, ear, spine etc.
Ketu represents the opposite node of Ketu, in the tail of the serpent.
If Ketu is auspicious or benefic in this house, the native will be laborious, rich and happy, but will always be concerned and troubled because of his progeny. Whenever Ketu comes in 1st house in Varsha Kundli there may be birth of a son or nephew.
If ketu in 1st house is malefic, the native would suffer from headache.
If Sun is in 7th or 8th house then after the birth of a grandson the health would suffer. If Ketu in 3rd house is malefic then native loses money in litigation. If Jupiter is benefic then the native has a long life and his mother is happy and the life is peaceful.
If Ketu in 7th house is malefic then the native is usually ill, makes false promises and is troubled by enemies till thirty four years of age. Ketu governs ears, feet, almost the entire body except the head portion, backbone, urinary tube, etc. Ketu is a great advisor, a messenger of peace and the lord of voyage. 6th house is considered to be its 'Pucca Ghar.' It gives its exalted effect when in 5th, 9th or 12th house and its debilitated effect in 6th and 8th house. He may fear frequent transfers or travels, but ultimately it would always be postponed. His wife would have health problems and would have worries concerning kids. If offspring is troubled then donate a black and white blanket to temple. If one religiously visits temples and bows his head there then Ketu in 2nd house would give good results.
If Ketu is benefic in 4th house then the native is god fearing and lucky for his father and guru. If any two of the male planets viz Sun, Jupiter, Mars are in good position then Ketu is benefic.

If Ketu in 7th house is benefic then the native gets the wealth of forty years in twenty four years of age. If there are more than one planet in Lagna then ones children are destroyed. If Ketu in 8th house is benefic then the native begets a son at thirty four years of age, or after the marriage of ones sister or daughter.
The native is wealthy, achieves a big position and spends on good works.
The person dominated by the influence of Ketu is lean and short.
It regulates penance, silence, salvation, greed, slandering names of others, speaking, hearing, etc. It holds an exalted position when placed in the house of Sagittarius.
It is the planet which extends its support to the person till the end of his life but if it is unfavourable it beats the person in some way or the other and deprives him of everything. It acts as a seat of Jupiter on which Jupiter meditates or sits like a faithful dog of the saint which is none else but Jupiter. Venus and Rahu are its friends, whereas Moon and Mars are its enemies . If 2nd and 7th houses are empty then Mercury and Venus would also give bad results. If such a native lives in a house with its main gate facing south, he will have serious problems regarding children. Son is born to such a native only after getting the blessings of one's guru. If Jupiter, Sun or Moon is in 4th, 6th or 12th house then one's financial condition will be excellent and the native will have five sons. If Jupiter or Mars are not in 6th and 12th house then Ketu does not give malefic results. If ketu is benefic here then the native is lucky, concerned about himself and opportunist. If Rahu is in 6th house, along with Mercury, then the effect is even better. The upper portion of the body is heavily built but the lower part is comparatively thin. No matter how badly it may afflict a person but he never goes to the extreme of killing him. That is why when natal wears gold in ears, it increases the power of Ketu and gives power to natal to give birth to son.
Such a native cannot say no to any thing and so will always have worries.

It would restore mental peace, increase longevity and is good for sons. If Ketu is with Mercury then after thirty four years of age the native's enemies are destroyed by themselves. If Ketu is benefic here and Saturn is in 3rd house, it gives enormous wealth. He will have troubles from his brothers and will have to travel uselessly.
If Ketu in 5th house is malefic then the native suffers from asthma. If one has the help of Mercury, Jupiter or Venus then the native is never disappointed. If Ketu in 12th house is malefic then one buys land from an issueless person and the native becomes issueless himself.
If Ketu in 8th house is malefic then the native's wife has ill health. If one keeps on forgiving his brothers for their misdeeds the native will go on progressing. He is possessed by inferior desires, is obstinate and cruel in temperament. So the bed given by in-laws after marriage is considered to be auspicious for the birth of a son and as long as that bed is in the house, the effect of Ketu can never be inauspicious.
Such a native is a good adviser and will never have shortage of money. If Ketu in 10th house is malefic then one suffers from urinary and ear problems.
If Ketu is malefic in this house then the native is unhealthy, his mother is troubled, there is loss of happiness. In case of malefic Ketu in 8th house the native's character determines the health of his wife. The domestic life is full of worries and troubled if Saturn is in 4th house. One has at least three sons and if 2nd house is auspicious then Ketu gives excellent results . If Ketu in 9th house is malefic then the native suffers from urinary problems, pain in back, problem in legs. The native with Ketu in 3rd house usually gets a job, which entails long travels.

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